Waiting for Baby Bird

Grieving the Life You Planned

Vulnerable Post Alert:  Grief hits you at weird moments, doesn't it? For me, it happened this morning as I stood facing my bathroom mirror. I was mindlessly putting on my makeup and getting ready for the day when the thoughts of what I imagined my life would look like recklessly hit me like a Mack… Continue reading Grieving the Life You Planned


Prayers for the Barren

Lord, I pray and I lift up those who are barren due to infertility. I pray for... the one who took a test today only to be faced with another negative. And for... the one who may have received a positive, but is now facing the harsh reality of a miscarriage. I pray for... the… Continue reading Prayers for the Barren

When Someone You Know Is Infertile

Encouraging Your Loved One Through Infertility

I used to receive them all of the time in the beginning when I first announced our struggle to conceive. You know, those random texts that someone was praying for me. Or a card sent to my mailbox with words that spoke Truth into my heart. Or sometimes even a surprise gift of faith that… Continue reading Encouraging Your Loved One Through Infertility

Waiting for Baby Bird

What If It’s Not Your Year for a Baby?

Ugh! It's an ugly thought, isn't it? The thought that you might not end this year with a baby growing in your arms, or at the very least in your womb, but still in your heart. And it's not a thought you even want to entertain, am I right? Because if you are anything like… Continue reading What If It’s Not Your Year for a Baby?