At Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries, we are PASSIONATE about giving those walking the road of infertility and loss opportunities to come and be a part of in-person support groups and events. Our mission at these gatherings is to empower you with hope for the impossible while also giving Jesus an opportunity to minister to your heart and physical body. After all, 2/3 of Jesus’ miracles in the New Testament happened in His meetings, and therefore, we believe the same to happen today. For it is written in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I (Jesus) am there…”

Sweet friend, if you’re looking to be empowered with hope and experience a touch from Jesus, come. You won’t leave the same. No one who has come has left unchanged.

Food is ALWAYS served at our events and EVERYONE is welcome to attend. So, bring your cousin, auntie, co-worker or best friend for support. We only ask that you for our monthly in-person encouragement gatherings, leave your hubby at home.

** Due to the nature of the circumstances of most of the women in attendance and to be sensitive to their hurting hearts, we ask that no children be present at any of our events.

To learn more about our monthly in-person encouragement group meetings, which will leave you inspired and full of hope, click on the image below:

To learn more about our BACK TO THE 80s + TRIVIA Night in September 2023, which will give YOU an opportunity to win money for fertility or adoption costs, then click on the image below. It’s a night you won’t want to miss.