Soul Food

Life is Messy

I scroll through social media, and I look at everyone's beautiful pictures, and as much as I try not to, comparison sneaks in and starts to fatigue my soul. Thoughts of...she is prettier...her cooking is better...their clothes are nicer...their life is more comfortable...her house is perfect...their marriage is flawless...and so on roll through my mind.… Continue reading Life is Messy

Love and Marriage

Adventures of Tent Camping

Camping.  In my book, there is only one way to go and that is with a camper.  Some might call this "glamping" but I like to think of it as maintaining a females healthy, happy and balanced hormotional (hormones + emotions = Hormotional) level while she endures the great outdoors of spiders, snakes, and weird… Continue reading Adventures of Tent Camping

Love and Marriage

Reigniting the Spark: Garden of the Gods

Has infertility slowly eaten away at your marriage?  Have you gone from the once passionate "spark" to just a mere flicker?  It's hard to admit, but I know that I have let infertility, which is like a moth, slowly eat away at my marriage over the last three years.  It hasn't taken big bites or… Continue reading Reigniting the Spark: Garden of the Gods