Waiting for Baby Bird

Every Year My Daddy Gives Me a Rose for Infertility

Red. Blue. Green. White. It takes a special person to see infertility through the color of a rose. And every year for the past four years, my Daddy has done just that. You see, on the 17th day of February, my Daddy, whom I like to call "Pa", has had a beautiful rose delivered to… Continue reading Every Year My Daddy Gives Me a Rose for Infertility

Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

Risking My Reputation

I stood in the baby section of Walmart today in celebration of Josiah Day (see links below) and while my original plan was to grab a package of diapers, maybe even some wipes (trying to play it safe), I accidentally went one aisle too far and found myself in the baby shoes/socks aisle. Sigh.  There… Continue reading Risking My Reputation

Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

Did God Really Say…?

Happy Cabbage Day! Whoo hoo! (No, really it is) And Happy Josiah Day! GAG! Yep. That's right. Gag. Because this has been my shamefully awful attitude today. And so I am going to be ugly honest with you for a sec. Is that okay? I am on day 51 of this incredibly long cycle and… Continue reading Did God Really Say…?

Josiah Day

Silly or Not…Here We Go!

Welp!  It's Josiah Day!  So friends, let's break out our party hats, blow on our noise makers, throw up the confetti and get out our tool boxes...err...tool boxes?!  Yep!  Cause this is happening... If you remember, three months ago I wrote "Putting the Cart Before the Horse" because I sensed the Lord telling me to… Continue reading Silly or Not…Here We Go!