Silly or Not…Here We Go!

Welp!  It’s Josiah Day!  So friends, let’s break out our party hats, blow on our noise makers, throw up the confetti and get out our tool boxes…err…tool boxes?!  Yep!  Cause this is happening…

Crib 1

If you remember, three months ago I wrote “Putting the Cart Before the Horse” because I sensed the Lord telling me to prepare a nursery.  And not to mention, others around me said it was time to prepare as well.  So silly or not, I purchased a crib.  But if I were to be honest, ever since I made that purchase, all I have thought about is how foolish this looks.  And how costly this has been.  Because let’s be real. I could have bought the curtains I have had my eyes set on for three months.  Or taken that vacation I have talked about for two years.  We could have bought the bigger television.  Or added it to our savings fund for the vehicle I have been swooning over.  Heck, we could have even ordered pizza for 58 straight nights in a row.  But instead, I purchased a crib.  And for what?  I haven’t even seen two pink lines.  And it’s not like my three percent chance of conceiving on my own gives others much confidence that at any point I will.  But I did it anyway.  I took a step without even seeing the whole staircase.

And tonight as my husband and I started putting together this crib that has sat in the box for two months, I caught myself even saying numerous times, “This seems so silly!”

But I think if I sat across the dinner table from Noah tonight, he would tell me to keep preparing despite the odds.  And keep walking by faith despite the uncertainty.  Because while walking by faith isn’t easy and it involves some risk and it makes you feel uncomfortable and even foolish; not obeying and trusting in the One who holds the Universe in the palm of His hands is more silly. And risky. And foolish.

Because friend, just think about what would have happened to Noah and his family if he had given into reason and not built the ark?  What if he hadn’t trusted God with the details?  Or decided that building a boat the length of a football field and as high as a four-story building was too costly.  Or too foolish?

And so with that thought, I will keep walking by faith as I continue to take steps without ever seeing the whole stair case.  I know it is a risk.  And it makes me uncomfortable.  And I feel silly.  As well as foolish at times.  But I also know that God is faithful.  And He can be trusted.  So silly or not…here we go!

And to the one reading this right now, if you are believing God for something, I encourage you to activate your faith in some way. Do whatever you can (big or small) to prepare for the desires of your heart to be fulfilled.  And for the blessings you believe He will send into Your life.  I know it is a risk. I know it can be scary. And it might even make you question your own sanity.  But just go for it.  And know that I am here rooting for you.  God is rooting for you.  And all of Heaven is rooting for you.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. ~Hebrews 11:1

Crib 2

Crib 3Crib 6

Final Crib


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85 thoughts on “Silly or Not…Here We Go!

    • Thanks so much sugars! This crib has a funny story to it…me and Goldilocks set out that afternoon three months ago so that I could “look around.” And in my head I wanted an espresso color. In fact, that’s what I have always said I would have. Well, I found one but I also saw this one next to it. I liked this style but scrunched my nose up to the color. Well, we got home and the catalog sat on the dining room table for almost a month. I wasn’t too nervous about spending the money, but I just wasn’t sure about the espresso. But one morning while looking the catalog again, something told me to go with the lighter color. And I will never forget the peace I felt when I finally decided that this crib was THE one. I absolutely love it and I think it will go well with my bird theme 🙂

      Thank you so much for ALWAYS being so loving and supportive. You are a gem!! xo

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  1. Congratulations on starting your nursery!! I’m so glad you did. 🙂 Your faith is astounding and inspiring, Elisha – but you know what? When I think about it, it makes the most perfect sense in the world to trust God. In the ends, WE’RE the ones who are foolish – not Him. You’re one of the most amazing people I’ve never met. 😉 Enjoy setting up Josiah’s room! I eagerly await the day I hear of his arrival.

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    • Thank so much girl! I figured the only thing I have to lose is a few hundred dollars but in reality…I have everything to gain from this. My faith has been stretched and ultimately strengthened and to me that is the greatest reward.


  2. OH, dear friend! I am SOOOOOO proud of you!!!! This post made me cry, and I had to call my husband in here to read this. Both of our hearts went out to the two of you SO much. But, we are here, rooting for you and believing GOD that what He has promised, He is able also to perform. I just believe your miracle is on its way! There are just too many signs pointing that way…these little, gentle nudges are coming from God. I have no doubt!! Keep believing, trusting, and, yes, planning, too!!! You are such a blessing and inspiration. God bless you and hold you close!!

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    • Thank you so much Cheryl! And I got your gift in the mail last night! I cried when I opened it! I could just sense the love that is in that blanket! I have put it with the crib and will be sending you a picture soon 🙂 Thank you always for your love and support! I’m hoping to one day wrap my arms around your neck and give you the biggest hug ever! xo


  3. Happy Josiah day!!! I love the crib you picked out for Josiah!!! Yes, yes please keep walking in faith, God will come through. I still remember the day the God put “soon” on my heart for you…..this little guy is coming soon, and I know he is going to be huge blessing to not only you, but so many others!!! Praying and waiting with anticipation for your little Josiah!!

    Side note: I’ve been on a social media fast with my church, and didn’t get a chance to message you. Thanks so much for the note!!!

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    • Thanks so much girl and I remember when you told me “soon” as well. I often think about that and smile 🙂 I keep thinking that it really is getting close 🙂

      And no worries about not messaging me. You are sooo busy! I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you! xo


  4. Wow, good for you! It’s so interesting how different people cope. The ‘extra bedroom’ in our house – just having to look at it – became so symbolic of emptiness that I wanted to seal it off until further notice. Here you’ve made it your own as a symbol of hope 🙂

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    • It sure is a place of hope for me. I remembered a story in the Bible that talked about how there was a huge drought but the people had been praying and praying for rain. Eventually they began digging ditches in preparation for the rain they hoped would come. Many thought they were foolish but once they started digging, the rain just began to pour down. I love that story. I’m hoping the blessings of babies will just rain on me. lol! hehehehe


    • Wanna hear more to the story?? The first time my hubby saw it was when he was putting it together last night. bahaha! Of course he knew I bought it…but I never took him to go see it first. lol! And when I told him last night (before he pulled it out of the box) that I really hope I like it since i wasn’t crazy about it in the store, he had a look of panic. bahahaha! It’s a good thing we both love it.


    • Me too! My husband liked that part as well 🙂 Needless to say, the first time he saw it was when he was putting it together last night. BAHAHAHA! He must really trust my judgement to let me spend that kind of money on something he never saw. tehehe


  5. Amazing! All the power to you and your faith. Makes me feel like the maternity shirt I bought this weekend in hopes of wearing it after our IVF treatment in February was an act of faith for me too.
    All the best!

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  6. Oh honey – this is so beautiful. Your faith and your stepping out is just admirable – there’s no word for it. I’ve thought for years about something along these lines. In the Bible, God tells us to prepare our fields BEFORE the rain. Because if you don’t sow it until the rain starts, you’re already late. And it’s ALL about faith. You are so right on. And I love this. Now I need to pray about talking this through with Studly. I’ve felt this little thing off and on for a while, but like you said – felt so silly. Foolish even. But maybe I need to really step out in faith. Or… maybe there’s a reason why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I don’t know. Definitely need some prayer from both Studly and I, but still… I absolutely loved this post and I love your heart. Someday we will meet, whether on this side of heaven or not… and I owe you a seriously big hug that day.

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    • It seems like every story in the Bible involved some crazy, foolish act of faith to bring about something, so I say….pull that trigger 🙂 Maybe you can start small with purchasing little items (that’s what I did at first). But then I have had this nagging (I say nagging because it NEVER went away) to start preparing a nursery. But then one Wednesday evening, a friend came up to me and said she kept hearing the word prepare. And then a month later a relative messaged me the word “prepare”….so I figured I better obey. I would much rather be wrong and waste a few hundred dollars. hehe. I feel so much better now that it has been put together.

      Thanks always for your love and support. I’m praying for ya and I sure do hope we meet on this side of heaven first 🙂


      • Thanks for that. Maybe I’ll pull a Gideon and pray for some specific confirmation, first.. I want to be sure to walk the line between doing anything that will distract me or feed a silly want and doing something that is stepping out in faith. Does that even make sense? Ah well.

        And yes – hopefully we will! *hugs


    • Thank you so much! I just LOVE it!!! I think it’s going to go great with my bird theme 🙂 And I just can’t thank you enough for all of the love, support and encouragement you give me! xo

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  7. Is that the Pembrooke collection from Babys R Us? Natural Rustic? We got the SAME one! I love it. It was so different than the other crib styles. We also got the wardrobe type dresser to go with it. Pricey yes, but I found a 15% coupon online and then with the 10% back at the end it’s not so bad 🙂

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    • Yes i think so! I loved the wardrobe dresser too but the ceilings upstairs are slanted so i cant get that one. I really want the dresser to match to use as a changing table but it is so pricey! Ay, yi, yi!

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      • I love the dresser/changing table too! But yeah, getting the whole set is crazy expensive so a carpenter friend is making it for us for our shower gift. Hoping the wood style is similar but will be thrilled if it is remotely close! Our overall nursery theme is “surfer/ocean” and the finish on this set reminded me of driftwood and surf shacks. We both fell in love with it immediately!

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  8. Your faith is very inspiring. Multiple times I’ve thought of preparing a nursery despite our struggle with infertility but I know I wouldn’t be able to handle walking by an empty crib everyday. You have amazing strength. I hope you get to use the crib soon!

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    • Thanks so much!! I wondered how i would feel setting it up and looking at it. But honestly, once we had it in place and i visualized a tiny baby inside, i had so much peace and hope flood me. Its hard to describe. But i totally understand your feelings too.


    • Thanks so much girl! It was actually really simple. He started putting it together about the time Goldilocks had to take a bath and by the time her bath was done and she was dressed, he was basically finished. lol! I was only able to get pictures in between getting her in the tub and drying her off, and brushing her hair. But I am soo in love with this crib and relieved it is together. 🙂


  9. I love this!!!!! Your faith is inspiring. Thank you a thousand times for the card. I don’t know if you got my email but I was literally crying when I opened your card. It was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you! And you have good taste, the crib is very nice!

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  10. Two and a half years ago, I was shopping with friends and saw this tiny pink outfit. My heart told me to buy it, though there was no reason to. Our family was complete, with our two precious sons. I had never even thought about having another baby or a daughter before that day. But God told me that day that I would get pregnant with a baby girl. I told God he was nuts! My three month old baby girl wore that very outfit just the other week! 😉 I know God gives us the desires of our hearts! I just stopped in the middle of the parking lot to offer God a prayer of Thanksgiving for the tiny boy He will send to fill that crib! I feel like he will be on his way soon! This year! Your radical faith is amazing! Josiah is and will be such an awesome testimony to what faith can do!!!

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  11. Thanks so much for posting this. It is great to have sisters in Christ who are standing waiting for their manifestation of their promised children. I used to think I was alone, but God has sent me many others to fellowship with and to follow who are also on a journey similar to mine.

    My husband told me 4-6 weeks ago that I too needed to prepare, but I have been hesitating. I need to remember that it is better to be ready and showing ourselves faithful, than waiting for a sign in the natural. Thanks for reminding me that I need to rely on God’s promises.


    • Oh girl, if your hubby says prepare….I say go for it 🙂 God placed our husbands as the head of household and often times He will speak to them first…or give them “that feeling.” So I say, go for it! I remember in the Old Testament they dug ditches in preparation for rain even though they were in a drought. But they did it as an act of faith. So go dig your ditch girl 🙂 xo


  12. Love that you did this. I’m kind of doing the same thing. Picking our nursrey items in my pintrest. My husband and I cleaned out our second bedroom (i.e. nursery) and we talked all day while cleaning about what we want to do to the room WHEN we have the baby. Its nice to have the husband on the same page. And I couldnt agree more with the previous commentors. You are such an example of God’s faithfulness. I’m so glad I ran into your blog.

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  13. I thought of you this weekend, when I further indulged on things for the nursery for our yet-to-be-conceived baby. I will write a post this week about it and add some pictures, but I just wanted to let you know that you were on my mind all weekend with this subject, and it helped me feel like not such a crazy person!!


    • Thanks so much sugars! I really do appreciate your support and encouragement. I don’t think I could do it with such boldness if it were not for people like you cheering me on 🙂 xo


  14. i had secretly thought about this for a while – and then not long ago while shopping with my husband he saw a stroller and car seat he liked and mentioned that we should step out on faith and buy it because we believe that we will receive. I want to and feel like I need to and at the same time everyone will think I am crazy. But maybe that is what God is trying to show me for the past 4 years. Doesn’t matter what others think. Psalms 37:4 says to delight yourself in Jesus and he will give you the desires of your heart. I know he placed these desires in our hearts and will follow through with his promise. Maybe he just wants us to show our faith – like you are doing. Maybe he wants to see that we believe that we will receive what he has promised – our hearts greatest desire. He is well and able ❤️

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    • Yes girl…don’t be afraid to step out in faith. Will people think you are crazy? Most likely. But if you think about it, everyone in the Bible who stepped out in faith, looked a bit crazy. Because seriously, who else builds a gigantic boat the size of a football field based upon something that only they heard? So go with your gut…go with what you believe. And if you ever need some encouragement, you know where to find me. xo


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