OvuSense Review Part 4: Does It Work?

Well hello there, friends, family and nosy neighbors! Long time no Ovusense review, uh? In fact, I took at peek and it’s been since November 2017 since I last brought to you an honest viewpoint regarding this contraption that is “according to their research” supposed to boost your odds of conception by leaps and bounds. With a 99% accuracy how could it not, right? Consequently, it’s no surprise that so many of you have been wondering and asking me through email…

“Well, did it work?”

“Got any updates?”

Therefore, I thought it was time to tell you this…we broke up in December 2017. But we got back together in the Spring of 2018 before I ended our relationship again a couple of months later. However, I began to miss Mr. Spermy (that’s his nickname, because well, he looks like one) come Fall, and therefore we got back together and have been happily shacking up nearly every night since. You could say that we have that typical on again–off again high school relationship. We get together…break up…get together…break up…get together and then swear to never break up. But then do. Then swear to never get back together. Yet, again, you do. Side note: If you didn’t have one of these relationships in high school did your high school career even count? I don’t think so. Anyway, back to the review…

Our break ups have NEVER had anything to do with the device though; it’s all about me and my dysfunction. In fact, each time I tuck him away in the drawer for an extended period of time I tell him it’s not him, it’s me. And it is.

For instance, and this is silly, but It annoys me that I have to remove him when I get up at 3 am to tinkle. I know, petty, but it wakes me up from my slumber to take him out, then insert him back in. I am also someone who tends to forget about him when I go to bed. That is until I am completely comfy and then I remember…“OH SHOOT! Mr. Spermy! I’ll admit this is why most of my charts are incomplete, because more often than not, comfy wins and I stay snug as a bug while he remains cold as ice unused for days out of my cycle. Of course, I realize this defeats the purpose, which is the main reason I can’t stay committed to our relationship and we usually have a falling out.

You might be thinking…but don’t you want to know when you ovulate so that you can time intercourse better?!

The answer is YES, I do want to know, but the fact is, I’ve discovered through this handy-dandy device that I do not ovulate. This is why I keep thinking that maybe if I did ovulate consistently, and therefore reaped the benefits of knowing when it was time to “bow-chicka-wow-wow,” then none of the small annoyances would bother me; therefore, making me more eager to use him. In fact, I know that it would because I read reviews from other women in the closed Facebook OvuSense Group who can’t wait to go to bed each night. As a matter of fact, they go to bed earlier than normal because they are so excited to use it and potentially see their temperature rise or ovulation predicted the next morning. As for me? Someone who simply does not ovulate, it’s difficult for me to WANT to use it nightly. But yet, at the same time, I know the benefits outweigh the annoyances. After all, the information I have gained has enabled me to have those hard conversations with my doctor about what is (and is not) happening within my body and how we can best move forward.

With that said, I have three close friends who have purchased this device and here is what they also had to say:

“I love it! It has taken a lot of the stress out of trying to conceive for me! It also helped me be able to see the improvements my body was making as I continued to lose weight and adjust my thyroid medicine, which in turn helped me stay encouraged to keep hoping and believing. Overall, I am grateful for it!  Elaine

My other friend had this to say…

“This device was helpful because despite not having a cycle for nearly two years, it showed that I was still ovulating! I also liked it because it helped me be able to see the improvements my body was making as I added in different types of supplements. For instance, instead of ovulation occurring around 100 days it started happening around 60, and then 50. Not to mention, it was fun watching the different patterns my body was doing. Although this did become obsessive to watch. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to track their cycles regardless of whether or not they are regular.” Rachel

And my third friend? This is what she wanted you to know:

“While seeing a NaProTECHNOLOGY (Natural Procreative Technology) doctor I was required to participate in the Creighton Model and it was confirmed through not only using that model, but also through OvuSense that I was ovulating. In fact, all of the dates were confirmed to be the same. Many times, you hear reports from other women who claim that OvuSense isn’t accurate enough, but I never once saw that in my case. I always felt confident in this product and would recommend it to anyone trying to conceive.” ~Jonnah

As you can see, while OvuSense hasn’t “worked” in the traditional sense of achieving pregnancy for me or my friends (yet), it has, however, given us useful information needed to move forward. Without knowing how our bodies are responding, we wouldn’t be able to start/stop different supplements recommended. Or be able to see how our hormones were reacting to the different changes in our diets. Nor would we be able to have useful information ready and available for our doctors to review. Overall, we believe it is a very useful tool, and regardless of how long you have been trying, or how irregular your cycles have been, we highly recommend you give it a shot. Because our answer to your question, “Does it work,” is yes. And yes, it could just be what you need in your infertility tool box to help you fulfill your dreams.

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If you have any further questions regarding OvuSense, please feel free to email me at I would be more than happy to tell you my experiences in an honest manner. If there is one thing you should know about me it is this…I am truthful. I am blunt. And I am always, always willing to share my “I will hold nothing back” opinion with you. Oh! And I can’t end without mentioning the “All-In-One” App OvuSense just launched! Within the App you will be able to record all the things: secretions, daily diary of events (sex, unwell, fever), diagnostic tests and results, medications and supplements! No more needing multiple apps with OvuSense! (Can I get a Hallelujah wave offering?)

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