Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

And the Color Is Orange

On this day for the past seven years, my Dad has had a beautiful rose delivered to my doorstep. It's simply the sweetest gesture because it's his birthday, yet he thinks of me because it's Josiah Day, a different type of day I tend to celebrate. But while this selfless act is the sweetest, I believe the most thoughtful and encouraging aspect of this tradition is this: the flower is always a different color he strategically chooses.

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What Age Is the Right Time to Give Up Trying to Conceive?

Dear Waiting for Baby Bird, My question is, what age is the right time to give up trying to conceive? As much as I know that nothing is impossible with our God and we are still praying that He will bless us with fertility, being pregnant at 50 in todays world isn't ideal. My husband is 40 and I'm 38. While I know there is still time, I can't help but worry what if I'm not pregnant by the time I'm 45. Adoption isn't something God has put in our hearts and we are solely relying on God to fall pregnant, despite the odds stacked against us.

Q & A with Waiting for Baby Bird

How Did You Accept the “Morality” of IVF?

How did you accept the "morality" of IVF? My husband and I recently learned that IVF is our only option for conception. If we choose not to, my one surviving ovary has to be removed with all hope of baring a child naturally gone. But we are struggling with knowing if IVF is moral in terms of the embryos being babies. We are just torn and I need help understanding if this is forcing something that shouldn't be. I feel dumb for even asking, but I'm lost. Everything I find online in regards to religion is extremely condemning of IVF, which I don't think is accurate or fair

Q & A with Waiting for Baby Bird

Do you think seeking medical interventions to try and conceive is something women of faith should do?

A follower asks, "Do you think by seeking medical intervention to try to conceive (Metformin, Clomid, or even searching for the right cocktail of supplements) is something that women of faith should do? I am torn and often wonder if by me doing these things than I am saying that I am putting my faith in medicine and not in God." Read more to discover Waiting for Baby Bird's thoughts on the matter.