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When Your Dreams Seem Like They Are Just a Dream

When Your Dreams Seem LIke They Ar Just a DreamThere I was, sitting across from her at dinner, and I couldn’t help but take notice that where she is in life is where I want to be. We were both married at the same time. We both began trying to have children at the same time. Yet there I sat, feeling left behind as I watched her juggle two precious kiddos on her lap. At that moment, I felt as though my life had been pulled backward and somehow got stuck.

Stuck sitting in this same stage of life.

But friend, as much as I hate feeling like I have been pulled backward and stuck, I still have hope. Because just like a bow has to be pulled back to reach its target, sometimes we have to be pulled backward to reach ours. I know it doesn’t make sense. But God doesn’t do things in the order and manner that makes the most sense, does He? Because in the chaos of “Joseph’s life,” the boy with the colorful coat found in Genesis, God gave him a dream when he was a little boy. A dream that was big! A dream that suggested he would be in a position of power. But after that dream, Joseph’s life was anything but roses and rainbows. Because it wasn’t too long afterward the jaw-dropping dream, I count ten jealous brothers. And at least two betrayals. I add up many others who hated him. I read about two abductions. And then there is the false accusation that he seduced another man’s wife. I also take note of abuse. Unjust imprisonment. Twenty-four months of prison food. I feel the heartache with every painstaking event he had to endure, and I can’t help but wonder where God is in all of this. What about the vision? What about the dream He placed in Joseph’s heart? I can only imagine how Joseph must have felt during all of those years. He, too, must have been thinking back to that dream when he was younger and wondering if it was just that…a dream. A desire that would go unfilled.

But friends, if you keep reading, you don’t find a story that ends in defeat. Instead, you get a story of hope and redemption. Because despite the heartache, the setbacks, the moments of fear, hurt, doubt and frustration, Joseph lived out the dream God gave Him, and he became the second most powerful man in the world’s most powerful country. I can’t help but think about how the path to the palace wasn’t easy for Joseph. It wasn’t quick like he had hoped. And it was far from painless, both psychically and emotionally. But wouldn’t you say God took his mess and made it into something good? And wouldn’t you think He can do the same with your story?  And with your mess? I want you to tally up the pain of your past. And then consider this question: Is the God who was with Joseph still in control? And can He do for you what He did for Joseph? Can He fulfill the dreams, desires, and visions He has birthed in the soft fertile soil of your heart?

The answer is Yes! Yes! And yes!

So friend, if you feel as though you have been pulled backward and have stopped in life, so to speak. Or maybe you have that overwhelming thought that everything is headed in the wrong direction; I want you to hold on still to hope. Trust that God is getting you into the perfect position to launch you into something great. Continue to have faith that today is not where you might be tomorrow, or next month, or a year from now. Because those dreams and visions He placed in your heart back when you were a little girl and pretending to be a mommy while playing with baby dolls? He still has plans to fulfill. So get ready! Don’t be discouraged! Because while it might not “look” like it, I believe that you (and I) are getting ready to fly! And honestly? I hope and pray every day that you get to fly first!

With Love

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12 thoughts on “When Your Dreams Seem Like They Are Just a Dream”

    1. Hey girl! Your comment means the world to me that even those who don’t consider themselves “very religious” would still find the heart of this message tucked away inside. And of course you may reblog it 🙂 I would be honored!!!! xo

  1. Elisha, thank you so much for being you, and for being a beacon of hope and inspiration. I do appreciate it.

    1. Ahhh April! You are just too stinkin sweet! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement to me as well and the inspiration you bring to this blogging community! Even though I don’t always comment (because it’s hard to do on my phone), I always enjoy your posts. xo

  2. Dear Elisha, we have been going through a lot lately – with infertility, my husband’s health and many other un-pleasurable things. You are the second person to remind us of the story of Joseph. We have had to ask ourselves if we are willing to go through the trials and still love God even when we can’t see His whole plan. Some days are much harder than others and it hard not to scream out and ask why. Other days we have to fall on our faces and ask for forgiveness. Anyways, thank you for sharing this post, it was very encouraging and the timing was perfect. You have a beautiful heart and I look forward to reading more! Thank you for everything you do to encourage us! Sincerely, Josy

  3. Thanks for these words of encouragement. I had a fibroid (which was enlarged from Clomid) removed about six weeks ago and was just told by my doctor that we have to wait another six months to try any more treatments…after already two years of trying and the last 8 months of treatments and the diagnosis/removal of the fibroid. Talk about feeling stuck. I don’t consider myself an overly religious or faithful person but your words always touch me and give me hope. Thank you!!!

    1. Ahhh hun! I am so sorry that you are going thorough with this. I had more trouble on treatments too…they always seemed to make me cancel cycles or cause severe pain. Please know that I am praying for you right now. I am asking that during this season of waiting you have an abundance of peace, contentment and joy. And that God uses this time (that will feel like it’s dragging out) to help prepare you to be the mommy He has planned for you to be from the beginning of your days. No time is ever wasted with God and so allow Him to use it to mold you, shape you, and strengthen your hope and faith so that you can come out of the gate for the next cycle stronger than ever. Hugs to you sugars! ❤️😘

  4. Wow! What an inspiring post! You have such a positive outlook and such a way with words. I have no doubt that God is going to bless you abundantly. Thanks for sharing this!

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