Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

Risking My Reputation

Today, I stood in the baby section to celebrate Josiah Day. My original plan was to grab a package of diapers, maybe even some wipes (trying to play it safe), but I accidentally went one aisle too far and found myself in the baby shoes/socks aisle. Sigh. There is something about tiny baby socks that… Continue reading Risking My Reputation

Love and Marriage

12 Fun Ways to Wow Your Husband

Confession time. Ladies, after almost ten years of marriage, I have hit a slump. I no longer remember the "little" anniversary' know...the day we first rekindled our old love affair from the 6th grade, or the night of our first date, or even the moment he proposed.  I have even stopped buying Valentine's Day cards. … Continue reading 12 Fun Ways to Wow Your Husband