Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries first began as an infertility blog in 2014 under Waiting for Baby Bird. Since that time, it has quickly become an internationally known name and non-profit organization with the heart to empower women going through infertility to have radical hope for the impossible. This faith-based ministry also comes alongside couples going through a miscarriage/pregnancy loss by providing “Forget Me Not” boxes to help bring them comfort and peace during a time of uncertainty and tremendous pain. Each box is personally packed with items to help stir up hope for the future and healing for now.

Elisha, the author of Waiting for Baby Bird and founder of Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries, also struggles with infertility and loss. She and her husband have been married for 15 years, and despite the last 10 of those years unsuccessfully being able to conceive due to PCOS, they continue to stay positive as they stand steadfast in believing the Lord for a miracle. However, despite her womb continuing to remain empty her arms have not.

In 2017, she and her husband adopted a little girl, who is now the age of 10, after she courageously spent 1,273 days in foster care. Their daughter continues to have a relationship with her biological family they believe in and supports keeping together (as much as possible) family ties as long as it is facilitated in a healthy manner. (For more on their adoption/foster care journey, as well as their heart to support reunification and family preservation as much as possible, please read Why I Pray our Foster Daughter Returns Home)

Through this ministry, Elisha’s mission in life is to share her story to inspire and breathe hope into the lives of other women facing similar circumstances and bring healing to the broken places within their hearts. Whether it is through her writing, standing behind the podium at infertility conferences, or leading her own online support group, as well as her dynamic in-person support group located within her small town of Southern Illinois, she radically and daringly inspires other women to not give up on their dreams as they continue to believe for the impossible. She is witty, down to earth, and transparent, always making every woman feel like she is speaking directly to their heart. With that said, please note that Elisha solely administers this ministry. There isn’t a team; therefore, know that each post made, each article written, and every message returned comes from a place of personal intimacy to you, the reader. There is a deep level of connection found within this unique ministry, which she values and wants each person to feel.

For further information regarding this ministry, or to request Elisha to come and speak at your next infertility support group or conference, as well as to inquire about her monthly in-person events, please contact her at waitingforbabybird@gmail.com.

Also, to read their full infertility story, which details her diagnosis of PCOS, her journey through IVF, as well as loss, check out “Elisha and Daniel’s Infertility Story”

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