Waiting for Baby Bird, When Someone You Know Is Infertile

What It Looks Like Having Faith for Your Friend Going through Infertility

As the years have passed, the gifts, cards, and text messages cheering me on in my battle with infertility are few and far between. And I get it. As time marches on, I have come to realize people are naturally excited for you in the beginning, as everyone around you has their cheerleader pom-poms out, letting you know they are cheering you on. And obviously, arriving at the end of your journey is also an exciting time filled with lots of celebration and rejoicing over the goodness and faithfulness of God. But then there is the middle. What can you do for the person in the middle?

Waiting for Baby Bird, When Someone You Know Is Infertile

I Said Something Insensitive to My Best Friend

We've all been there. We have had someone say something insensitive to us in conversation, and we get bitter or even angry as we tell them why their comment was rude. Or better yet, give them the silent treatment, making a vow to ourselves that we wouldn't speak to them again. At least not until… Continue reading I Said Something Insensitive to My Best Friend

Waiting for Baby Bird

I asked myself, “Jesus, do I want you more than…a baby?”

"Up ahead and behind. Sweet, tender cries could be heard throughout. Oh, how my heart ached. No one knew but me, the tears forming and starting to fall. But before anyone took notice, the lights were dimmed, and the worship began. The first song we sang had a line that said, "I just want to be with You," and after I sang it a couple of times, I stopped. I wanted to check my heart before I sang something to sing it. Especially since all I could think about was a baby. And so I asked myself (and the Lord)... Do I just want to be with You?... Do I JUST want to be with You?"