“Forget Me Not” Pregnancy Loss Box

Have you or someone you love lost a child due to miscarriage or pregnancy loss?

If so, I am so sorry for your loss, or the loss your friend or family member has experienced. It doesn’t matter if it was 4 weeks or 40 weeks, a loss is loss and pain is pain. I, too, know what this kind of heartbreak feels like. It was 2012 when I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment. They drew my blood to ensure my HSG levels were rising appropriately and unfortunately, they were not. It was in that moment that I could literally feel my heart shatter. I have never felt so alone, ashamed, and hopeless as I did the following weeks and months afterward. This is why I have created this “Forget Me Not” box. I didn’t name this box the “Forget Me Not” box because the person losing their child could ever forget them. But rather to remind that person God hasn’t forgotten them. He hasn’t abandoned them. He hasn’t left them without hope. So, if you or someone you know is in need of this kind of reminder, fill out the form below. If this box is for a friend or family member, I kindly ask that you make a donation of $40 to help cover the costs of supplies and shipping. Directions on how you can donate is located within the “Forget Me Not” box form, which Waiting for Baby Bird will send you once you fill out the contact form below. For any questions, email me, Elisha, author and founder of Waiting for Baby Bird at waitingforbabybird@gmail.com

What is included in the box? I’m so glad you asked!

A devotional of your choice from three different options
Angel Wings/Baby Loss Car Decal
Scripture Cards
Prayer Prompts
Remembrance Keychain
Forget Me Not flower seeds
Poems printed on card stock
Facial Mask
Calming Essential Oils
A special letter from Elisha, founder of Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries

Again, if you are interested in sponsoring a box for a friend or need one yourself, please fill out the contact form below, and Waiting for Baby Bird will be in contact.