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The Two Week Wait is Over

The two-week wait has come to an end and it was far less exciting than I had hoped for. There were no cramps or nausea. No food or smell aversions. No extra trips to the ladies room or tender breasts. But most importantly, there were no double lines or a missed period. Unfortunately, my first smile and Daniel’s attempt to pollinate my flower did not result in a pregnancy this cycle. However, as I sit here this afternoon writing “feminine products” on my shopping list, I am not crushed.

This cycle has brought me so much hope for the next, as it was the first time I saw a smile on an ovulation prediction test and it was also the first cycle in nine months in which it lasted less than 40 days. All morning long I have been dwelling on these positives and believing that because of the significant changes in my body, God is doing a new thing. In fact, He has affirmed it to me twice. The first affirmation came this morning when I read the following verse in my devotional and then again this afternoon when a friend sent it to me in an email (she was unaware my cycle had begun). The verse reads,

former things are gone

I know many of you might think the ovulation test and shorter cycle could have been a fluke or the scripture was just a coincidence, and honestly it is easy for me to travel down that same thought pattern as well. My logical reasoning says that due to my past cycles, I should be skeptical and doubt that anything has changed or will be different next month, but I’m not going with my logical reasoning. I am choosing faith and as hard as it is, I am looking at verse 18 and forgetting about my former past of long, anovulatory cycles and instead looking forward with hope that my cycle lengths are becoming more regular and ovulation will forever be a natural occurrence as God is doing new things! I believe that He is bringing complete healing to my body and making a way in my dry and barren land for conception to take place and soon. You may not perceive it, but I do! This is why when I go to the grocery store in five minutes, I am buying the smallest box of “feminine products” I can find because I am trusting that He will continue to do new things so that I am able to add another “first” to my list next month…my first missed period.

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79 thoughts on “The Two Week Wait is Over”

  1. Beautiful post Elisha! I have had lots of “coincidences”(as some people might call them) lately but those mystery occurrences are not mystery to me. They are proof that faith, hope and perseverance matter. Your past cycle was a blessing and I believe just the start to many more blessings to come. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! Going from 70 plus day cycles to a 40 day cycle with a smiley face to me is significant 🙂 I kinda think I am still on cloud 9 from the smiley face because I wasn’t too upset when my cycle started…which it started after I took a pregnancy test. Isn’t that how it always happens? lol

    1. I just want you to know that I am specifically praying for you every single morning. 🙂 Your time is coming 😉

  2. Praise God for a shorter cycle! Anyone with PCOS knows that is a gift from above. Praying for you in the weeks to come! Just think…you are one cycle closer to your little miracle and one day closer to the day that everything changes! It is on it’s way!

  3. I just read these words in my daily devotional book,
    “The work I am doing in you is hidden at first. But eventually blossoms will burst forth, & abundant fruit will be born. Stay in the path of Life with Me. Trust Me wholeheartedly, letting My Spirit fill you with Joy & Peace.”

    I read these words with tears in my eyes, because I KNOW God’s working! My mind was flooded with this overwhelming thought: “Why do I worry about a pregnancy test result? I KNOW my lil blessing is on his/her way & my thoughts & actions should reflect this (no matter the test result this month). Our blessings are on their way!!! Sending love & hugs to you!!! 🙂

    1. Amen girl! I just love what you wrote! Your blessing is on it’s way and you can trust that God is faithful to all of his promises. (Psalm 145:13) xo

    1. I don’t always see it…sometimes God has to smack me in the face with it and seeing the scripture twice today, was a smack…but in a nice way 😉

  4. Definitely moving in a positive direction!! I’m excited for what God is going to do in your life (and lady bits) 😉!

    1. Thanks sugars! I am 100 percent convinced that without my hope and faith, I would crumble and be a mess. It’s the only think holding me up when I would just rather drop to the floor and say “ENOUGH!”

  5. Amen amen! I was thinking about you today and wondering if you got your cycle. Mine came 4 days early! Ugh. But I do find that being thankful for having a regular cycle and praising God that Jesus’ blood took care of all my infertility burdens on the cross helps me so much. This is just the first step for your body. Next step…baby! PS I couldn’t even remember where that verse came from! So glad you posted it today.

    1. Sorry I was a little late in posting it but I got super busy! Yes, I am praising Jesus for a shorter cycle and believing only good things are in store for me.

  6. You already know that I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything God does is for a purpose and a reason so that His plans for our lives can be put into motion. I choose to believe with you that God is doing a new thing. Blessings, my friend! XO

  7. You know that I got my miracle after my crazy long/messed up cycles normalized…just sayin’! Not that things go the same way for all of us, but I know you have been promised a miracle, and most of us with PCOS don’t just happen upon a normal-length cycle! Your complete healing and baby Josiah are coming!!

  8. There is no such thing as coincidences. I have that same verse posted on my bedroom mirror. You have such a great outlook. My past cycle, I didn’t get down like I usually do. I was sad to not be pregnant but I was excited because it was only 37 days and that must mean I ovulated right? Believing with you that this is the manifestation of your healing and that will be the last box of feminine hygiene products you will need for a while!! Just like you told me, be specific in those prayers starting day 1 of this cycle.

  9. Love your positive attitude. You’re right, those are good things, and I hope your next cycle you get another smiley face….and you’re able to catch that egg too!!! Keep up that amazing attitude, it’s contagious!

  10. I just love your blog and positive outlook. It’s so different to experience hardships when you have Christ in your life. It’s still hard, but somewhere you find some kind of peace or a place to kneel at the feet of Jesus when your burden is so heavy.
    I’m sorry you didn’t get your BFP.
    Lord, the world has named Infertility because you gave us the authority to do so. But we all know a name that is ABOVE all names. In JESUS name, I command Elisha’s body to function the way that you created it to. Your word says Behold, I do a new thing! Elisha has received it, now she can believe it, and then will conceive it! 😉

  11. I love your post. Your positive attitude, faith,hope gives me the inspiration to continue on this ttc journey…

  12. I’m so sorry AF arrived Elisha, but you are absolutely right! Confirming ovulation and having a cycle less than 40 days are both very good signs, as is your devotional! How amazing that you read that verse today and then your friend sent you the same one! It’s time to put those long cycles and PCOS in the past! I really believe this is the beginning of many blessings to come for you! Praying for you and this new cycle <3

    1. Thank you sugars! I about fell out my chair when I read that same verse from my friend! God I guess needed to send reinforcements. Lol

  13. Aww, I’m a little bummed that this wasn’t “the” cycle, but I’m standing with you in belief that God is at work and that you are just going to keep ovulating and having shorter cycles which will lead to sweet baby, Josiah!

    1. Thanks for the sweet compliment but I feel short of amazing. I know this might surprise you but you inspire me more than you could ever realize. You have been through so much, yet keep getting back up and going. I haven’t had as many losses as you and I cant say I would still be standing afterwards like you have been. Xo

    1. you find strength in my attitude? I am in awe because YOU my dear inspire me every single day. I haven’t experienced even a smigion of what you have gone through and are currently going through, yet you handle it with so much grace. Each time the enemy has knocked you down, you get back up stronger than before and fighting harder than ever. You have so much determination and I love that about you!

  14. My two week wait ended today as well. Once again thank you for your encouraging and timely post.

  15. I’m sorry lovely. I do think it is encouraging that you had your smiley face and hope that it’ll now happen soon. xx

    1. Thank you! I think its encouraging I had a smiley face and shorter cycle as well 🙂 I am very hopeful for the next cycle and I might ask Daniel to pollinate my flower a few extra times just in case 😉

  16. Comments like the above will make the birth of your child so much sweeter. “Forgive them, for they do not know.”

    Praying with you as you wait for what He has promised. Praying He guards your heart from the hurtful words of few and inspires you from the encouraging words of many.

  17. I love this post!!! You are for sure moving in the direction of being healed I believe and all to God’s glory!!

    1. Thank you Amie! I agree! But not everyone else does… Lily strikes again with her comment that she wrote above.

  18. So good Elisha! Love that He is bringing healing to your body – what a testimony of His faithfulness to you!!! One cycle closer to getting that BFP!!!! Can’t wait to celebrate and believing it’s just around the corner!

  19. Josiah is coming! He is on his way. Keep being encouraged. Keep praying. Keep fasting (my father in law did shortly before we got out BFP and even our dr was surprised that the last IUI had worked…but I wasn’t!). Ignore people who don’t understand and pray for them. I am the product of a woman who had PCOS, she had me with just clomid and my three….THREE younger siblings with nothing but prayers from a big sister.

    1. It’s so odd you mentioned fasting because I have been feeling led to fast lately but have just made excuses….hmmm…but excuses are like butt holes….everyone has them and they stink 😉

  20. “But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast. So, as the Holy Spirit says: ‘Today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion, during the time of testing in the desert, where your fathers tested and tried me and for forty years saw what I did. That is why I was angry with that generation, and as I said, “Their hearts are always going astray, and they have not known my ways.” So I declared an oath in my anger, “They shall never enter my rest.” See to it brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end of the confidence we had at first.” ~Hebrews 3: 6-14 (NIV)

  21. No need to be sad for me Lily. And if the medicine is more effective, than why didn’t it work for me all those months I used it? Medicine isn’t always the answer or cure for everyone. Obviously you have never used fertility meds nor do you know how the hormones can really screw up your system if your body doesn’t agree with them…so yes I do want a child, but I won’t compromise my health for one. Fertility meds did not agree with my body and caused a lot of damage…this could be the reason why God led me to stop. I don’t expect you to understand or agree and that is just fine. Why do you even bother to read and comment on my blog anyway?

    1. You have a wonderful, beautiful soul. I love the outlook you choose to continue to have. I know that it’s not easy to keep having that outlook. I love that you continue to stand up for yourself, your faith, and our God. I love everything that I know about you. I can’t wait for your first missed period, either. It’s coming, sister! I have that faith for both of our futures!

      1. Thank you so much Laura! I can’t wait for my first missed period too. In all honesty, I don’t even know how I am going to react…or what I would write…or what I would even tell people. LOL! It will all be surreal.

    1. I am so glad this post was able to encourage you! I am so glad you commented…I am now following your blog and I love it! xo

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