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She’s My Little Piece of Jesus

anyone who welcomes a child

“Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not only me but also the father who sent me.”  ~Mark 9:37

After we welcomed Goldilocks into our home in January, I made a chalkboard sign with Mark 9:37 written on it and proudly displayed it in her bedroom. I have read it over a hundred times in the last ten months; however, it wasn’t until this morning, when I quietly tiptoed into her room and read the words, “Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf welcomes Me,” that I began to cry. I realized for the first time and with such conviction that she isn’t just our foster child. She isn’t just a beautiful little girl with the softest blonde curls. She isn’t just a three-year-old that chatters non-stop and loves everything about babies. She is so much more. She is a little piece of Jesus right here in my home, and because of this revelation, I don’t think I will ever look at her the same. I don’t think I will ever hug her the same. Kiss her the same. Walk past her the same. Tickle her the same or even tell her to “wait just one more second” the same. Today I realized that she is not just my little Goldilocks. She’s my little piece of Jesus.

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66 thoughts on “She’s My Little Piece of Jesus”

  1. Beautiful. God put this little girl in your life for a reason. I hope I’m not overstepping boundaries by saying this but I think you, Daniel and Goldilocks all needed each other and God knew that.

  2. You’re ABSOLUTELY right!! I think it’s wonderful that you guys have opened your home and hearts to this sweet little girl. I’m sure that no matter how long you are able to keep her you will have a HUGE impact on her life. My parents were foster parents to 2 boys (brothers) when I was in the third grade…and I’m certain they made an impact on those boys. Such a blessing that you’re able to do this.

    1. I sure hope so…but at the same time, I worry about when she goes back. The longer she is with us the more attached she will become to us, our schedule, our lifestyle, etc. I hope she will be able to adjust well and it doesn’t hurt her in the end.

  3. She’s such a sweet and beautiful little girl with a heart of gold. I’m so glad God chose you both to watch over her.

    1. Awe! Thank you so much Aunt Rachel. When I think back to the night we agreed, it was so spur of the moment. I randomly checked my email and so the request to have someone keep her for 30 days (maybe 90 days) and I figured, ehhh…what’s 30 days. LOL! I am glad I didn’t know then because it might have deterred me. She sure is precious even when she does put 9 flush-able wipes and a half of a roll of TP in the toilet 🙂

    1. I agree! I was thinking the other day that she has been with us so long that I don’t know what my life was like before her…it’s hard to think about how it was just me during the day until the hubs got home. Seems weird to think about.

  4. This is an awesome post Elisha! You are such a loving and caring child of God. You are so special and Goldilocks is blessed to have you and Daniel in her life!

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  5. And just the other way around you are her little piece of Jesus on earth! I do not know her story or what kind of situation she comes from, and I don’t need to know, but I do know that you guys are making a very positive impact on her heart and she will never forget they love that you are showing her!

  6. Sitting at work with tears in my eyes. The thoughts that are going through my mind. Love you! Hug that precious gift one more time from me !!

    1. I sure will! We might be down for a holiday soon which means you just might get to see those curls in person 🙂

  7. Little children are so close to God. She definitely is your little piece of Jesus. What a lovely sentiment. Now I’m looking at my 3-month-old miracle daughter in a whole new light. She really is a tiny piece of Heaven.

    1. Ahhh thanks sugars! I wanted to tell you that I am making a trip to the post office tomorrow 🙂 Be looking for the mail man. hehe

  8. Elisha, this is beautiful; so simple, yet so profound. I found myself quietly appreciating my “little piece of Jesus” asleep in the other room, even more. You are so right–our little ones, and actually everyone we meet, has a little piece of Jesus in them. Our kind words, our selfless acts, all seem to take on a greater beauty when I think about them having “little pieces of Jesus.” Thank you for this beautiful post! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I believe if we all looked at everyone in this manner our lives, their lives, and basically the whole world would be different. I know that today when she wasn’t listening, being whiny, and kinda grumpy, I wanted to just go crazy…but then I remembered my post…she is a little piece of Jesus. It was then that I didn’t find myself becoming so easily irritated. I hope you have had a great week so far 🙂

      1. You read my mind! Today was especially difficult with my little one. I feel like if I had adopted this perspective earlier today it would have made things easier. I’m excited to wake up in the morning with this new perspective. 🙂 thank you again!

  9. What a wonderful story. my husband and I have four girlsof our own and we are now fostering a four month old boy. I pray daily that he gets to live out his childhood in the best place for him, whether that be with us or his birth mother. That being said, I will be devastated if he ever leaves me (I’ve had him since he was 2 days old). I will pray for your precious little goldilocks, what a gift from above 🙂

    1. ahhh I can’t imagine having a little one from 2 days old and needing to give him back. Breaks my heart for you! I’m praying for your situation. Ultimately my goal is also for Goldilocks to return to her mother and siblings, but I also pray that if she isn’t going to be loved and cared for, then I hope she remains with us. She has settled in so well and I know that we could help her flourish.

  10. This is the sweetest. She loves babies. God just sent you her first. I love it.

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