Waiting for Baby Bird

What I Want You to Know About Infertility

I am so honored to have the wonderful Natasha Metzler sharing her heart with you today! When she first sent me her post, I literally read it while nodding my head, "yes!"  Because everything she said was everything I wanted to say, but couldn't ever seem to find the words to write. So thank you… Continue reading What I Want You to Know About Infertility

Soul Food

Life is Messy

I scroll through social media, and I look at everyone's beautiful pictures, and as much as I try not to, comparison sneaks in and starts to fatigue my soul. Thoughts of...she is prettier...her cooking is better...their clothes are nicer...their life is more comfortable...her house is perfect...their marriage is flawless...and so on roll through my mind.… Continue reading Life is Messy