Waiting for Baby Bird, When Someone You Know Is Infertile

What It Looks Like Having Faith for Your Friend Going through Infertility

I used to receive them all of the time when I first announced our struggle to conceive. You know, those random texts that someone was praying for me. Or a card sent to my mailbox with words that spoke Truth into my heart. Or sometimes even a surprise gift of faith left on my doorstep. And each one would fill my soul with hope as it reminded me that they were also believing and hoping for the day when God would fulfill the desires of my heart.

However, as the years have passed, the gifts, cards, and text messages are few and far between. And I get it. As time marches on, I have come to realize people are naturally excited for you in the beginning, as everyone around you has their cheerleader pom-poms out, letting you know they are cheering you on. And obviously, arriving at the end of your journey is also an exciting time filled with lots of celebration and rejoicing over the goodness and faithfulness of God. But then there is the middle.

And it is in the middle, not the beginning and not the end, that people needing a miracle need their friends and family to rally around them the most. Because it’s in the middle that causes them problems, the storms start raging, and the exciting emotions of hope are hard to hold or even find. It’s in the middle that they might question God, His plan, and themselves.

It’s in the middle that holding on to their faith is the hardest.

For this reason, I am thankful for this random act of faith that showed up in my mailbox this afternoon. Because after nearly 12 years, the middle is where I am. I’ve not lost hope or let go of my firm foundation of faith, but it’s harder to have the vision I once held. But because of her hope-filled gift given to me in confidence, she has once more reminded me that the middle is not where I will stay. And this swaddle has given me a clear vision once more. I hold it and daydream about their tiny soft head, ten fingers, and ten toes, snuggled within it to rest.

If you know someone going through infertility, help give them a vision filled with a future and hope. After all, that’s the vision God has for them, too.

With all my love,

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