Q & A with Waiting for Baby Bird

Do you think seeking medical interventions to try and conceive is something women of faith should do?

A follower asks, "Do you think by seeking medical intervention to try to conceive (Metformin, Clomid, or even searching for the right cocktail of supplements) is something that women of faith should do? I am torn and often wonder if by me doing these things than I am saying that I am putting my faith in medicine and not in God." Read more to discover Waiting for Baby Bird's thoughts on the matter.

Waiting for Baby Bird

Infertility and the Holidays: The Birth of Hope

Most days I think I'm doing okay with this whole infertility thing. I have my grief under control, my bitterness in check, my doubts erased, and my plans surrendered on the when and the how. But then there are days when it hits me like a freight train and all it takes is walking past the display of “Baby’s First Christmas” outfits to make me crumble. Or seeing photos on Facebook of my best friend's three kids sitting on Santa’s lap to make me ugly cry for hours…may be off and on for days. The Christmas season can be hard. And if I am not careful, if I dwell too long on my shattered plans and unanswered prayers, I will sink below the weight of them. So, what do I do when my soul feels crushed and my heart is heavy? I remember Hope. But not the the feeling of hope. Or the wishful thinking kind. Continuing reading to find out how to have hope for the holidays during infertility and loss.