Core Values

Waiting for Baby Bird is a ministry that values communicating with God through prayer and worshiping Him not just for what He can or has done but for who He is. We also value God’s word as our final authority and the supplier of our hope. Furthermore, we value giving generously to couples pursuing adoption or medical treatments and providing comfort to those going through a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. We also value and pursue strengthening marriages and empowering others to have hope for the impossible as we draw souls into the heart of God. In addition, exercising and having radical faith, extending grace to friends and family members who do not understand the struggles of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, and striving for excellence in our online and in-person groups are values this ministry also holds tightly. Lastly, this ministry values transparency among its members. This includes letting others know what they are going through and how they are processing it so that each person can experience freedom, true healing, and hope to continue.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Statements of Faith