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My Two Week Wait

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It has been almost two weeks since I posted about seeing  my first smile (ever) on an ovulation prediction test stick and as embarrassing as it was, many of you then became aware of the exact night of when the magical and romantic moment of timed intercourse occurred and Daniel attempted to pollinate my flower. sigh.  Therefore, since everyone is anxiously sitting on pins and needles, waiting for me to hopefully make an announcement in the upcoming days as I end my two-week wait, I thought it would be fun to share with you the early pregnancy signs and symptoms that I have been experiencing during this highly anticipated wait.

So, without further anticipation, are you ready to see my detailed list of all the signs, symptoms, and clues that point to this cycle being the one in which my promised baby bird hopefully flies into this Mama bird’s empty nest?  Drum roll please…

da, da, da, da, da (or however you would spell it)

early signs and symptoms nnz

Sorry to disappoint you Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, and nosy neighbors, but you have read correctly.  I have nada, nothing, zilch to report.  I am just as bummed as you are because I would like to point out that I haven’t had a “known” two-week wait in over two years due to long, sporadic cycles; therefore, one can only imagine how excited I have been in the last several days to finally have the opportunity to anxiously wait, stress out and over analyze every single back pain, cramp, twinge, food aversion, dizzy spell, trip to the bathroom, upset stomach, and sore breast.  However, I am feeling completely normal and there has been nothing to stress out about or over analyze.

I am not peeing any more or less than before and I have zero food aversions to report.  I still love fried chicken, pizza, bologna sandwiches, and boneless wings, while continuing to always hate green peppers, celery, peas and lobster.  I do have this weird craving for tons and tons of mayonnaise smothered in between two slices of whole wheat bread, with a tiny squirt of mustard and Pringles potato chips smashed inside (meat isn’t required), but I always have this craving, so it doesn’t count.

The smell of Daniel’s poop, the trash can outside, and the breath from my cat do make me gag, but it would for anyone.  The only cramping I am experiencing is right before my morning…well, you know…poo.  And my breasts?  You know the REAL indicator as to if I am pregnant?  Well, they are exactly the same as before, if not smaller.  There isn’t even the slightest bit of tenderness or pain when I test them out by jogging down the sidewalk, running down the stairs, or poking and prodding them while cooking dinner, standing in the shower, or waiting at a red light.

I am also not bloated and if you must know, not constipated.  Perhaps you might be wondering if I am more fatigued.  Nope!  Still waking up at 6am and drifting off to la la land around midnight (or later).  Moodier than normal? Once again, nope!  Before ovulation or after ovulation it doesn’t matter, WWIII will still erupt over my husband’s failure to put his socks in the dirty clothes hamper, dishes in the dishwasher, or shoes by the back door.  I know, I sound like an obsessive compulsive clean freak who likes everything in its place.  No shame because I am and I do.

So there you have it folks. Within my two-week wait I have not been able to see nor feel anything that physically points to or affirms that this cycle is the one.  However, despite the lack of early pregnancy signs, I am still hopeful.  I can’t help but be anything but hopeful because I believe the day before a person’s whole life changes forever, could feel like any ordinary day.

I am sure the day before God fulfilled His promise of a flood to Noah felt like any other day, maybe even filled with lots of sunshine and very few clouds.  I would even bet to say that the day before Zachariah was told by an angel he would finally be a first time father in his old age also probably felt like any other day.  I can’t help but think about the leper, the woman with the issue of blood, the blind man, and the paralytic who were all healed instantly by Jesus.  Wouldn’t you assume the day before their miracle took place it felt like just more of the same as they were experiencing sickness, disease and feelings of hopelessness and defeat?  What about Paul and Silas who one day were shackled by chains in prison with no hope of ever being released, yet the next day were miraculously freed by an earthquake?  How about the testimonies that I have posted here?  Do you think it’s safe to say the day before they learned of their miracle it might have also looked like a typical day?

You see, the day before a person’s life changes forever, could feel just like any ordinary day because God performs miracles and fulfills His promises suddenly and when we least expect it.  That being the case, I am going to walk by faith and not by sight as I hold tightly, with white knuckles to the hope that tomorrow, God will take my ordinary day filled with my impossible circumstances and change it into something extraordinary filled with miracles.  Will you hope and believe with me? 

The day before your life changes

For those of you who are like me and are experiencing or have experienced one or multiple miscarriages, failed cycles, a failed IUI or IVF, I encourage you to never give up, lose hope, or stop believing.  Let’s make the choice together to always press forward and have faith to believe that what has happened in our past, will not necessarily happen again in our future.

“For nothing is impossible with God.”  ~Luke 1:37

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  1. Great post! 🙂 You never know. I have heard that the month people ended up pregnant they had absolutely NO symptoms at all! Fingers are crossed for you.

  2. I sure am hoping that you will have exciting news to share with us soon and I’m believing with you that what has happened in the past will not happen in the future. Thanks for sharing your hope with us all 🙂

    1. Thank you Amir! Even if it doesn’t happen next cycle, I am believing change is going to happen for the next 😉

  3. After one year and one month of heart ache I received a miracle yesterday. Praise God! Last Wednesday I noticed my period was late. With PCOS that is totally normal for me, but I tested at home anyways. It was a big fat negative…as usual. I kept telling myself that God can do anything! I prayed and prayed for my promised child. I went to the doctor yesterday to have my blood drawn. If my blood pregnancy test was negative I would begin taking provera to make me start another cycle. The nurse practitioner called me and I was expecting her to say the usual “It’s negative, start provera, better luck next time.” But this time she did not! My hcg was 3462! I went from a negative test on Wednesday to hcg of 3462 on Monday. Praise the Lord! In my mind I cannot even understand how this is possible. If you will recall my comment on one of your most recent posts “When Google Doesn’t Have All the Answers” you will notice my husband was traveling ALOT! I told you that God gave me this thought…He created the entire universe by simply uttering the words “let there be light”. I thought I knew before but now I really know that with God ANYTHING is possible! When he touches you it can change everything. Just like you said everything changes in a single moment. I still have zero symptoms maybe just a little hungrier than usual and we are praying for a great ultra sound tomorrow. I will keep you in my prayers. Praying that your miracle moment is just around the corner!

  4. I have heard that symptoms can start much later – like closer to 8 week mark. Here’s hoping that this cycle is a miracle, and if not, maybe it’s a sign of more regular cycles to come? Good luck!

  5. Aww man, I was getting so excited that you had symptoms until I saw the notepad. LOL, funny post. You’re so right though, I’m sure you’ll feel completely normal until you don’t…..that’s the funny thing about it all. The one and only time I was pregnant I felt NOTHING different, but did notice my nipples were bigger…..but that was it. Maybe it’ll help me not symptom spot this 2WW? Probably not! I’m not giving up on this for you Elisha!

  6. When is test day? Or test day 1?

    I got a smile two or three days after yours. My only symptom is crying at everything. Including when I grab my boobs and they don’t hurt…. 🙂

    1. bahaha! I don’t usually have a test day because my cycles are not regular. I have already tested over the weekend and it was negative. I probably will only test if it continues another week or so and no period.

      1. I admire your self control! 🙂 I can’t help but test every day, even in an irregular cycle. What can I say? Self torture and peeing on expensive things are hobbies!

    2. BFP today! I’m not sure if I’m more excited about being pregnant, or relieved that I do not start sobbing for no reason. 😉

  7. It will happen for us!! I’m also in my TWW, but I haven’t given it much thought. Good ol’ AF is expected by Friday. But my temperature dropped this morning, so AF might even come earlier.

    1. Don’t give up Michelle because things could change drastically between now and then or even now and the next cycle 🙂 We will get our BFP soon! xo

  8. Hoping, praying, wishing for you!! I’ve come to detest the breast question over the years myself. Even now, it’s not a very prominent symptom but like betas, everyone’s different. I definitely hope and believe with you 😊

  9. GIRL! I am hoping with you! Let this be the month! I’m mid 2ww myself…wouldn’t that be fun if we both got a plus sign! I can’t even imagine. Last month I was CONVINCED was the month…you know…all those symptoms. This month I’m trying to just be still. We’ll see how that goes. 😉

    1. How exciting for you 🙂 Yes, relax…be still…and always know that you WILL be a joyful mother of children (psalm 113:9) so no matter what happens, keep hoping and believing that in His perfect time you will be holding a cute bundle of joy. xo

  10. You never know!! I’m still holding out hope! I’ll try to refrain from giving anecdotes, but I feel like things are moving in the right direction for you!

  11. I love that God works in the suddenlys! That SUDDENLY one day you will be a mom – believing that day is so soon Elisha – that this it!! He doesn’t work in the natural, but the supernatural. So thankful He is bigger than symptoms and feelings 🙂

    1. Your comment made me bust out in the song from ANNIE….”Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow….” hehehe

  12. The only “sign” I have ever gotten prior to a BFP was a stuffy nose. No tenderness, bloating, more headaches than normal, tiredness or anything!

  13. We are in this together.. I’m 14dpo… no period and several BFNs. Just waiting now for my body to function as it’s supposed to. Thanks for encouraging me! I made my husband hide all of my ovulation and preg tests (kinda funny, I know!) I just want to wake up one day and feel sick and find out that it’s happening. Two week waits are torturous thanks to those smilies!

    1. I never have a two week wait so I was super pumped for this one….and needless to say, it has been uneventful :/ Praying for you sugars and believing that soon we will be celebrating a BFP!

      1. Today as I struggled with the reality of another cycle of waiting (and seeing more announcements and feeling sorry for myself), I thought of you. You are inspiring so many women, including myself! My period came back with a vengeance today, but after 39 days I’m just glad it came!

      2. Oh I needed to hear this. I often think that I probably irritate and annoy more people than I do inspire or encourage them to keep pressing forward. Just keep telling yourself that you are next! You are one cycle closer and all of heaven is waging war against the enemy so that you can be healed and have a baby 🙂

  14. Praying for you!! Even though statistically the doctor say our chances are less than 1%… I’m finding myself hopefully again… if it’s his will it will be done… In his time..,

    1. God doesn’t give a care in the world about statistics 🙂 He is the God of the impossibles 🙂 I am believing and praying with you!!

      Is anything too hard for the Lord? ~Genesis 18:14

      Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” ~Matthew 19:26

  15. Elisha, I am praying for you! I know that God keeps all his promises…it is the waiting that is so tortuous!!

    1. Yes He does 🙂 If Abraham can wait and endure patiently for 25 years, then I can to 😉 But let’s hope it isn’t 25 🙂

  16. I believe sometimes God does things in his own way, in his own time, to help us remember his is so much greater than we are. He’s something bigger, more powerful. I also believe he has an amazing sense of humor. As you know what the week has been like in my world…statistics and all that would say “it’s not gonna happen for me”. My gut (which I believe God is in charge of) kept telling me. Nope, don’t do another round of IVF, find out what you have. Elisha, I had a normal! I only had 2 of 4 embryos survive the thaw, and 1 of the 2 was normal. Not only that, but that single lone warrior embryo as I like to think of it now, actually made it to blast stage and is started hatching all on it’s own and they were able to biopsy that as well. I will be writing a post about this, but think of it as proof that miracles happen. 70% of my eggs are not going to be genetically sound. The fact that 1 of the 2 embryos was normal is nothing short of a miracle…God’s love and power are amazing. XOXO
    I absolutely believe you will be a mother!

    1. Thank you sugars! I 100 percent believe I will be too 🙂 I know people think I am crazy for believing but God is the God of the impossibles. Also, He didn’t put the MANY stories of barren women in the Bible just to fill the pages. He wanted to prove He can do anything and He wanted to make sure that women like us have hope that He will bring life to a barren womb. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! YOU ROCK!!! xo

  17. I am anxiously waiting to hear the news!

    Just because there are no “symptoms” per se, doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing the most beautiful positive pregnancy test in a few days.

    Good things are going to happen for you, I just know it. God is going to keep his promise!


    1. Thanks sugars! I Have tested once and it was negative but I’m still holding out hope…even if it is for the next cycle 🙂

  18. Everything is in God’s perfect time. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is wanting everyone to see that your child is a true miracle and is Heaven sent.

  19. When I took my pregnancy test for my daughter’s pregnancy, I was 4 weeks + 5 days and didn’t have *any* symptoms yet except a late period. My symptoms didn’t kick in for another 2-3 weeks. So you never know!

    Regardless, praying that if this isn’t your month, it will be soon!

  20. I always have tons of symptoms at the end of my 2ww, and then once I get my negative they magically disappear! They really mean nothing….as do a lack of symptoms. I know you’ll get your wish soon! xo

  21. You handle everything with grace and humor…you had me laughing with “pollinate my flower” Lolol, does your family really read this? If so, I love you wen more. Also, my inspiring blog post is FINALLY up, thank The Lord! Thinking of you and praying for you! Xoxoxo

    1. Oh yes….my family does read this 🙂 Some have subscribed through email and many others read it on facebook because I have a waiting for baby bird facebook page 🙂 It was kinda scary at first putting these on facebook for the world to see, but it does make family events easier. They don’t ask questions and my ovaries are not the topic of conversation as they already know what’s going on and what I’m thinking 🙂 tehehe

  22. Elisha, that is faith!! Praying and believing with you. Blessed are those who don’t see and yet believe John 20:29. Continue walking by faith and I believe God will give you the desires of your heart.

  23. Elisha, I just love your blog, from the humor to your honesty. You make me cry just as hard as you make me laugh. x

  24. Girl, thank you for your honesty! It takes a lot to post to the world all that you do and I know it is helping others.

    That said, I never experienced any of the supposed symptoms you have in early pregnancy early except for maybe the desire to nap, which I always have! I am 11 weeks along and just now my chest size increased and got a little sore. So, keep doing what God has shown you and all will be ok.


  25. Amen – just because you aren’t feeling symptoms right now doesn’t mean that God isn’t about to change your lives. I’m so excited for you! I firmly believe your miracle is just around the corner. **HUGS!!!!!**

  26. I love your writing and attitude. You are so right. I think back over all my struggles and successes and the day before was just an ordinary day. Thank you for the reminder.

    I just said a little prayer for you and your husband. Can’t wait to hear (read) good news.

    1. Thank you sugars!!! I used to log all of them and I loved the website countdowntopregnancy.com because it gave symptoms based upon DPO but it became too obsessive so I quit.

  27. I thought of you today as my husband and I were talking about whether or not we want to move forward with our first steps toward infertility “treatments.” We decided first to lift our ovulation kit embargo for the rest of the year. 🙂 Thought of your first smiley face test. Praying with you the Lord honors your faith and answers your prayers this month!

    1. Thank you sugars!! Be specific in your prayers and just trust in God. He will always lead you in the right direction 🙂 I am praying for your smiley face 🙂 and then for you to see double lines! whoo hoo!

  28. Hello! I am new to reading your blog! Just stumbled upon it! Just wanted to encourage you that I have had four successful pregnancies (four little girls!!!) and one miscarriage and I never felt pregnancy symptoms in those first two weeks. Don’t lose faith! God created your body with the ability to “house” and birth a baby. God bless 🙂

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