Resources to Help You on Your Infertility Journey

Over the years, I have stumbled upon many books, blogs, scriptures, resource links, and testimonies that have filled my hope bucket and refueled my faith. And friends, if it were not for the encouraging words I have found in the pages of these books, and in the scriptures or the blogs I have stalked or the testimonies I have watched, I am not sure I would still be believing in my miracle today. I am not sure I could still manage to keep hoping after seeing my 23,948 negative pregnancy tests. Or keep persevering despite the setbacks, failed treatment cycles, and a heartbreaking miscarriage. And I’m not sure I could still be joyful despite my circumstances. This is why I wanted to share with you my resources, my go-to places for hope, inspiration, encouragement, peace, and comfort in the midst of a stormy season. And since I don’t believe in coincidences, I don’t believe you have found your way here by accident. Please take a look at these resources and feel free to message me at if you need a word of encouragement or someone to pray for you. It would be my honor to help you during your own stormy season.

Gods Plan For Pregnancy

God’s Plan for Pregnancy

This book was a complete game-changer for me. It has changed the way I view God, view pregnancy, view infertility, and view myself. The author, Nerida Walker, and her husband were faced with the impossibility of having children of their own after he was diagnosed sterile. However, through Jesus, they were able to conceive and have four healthy children without medical intervention within five years (one pregnancy was a set of twins). How amazing is that?! This is not about her story, but rather about how you can learn to strengthen your faith to believe in God for your breakthrough. In this book, I learned how to overcome my fear and doubt that I would never become a mom. In this book, I learned the importance of my words’ power and how to speak healing over my body. It is in this book I have learned how to pray effective prayers to see my circumstances change. In this book, I have read testimonies of other women who have overcome the odds of infertility. Women who never thought they would carry the title of mommy. A MUST READ!

Pregnant with Hope

Pregnant with Hope

Why is everyone else able to conceive so easily? Why must I be the one to suffer? And, where is God in all this? These are all questions we ask ourselves during our infertility journey. Author Susan Radulovacki helps answer these questions as she guides you through ten scripture-based messages of insight and hope in this eye-opening book. Some of my favorite chapters addressed feeling desperate, facing defeat, asking why, and finding peace among the heartbreak.  Also, I loved the testimonies shared by ten couples regarding their detailed accounts of their challenging and ultimately successful infertility journeys. Each of their stories demonstrated God’s desire to transform the experience from a heartbreaking quest into life-changing good news. If you are in the midst of infertility and searching for comfort and hope, then this is the perfect book for you.

Supernatural ChildbirthSupernatural Childbirth

Supernatural Childbirth is a practical look at God’s promises for conception, pregnancy, and delivery. This book is based on the personal testimony of how one couple overcame defeat and triumphed in God’s plan to fulfill her heart’s desire to be a mother. In this book, Jackie Mize discusses how she had been told she could never have children. However, she claims that by unlocking powerful truths and dynamic faith principles, she and her husband had four miracle children! This exciting book shares with you the truths and faith principles she found in the Bible to overcome defeat and triumph in God’s plan to fulfill her heart’s desire to be a mother. This book also confessions and prayers you can speak and pray for your own supernatural conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Every Drunken Cheerleader

Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me?

I can’t help but giggle every time I read this title. How about you? This book is full of humor and a wide range of emotions only someone who has struggled with infertility could explain. This is not a story about “how I finally got pregnant, follow my footsteps, and you will too” but rather a story about how this journey is hard. And that as a Christian, it’s okay to be confused about how infertility is part of God’s plan. And it’s within the author’s story that you gain advice on keeping relationships in good standing. Because let’s be honest? Infertility has a way of making a person who is content with the life one minute a total jealous and bitter basket case the next. Am I right? No? Just me? Moving on then. But on a serious note, what I love most about this book is the love she shows for God and the way she packs every page with words of truth and challenges to keep you moving forward.

empty-womb-aching-heartEmpty Womb, Aching Heart

Longing for a child is like trudging through a desert. It’s long. It’s hard. It’s lonely. And what makes matters worse is this: The outcome is unclear, and hope is often in short supply. But sweet friends, I have great news for you! You are not alone!  And guess what?! There is hope even in the midst of the uncertainty. This book, Bearing Hope, is such an inspiring resource as you navigate your way through infertility, as well as Biblical encouragement and hope that will quench your thirsty heart like rain in the desert. To learn more about the author, please visit her blog by clicking here. And if you would like to purchase this book, here is your chance.

Hannah's Hope

Hannah’s Hope: Seeking God’s Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss 

Many women struggling with infertility can relate most to Hannah found in the pages of 1 Samuel, chapters 1 and 2 of their Bible. They can relate to her heartache. Her grief. Her anguish. Her desperate cries to the Lord. And the jealousy she felt when faced with the pregnancy of another. And so, it is in this book; the author retells the story of Hannah. She explores the thoughts that she may have had as she grieved her way through infertility. And it’s through the pages of this book the reader takes comfort in the fact that though she lived thousands of years ago, her struggle was largely the same as that of any woman facing the pain of infertility today. With this book, the author helps guide you forward with hope and faith as she tackles issues related to fear, bitterness, disappointment, stress, marital struggles related to infertility, and, most importantly, our walk with God. This book is also an excellent resource to give to friends and family members as each chapter ends with a section titled “Burden Bearers.” In these sections, the author guides how our loved ones can best minister to us while seeking God and His individual plan for our lives.

Baby Hunger

Baby Hunger

For many struggling with infertility, the hurt is constant. The struggle is hard. And the answers are unclear. But in this book written by Beth Forbus, you will find biblical hope and encouragement as she goes into detail the stories from other couples written in the Bible who were once barren but became fruitful. Within this book, she uses her own personal struggle to build your faith to believe God is the God of the impossible. And that nothing is too difficult for Him.

bearing-hopeBearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child

Longing for a child is like trudging through a desert. It’s long. It’s hard. It’s lonely. And what makes matters worse is this: The outcome is unclear, and hope is often in short supply. But sweet friends, I have great news for you! You are not alone! And guess what?! There is hope even in the midst of the uncertainty. This book, Bearing Hope, is such an inspiring resource as you navigate your way through infertility, as well as Biblical encouragement and hope that will quench your thirsty heart like rain in the desert. To learn more about the author, please visit her blog by clicking here. And if you would like to purchase this book, here is your opportunity.

best of 999 Reasons

Best of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

If you relaxed and it didn’t happen, this is the book for you! Based on the popular blog 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility, the author explores the humorous side of making a baby. From examining your toilet paper to yelling at your husband for taking a camping trip during ovulation, this resource is a reminder to laugh through life’s challenges and to keep believing even when your uterus says, “I’ve had enough!”

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

I have always said and believed that God was good. But can I be honest with you? I have often questioned if God was good to me.  And maybe you have too? If so, this book is for you. It’s just…WOW! I believe whatever lost expectations you are facing—in family, infertility, career, singleness, or marriagethis book will bring you closer to a God who longs for you to know Him more. The author, Sara Hagerty, takes you on her journey from barrenness to abundance that I guarantee will take you to a place of hope, a place of healing, and to a place where the unseen is more real than what the eye can perceive. It’s a place where every bitter thing is sweet.


A Patient’s Guide to PCOS: Understanding and Reversing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This book is for you whether you have been diagnosed with PCOS for 10 minutes or 10 years. I purchased it four years ago when the diagnosis smacked me up against the wall, and I found myself lost and confused. And since then, it has truly been an eye-opener on this syndrome’s seriousness if left untreated. Not to mention the tips and tricks it offers to help combat the symptoms have also been an invaluable tool for me over the years. If you are interested in this book, know that this comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know including…

  • what PCOS is and how it affects your body
  • what to eat and how to exercise to control PCOS 
  • all treatment options, including the latest drug therapies
  • how to reverse PCOS induced infertility and restore healthy skin and hair
  • Testimonies of those who reduced symptoms and had healthy pregnancies

The IR Diet Book

The Insulin-Resistance Diet

PCOS and insulin resistance can go hand in hand, and this book has been an excellent tool in helping me combat the struggle of battling excess weight, facial hair, and irregular periods. This book teaches you how to link and balance your carbohydrates and protein so that you can successfully lose weight and even get rid of some of the other dreadful symptoms that PCOS suffers experience. 

Making Babies

Making Babies

I suggest this book if you are looking for a more natural approach to dealing with your infertility. With a joint approach, reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Sami David and founder of the YinOva Center, Jill Blakway, draw on the best of Western and Eastern medicine to empower you to use nutrition, exercise, and other self-treatment methods to achieve pregnancy. It is a refreshing read to those who would like to try more natural methods to increase their chances of conceiving before jumping straight into more modern medicines and procedures.


“If you don’t have a devotional life, you will lead an emotional life.” 

I firmly and without question believe that to survive the hopelessness that infertility can bring with each negative pregnancy test and set back, you need constant and consistent daily doses of encouragement. Because friends if not? You could find yourself stuck in the pit of despair. This is why I have listed my favorite devotionals that I use daily to keep myself encouraged. Inspired. Hope-filled.  Empowered. And secure in love and promises of God.

A Seed of Hope

A Seed of Hope: God’s Promises of Fertility

100+ That is the current number of copies I have purchased and given away to other women struggling with infertility. And it’s because I absolutely love the insightful words this faith-based devotional offers. It’s simple. It’s practical. It’s biblical. And the hope it brings me with each entry is like a breath of spiritual fresh air. Can I say again that I love it? Because it is through the author, Evangeline Colbert’s own personal struggle and victory over infertility that provide me with powerful inspiration and encouragement I need to live my day faithfully in a hope-filled focus. A focus that enables me to continually keep believing and standing firm that victory over childlessness is mine. And yours.

Couples who long for Children (1)

Moments For Couples Who Long for Children

This has rapidly become one of my new favorite devotionals to send to couples in the trenches of infertility. And it’s because infertility provokes many emotions. Anger…jealousy…resentment…depression…hopelessness. And it provokes many questions. Because you wonder if God hears your prayers. Or see’s your tears. You question His goodness and faithfulness. And you wonder why He isn’t opening your womb but the wombs of everyone else around you, am I right? In this devotional written by Ginger Garret, a woman who knows first-hand the depths of infertility, you will find topics related to handling insensitive comments from others, baby shower invitations, and trusting God despite the confusion and doubt. In my opinion, it is an excellent and well-rounded faith-based devotional that inspires, comforts, and brings peace to those struggling with the pain and heartache of infertility. It is an easy read with scriptures and short prayers to put your mind at ease and your heart full of faith to keep believing that God is good. He is faithful. And that He will fulfill the desires He has birthed inside the soft fertile soil of your heart.

Jesus Today

Jesus Today

Jesus Today is one of my favorite non-fertility related devotionals. It was written by Sarah Young, author of the #1 selling devotional Jesus Calling (another favorite of mine), during a challenging time in her life. She writes as if Jesus Himself is sitting next to you whispering hope. Whispering His love. And whispering assurance that He is in control. And that He is good and that these circumstances you face?  He will carry you through. Therefore, if you need a lifeline for your discouragement or an encouraging boost to the start of your day, I suggest this quick and easy to read devotional. I promise you will not be disappointed. Because in it, I have found peace in the midst of my storm. Love in the midst of my heartache. And hope in the midst of my seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Jesus Calling by the same author is another excellent devotional that I used for three years in a row. It was so refreshing!

in-the-wait-devotionalIn the Wait

In the Wait is a six-week study that dives into the topic of what it means to wait on the Lord. It is beautifully written by five amazing women who share personal stories of hope while also providing biblical application and action steps to make life happen even in the midst of waiting. This book’s heart and soul is to encourage women in seasons of wait, not give up, and fight for full reliance on the Lord. Through this study, you will learn how to listen to God’s voice, how to persevere when the waiting seems impossible, how to discover the joy in the hardships, how to claim VICTORY over your waiting season, and so much more! If you are interested in purchasing this life-changing devotional, don’t hesitate to order your copy here.

31-days-of-prayer-during-infertility31 Days of Prayer During Infertility

Let’s be real! There comes the point while on this journey that you don’t know one of two things: either how to pray or what to pray, am I right? If this is the case for you, then you NEED this devotional. I can’t say enough good things about this devotional, and the author, Lisa Newton, also blogs over at Amateur Nester. Lisa does an excellent job of putting together a month’s worth of devotions, journal pages, and ideas for Scripture study that is specifically designed to help you connect to God through prayer. She addresses some of the topics: clarity, faith, freedom from fear, hope, patience, strength, sufficient finances, trust, marriage, and freedom from envy and jealousy. Here is your chance to purchase your devotional. And when you do, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Devotionals Not pictured:

Grieving the Child I Never by Kathe Wunnenburg Knew (miscarriage and loss)

Loved Baby by Sarah Philpott (miscarriage and loss)

Anchored in Hope: Devotions for Infertility by Alli Forest

In Due Time by Caroline Harries

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days by Holley Gerth

Podcasts and Other Resources


PCOS Diet Support 

Still Standing Magazine: Surviving Child Loss and Infertility

31 Days of Prayer During Infertility

Sarah’s Laughter 48 Day reading Bible Plan

Sarah’s Laughter Infertility Podcast

Joy and Infertility Podcast

Scriptures to Stand Against Infertility


Also, email if you need encouragement or hope today.

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  1. Wow this is such a great list with so much helpful information. I believe you sent me one of them 🙂 It was so sweet of you to put this together for everyone. Prayers for your future babies!! I hope Goldilocks is still doing well and with you guys.

    1. Thank you so much Amie! This post was surprisingly hard to put together! LOL! Well, not hard as much as time consuming. I could never read books and write book reviews for a living. Because for some odd reason, writing a book review in a short paragraph was REALLY hard for me to do! LOL! I was soo stinkin tempted to just get on amazon and steal a review from someone else. LOL! Thank you so much for checking it out and commenting! xo

  2. Beth Forbus is my support group leader, and I ADORE her. Haha! She’s so nice, funny & has been a huge support to me in my journey!! Love her book Baby Hunger!!

    So many others of these I want to read now. I’ve read the Insulin Resistance Diet, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet & Supernatural Childbirth. Now, I must have God’s Plan for Pregnancy, the PCOS one & I’ve been wondering about Lucado’s You’ll Get Through This! Thank you for sharing! Definitely going to check some of these out. 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the resources!! Amazon here I come! I always enjoy the posts, thanks for sharing and for the honesty…it is appreciated.

    1. You are so welcome! I have kind of been in a drought as far as my writing, but hopefully soon I’ll start posting more. I love encouraging others and sharing the hope I have found in Jesus. xo

  4. Thank you. So many amazing resources. I would love to read Every Drunken Cheerleader, Why Not Me? and Best of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility. I try to have a sense of humor through all of this. Thanks for all your encouragement through Facebook.

  5. I know I’m the one that’s been MIA, but MAN I’ve missed reading your posts. So glad to be catching up!! **hugs sweet friend.

  6. I love seeing what other resources people share!!! There are a lot of books on here I have never even heard of! Good for you for being so on top of so many different options! A seed of Hope and God’s plan for pregnancy will probably always be my favorites! Thanks for sharing and btw cute new layout!

    1. I figured you would have already read most of these. I have a few more I want to list but I didn’t want to put too many in one blog post 🙂 And thanks for the compliment. Late one night I got the urge to change the “theme” and then found myself up until 4am doing it. LOL! But once I started, I just couldn’t leave it half finished or else it would have looked weird. hehe. I still have a few kinks and things to add but overall, I like the change. Love you twin! Please know that I have been thinking of you lots lately. I meant to message you last week but Daniel’s grandparents came into town and I got busy :/ Not an excuse :/ Love ya!

  7. Wonderful post, Elisha! I love the pictures you took of all the books and I’m humbled you included my 31 Days resource.

    1. Thanks girl! And it was my pleasure to include you! I realized in January that I forgot to do a giveaway for your devotional so this is the LEAST I can do for you 🙂 xo

  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this Elisha! Definitely going to check out some of these books. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! 🙂

    1. Let me know if you have any questions about any of them. I would be more than happy to answer 🙂 xo

  9. Thanks for this–I am sure it was hard to put it all together and I appreciate taht you did! I know it iwll be a good page to send my friends to who are dealing with this anew!
    Two other books you may like, which I found really helpful, are “When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden” by Sandra Glahn and William Cutrer and “The Land Between” by Jeff Manion. The former pairs a Dr. and a woman dealing with infertility, and the writing is biblically based and balances the emotional/spiritual struggle with a medical perspective. The latter is an AWESOME book I would recommend to anyone going through a difficult time–it talks about how God uses our desert time to shape us into the people he has called us to be, just as he shaped the Israelites in the wilderness before they entered the promised land.
    If you’re like me, your reading list is probably already really long–but if you’re looking for something else, I can recommend both of these books. 🙂
    Hope you’re well. Looking forward still to Josiah Day and the physical manifestiation of what God has already promised to you. 🙂

  10. This is such an awesome resource for those other want to be mommas! Thank you so much for sharing. I have two babies of my own…and while I understand how stressful and how totally WACK your emotions become when searching for that two line test….I do not know what it’s like to never get that sweet baby in your arms. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I will be sharing this link with my friends in their journey.

    1. Gabby, Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. And thank you even more for sharing this link with your friends who are on the same similar journey. May God richly bless you 🙂 xo

  11. I LOVE Best of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility! Just bought it on Amazon and it was so funny and very refreshing to actually laugh about my issues. Will check out the other books.

    1. Such a great book! Let me know if you need help picking a book. I would be glad to help :). But trust me! They are all good!

  12. Hey Elisha, do you have a link to the 999 Reasons to laugh at infertility book? Couldn’t find it.

    1. I found my book on amazon. She used to have a blog and Facebook page but she doesn’t anymore. But I do believe it is still on amazon

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