He Settles the Barren: Stories to Empower Hope (Part 2)

It’s so easy to read a story of someone else who was healed, restored, or redeemed and think…“That’s great for them. But that won’t happen for me.” And I get it. It’s sometimes our knee-jerk reaction to dismiss them as nothing more than just “that person’s story.” But do you know what the word testimony means? In Hebrew, it comes from a root word that means ‘do it again.’ Therefore every time a testimony is spoken, it comes with it God’s covenant to repeat the miracle. This is the reason why I have decided to begin sharing the many testimonies sent to me through email. I want to create an atmosphere for the miracle to be duplicated. I want you to have a place to be able to come and immerse yourself in the power that testimonies can hold. Because if God did it for them, He can do it again. And why not  He do it again for you? After all, He does not show favoritism (Romans 2:11). Therefore as you read, open yourself up to the possibility that what He did for them, He is not only able but also willing to do for you. May their story bring hope and healing to yours.

After 5 IVF’s (a total of 11 embryo transfers), which were failures, I decided to have the last go with the last frozen egg we had remaining. Even the staff at the embryologist lab told me not to have high hopes as the vitrified oocyte (egg) had a chance of not surviving the unthawing process. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have high hopes either. But, I prayed and asked God to place his hand on my frozen egg and take care of it. And that’s certainly what He did because I had a positive result and am now 20 weeks pregnant! I used to always read the posts Waiting for Baby Bird would write but I never believed that a miracle could happen to me. Now I do believe and I want others to believe in the impossible happening in their lives as well. Because it is impossible. All things are possible. Even that one thing you just thought of. 

I was diagnosed seven years ago with bilateral tube blockages. I was told it was physically impossible for me to conceive naturally. Therefore we underwent in-vitro, but it failed. I have spent the last several years on a roller coaster of emotions trying to accept I would never have a child of my own with my husband. I would have days where I would be content and “okay” with my circumstances, but then there would be other days where it was hard to get out of bed. I went to nursing school and became a nurse to try and focus on other things, even though in my heart I was always grieving. I never thought I would be a mother, and while I can’t believe I am able to tell you this, I am just over 10 weeks pregnant (all-natural)! The doctors are literally not sure how. Many of them have said my body “healed itself.” I realize that I have a long way to go but I enjoy every day that I have with this little one. No matter what happens, we are forever changed! If I could encourage another person who is in the trenches of infertility and staring into grim statistics like I was, I would say this: Don’t lose hope! I never thought this would happen for us! Our testimony is proof that anything is possible and the power of prayer is amazing. If you can, join the online Waiting for Baby Bird support group! I joined just a few short months before conceiving and through each post and prayer, I found so much comfort and hope. My prayer is that everyone experiences their own miracle and perhaps even has their bodies heal themselves as well. 

I thought surely after five years, God would fulfill my dream of motherhood. He didn’t. And He didn’t in year 6 or 7, but things started happening during year eight. I learned the art of surrender. Year nine, voila! Miracle Girl crossed over to this side of heaven.

I was going through my maternity pictures and this one caught my eye. When I look at this picture I think of the journey my husband and I went through for our two precious babies. We tried for over four years to have children and went through a few different procedures before being told our best option to conceive would be through invitro. We went through the stress, roller coaster of emotions, feelings of pressure, anxiety, anger, sadness, and hopelessness. But through it all, God prevailed and this picture shows that. God healed my body and made me a Momma. He told me on Mother’s Day 2014 that I was going to have children. He gave me the strength to keep believing and pushing forward on those dark days when all seemed impossible. He was my light of Hope. His promises are yes and amen. I am living proof of that. 

My husband and I were told that we had a very slim chance of conceiving naturally and so we pursued medical treatments with no positive results. I began to think with each negative test result that I was wrong and not meant to be a mom…let alone receive a miracle. While waiting for my next treatment cycle to begin I took a pregnancy test and Jesus did a miracle! We conceived naturally! The doctors are shocked…I am shocked…my family is shocked! Miracles do happen even when we don’t believe we deserve one. My prayers are for all of the ladies in waiting. God is capable and willing. Even to this day, I feel so humbled to have experienced His miracle-working power even after I started to lose hope and faith. it had been four years of waiting and I just needed to wait on Him. If you are feeling like I was, undeserving or that motherhood isn’t for you, remind yourself right now that you are worthy. And this desire is not of your own but from Him. Therefore in His time, and in His way, He will be faithful fulfill. 

After four years of trying and suffering from a miscarriage two years ago, my husband and I are finally expecting our rainbow baby! I can’t believe I am typing this but I am 13 weeks pregnant! I have been diagnosed with PCOS and was told I would never conceive, but what man says is impossible, God says is possible!  Miracles do happen! I remember in 2015 I almost gave up, but I am so thankful that as I sought the Lord, He infused me with hope to keep trying time after time. If you are ready to throw in the towel, let God give you the strength to persevere.  

I was told by a fertility specialist that due to low AMH, high FSH, and my low follicle count that I would never have children of my own and therefore we would need to use an egg donor. My husband and I were distraught. Absolutely heartbroken. However, come this past weekend I was due for my period. But instead of a new cycle, I received a faint line on a pregnancy test. It was barely there, but we could both see it. Could it be an evaporation line, we thought? Well, Monday came and still no period; so, I tested again, and guess what? It was another positive pregnancy test! It came up within 30 seconds! I couldn’t believe it. I realize it’s very early and a number of things could go wrong, but we’re thrilled to be experiencing this and will cherish the moments. What will be, will be.  My encouragement to all of you who have received a heartbreaking diagnosis is this: While Doctors are very knowledgeable, they don’t know everything. And while all looks impossible and hopeless, with God it is not. He has the final word. Anything is possible, even the impossible. Always. So never stop believing in a miracle. Or praying for change to come. 

My husband and I were told that we had less than a 1% chance of conception due to endometriosis and poor egg quality. And so, we turned to IVF. In March we transferred two embryos–one fair quality and the other so low quality that it was either transfer or discard. Both embryos implanted and we now have two beautiful amazing girls. Their 3-year-old sister is also an IVF miracle! Our girls are fraternal, and our God is amazing!

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