15 Scriptures for Your Two Week Wait

The two-week wait (TWW) can be the hardest 14 days a woman wanting to conceive can endure.  And it's because in the waiting, in the wondering, and the hoping, our emotions go up and down...and up and then back down.  We can turn into a one-woman circus show as we believe with 100 percent certainty… Continue reading 15 Scriptures for Your Two Week Wait

Waiting for Baby Bird

One Cycle Closer

I am cramping, bloated, nauseous, fatigued and having a serious--you better get me one now-- craving for hot dogs. I am also making frequent trips to the ladies room, my breasts are beyond tender (which rarely happens) and I haven't been able to stop crying ever since I saw the Snuggle commercial this morning (that… Continue reading One Cycle Closer