The Nest: In-Person Encouragement Group

Hi, there, sweet friend!

My name is Elisha, founder of Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries. And guess what? You are not here by accident. Nope. I don’t believe in accidents but rather God-ordained appointments. Therefore, I believe you are interested in coming to “The Nest” for a reason…for a purpose. Please consider this as my personal invitation for you to come to our next in-person gathering, which is held on the first Thursday of every month at 6 pm in Southern Illinois.

I promise you won’t regret it! This is not your typical “support group meeting.” we don’t sit around with styrofoam cups of water in our hands, stale cookies wrapped in a napkin on our laps, and tissues tucked underneath our legs. Instead, this is a group where you will find tears, but also LOTS of laughter…amazing giveaways…yummy food…and lasting hope!

But don’t take my word for it, take theirs…

“The whole evening was moving!”

“Elisha’s message was very inspiring and truly touched my heart!”

“I drive 2 hours to attend and it is absolutely worth the commute!”

“I came even though I was discouraged and ready to give up. I left with a renewed sense of hope and I’m excited for the future again!”

“Such an incredible night!”

“I walked away with such a renewed sense of faith in His plan for me! It came in His perfect timing as I was truly beginning to waver in my spiritual convictions. I am so beyond happy that I chose to attend!” 

So what do you say? Are you ready to encounter hope? Are you looking for a FREE resource table of goodies? Do you want to chow down on some delicious food? How about prayers that bring LIFE, giveaways that give SMILES, and HOPE to keep you believing for your miracle? If so, come! Bring a friend, an aunt, a cousin, or someone else struggling! ALL ARE WELCOME! Again, it all starts at 6 pm, where we will eat as we mix and mingle before gathering together as one to uplift and bring life to our dreams through the power of God’s word!

Oh! One more thing! If you are shy or an introvert, guess what? I am too! This is why I will never ask you to talk, dance, pray, or do anything else that might cause you to sweat or be nervous! Remember, this is a safe place for you. A place to call home. 


Doors of Hope (W4BB ministry building) located at 201 North Walnut Street, Carmi, IL 62821

To learn more about “The Nest” and recommendations for overnight accommodations (if needed/desired), please email at or fill out this confidential form below.