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He Is a Champion

Throw the confetti, blow up the party balloons, put on your party hat, blow on your noise maker and dance a jig because today is the 17th!  It’s “JOSIAH DAY!”  If you are new to following this blog then give me back your party hat and quit blowing spit into your noise maker because you need to first click here and read “Our Story” in order to figure out who we are celebrating.  Once you go “ah ha!  That’s Josiah!” then come back and click here to read “Sweet Dreams” in order to discover why we are celebrating a child who hasn’t even been conceived…yet.  Once you have put all the puzzle pieces together, I will give you back your party hat and you may start dancing while blowing the mess out of your noise maker because it’s party time!

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Ever since my friends sweet dream in July 2013, the 17th of every month has always been called “Josiah Day” in our home–it’s a day in which we celebrate God’s promise of my future baby bird.  In the past I have purchased diapers and wipes in faith that I will be cleaning his cute tush in the wee hours of the morning and we have also enjoyed a night out to dinner while discussing future nursery ideas, baby shower plans, or who will get up at 3am for feedings (it has been decided it will probably be me since I don’t work).

I am also notorious for purchasing on this day numerous outfits or shoes that scream, “well aren’t you just the cutest thing” and in March I cooked a special dinner that consisted of a baby spinach salad, baby back ribs, baby Brussels sprouts, and baby carrots.  I would also like to note that I almost always take a pregnancy test on this day even when I know there will be a very small chance of seeing two glorious pink lines.  I just can’t help it…I am a self-proclaimed “pee on a stick” addict and since I believe in miracles, I figure, “why not?”   No matter what we do, I always like to keep it fun as we celebrate the 17th in faith that hopefully soon Josiah will be snuggled in my belly or wrapped in our arms.

As I sat this morning thinking about what I will do today in celebration of our long-awaited baby bird, I began to think about the significance of the number 17th and why God chose to use this specific date in her dream.  I know that in the Bible each number has a significant meaning and after doing some research, I learned that in the Bible the number 17 means “victory.”  Can you say perfect?!  I just love how God is in the details.  With the miracle of my baby bird, I have evidence of my victory over PCOS.  Evidence of my victory over barrenness.  Evidence of my victory over the doctor’s reports.  Evidence of my victory to all those who call me an enormous (not pregnant) foolEvidence of my victory over the devil.

When I continue to think about this word victory, the word champion also comes to my mind.  Every woman in the Bible who gained victory over their barrenness brought forth a champion.  Sarah birthed Isaac who was the first descendent in fulfillment of God’s promise.  Rebekah bore twins, Esau and Jacob.  Jacob is among the top three most significant people in the Old Testament as he was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Rachel birthed Joseph who was the second most powerful man next to Pharaoh.  Hannah birthed Samuel who was a judge, priest, prophet and counselor.  He was also the one who anointed the first two Kings of Israel, King Saul and King David.  Manoah’s wife birthed Samson who was a legendary warrior against the Philistines.  Lastly, Elisabeth birthed John…as in John the Baptist whom even Jesus called the greatest man born of woman.

I can’t help but notice a theme.  A woman was barren…God opened her womb…God gave her a son…God made him a champion in history.   

Hmmmmm….I am barren…I have hope God will open my womb and give me a child…whom He has promised to be a son…could He also have big plans to make him a champion?  Does He have a spot for him in the history books?  I can’t say for certain, but what I do know is that Josiah is already a champion in my eyes.  He isn’t even here on earth and yet he has changed my life forever.  Josiah has taught me how to be bold, gutsy, crazy and ballsy.  He has shown me how to have faith like Abraham, Moses, and Noah. He has often times given me the strength to persevere and persist when I want to give up and throw in the towel.  But most importantly, he has drawn me closer to God.  Today I celebrate Josiah…my lil champion who has already given me victory in so many areas of my life and I can’t help but believe he will one day change the lives of all those he will encounter.   But maybe that’s just this proud Mama Bird talkin’.   Happy Josiah Day! 

Check out the new onsie I purchased for my little champion today!  Isn’t it cute?!

Light weight champion 2

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73 thoughts on “He Is a Champion”

      1. lol we all need it sometimes! I seriously have a STACK of cloth diapers that were my “feel better, it will happen” treat to myself. And maybe a Moby…. And maybe some leggings…. and maybe the custom hospital gown I want to wear while delivering.

        Whatever we gotta do!! 🙂

      2. oh I haven’t started purchasing those type of things…I wouldn’t even know where to get a hospital type gown…any suggestions?

      3. ETSY!!! omg they are SO CUTE and so much more comfy than the real hospital ones and come in a lot of different styles to accommodate different comfort levels (bare shoulders, full coverage, tie front, etc) and the best part is that they all have the same monitoring holes and pockets so there is no reason they would make you take it off and put on the scratchy awful standard issue ones.

        Have I mentioned that I love all opportunities to let my crazy flag fly? Seriously, anything baby/maternity related I can not only tell you where to get it, but when it will be on sale and what a good price is. haha 🙂

    1. Amen! I always like to say that I have already won the battle through Jesus, but the day that He is born will just be the evidence of my victory. Kind of like when a person wins a race and has to wait until the awards ceremony 🙂 hehe

      1. I also want to point out that every time I read your wordpress name, I start laughing! It cracks me up every.single.time. Those storks need a GPS and to get sober! lol

      1. Of course. Just if you could see that I was actually dancing on a yoga ball, you might fall over laughing lol. My cubie mate was laughing so hard.

  1. Happy Josiah Day!

    I know you weren’t able to be on my iHope Teleseminar call this past weekend so it’s “freaky” that you would say the same thing I mentioned on the call. I encouraged the listeners to acknowledge that all the Bible women who struggled with infertility gave birth to CHAMPIONS! Holy Spirit must be doing something here… 🙂

  2. Happy Josiah Day!! I am so proud of you, my Friend. Your Faith and Trust in God is a wonderful thing to see and hear about. I have absolute Faith that God will be sending you Josiah soon and it sounds like you will be ready for him in every way. 🙂

      1. They are flexed! I’ve been reading the devotions every morning before the kids get here. 🙂 For the first time I feel like I’m really starting to let it go and leaving it firmly in God’s hands!

    1. yay! Thank you so much for my nomination! I better get to thinking about my facts 🙂 Also, I just wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful and consistent support and encourager to me. I don’t think you will ever know how many smiles you put on my face each week. xo

      1. I am so glad! On a side note….I noticed you posted every day. How do you find the time? I feel like I sit on a post in my drafts too long and spend far to much time proofreading the dumb thing which hinders me from posting more :/ I also have the problem of having a million things to write, but oddly enough zero words to fill the screen. LOL!

      2. I always have a bunch of drafts partially written, some in better shape then others. This is the result of having a million things to write. So, I usually just have to pick a few that I really connected to and focus on them so I have something to post for the next few days. Then I schedule a few of them for the next few days. Unless of course it’s an emotional response to something – i.e. today’s post, or a response to something timely. Then it’s more of an off the cuff post that doesn’t get much editing and I just post it and delay posting one of my other non-time sensitive things. Does that make sense?
        I do try to avoid posting on the weekends, but sometimes I still do 🙂

  3. I love this!!! What a beautiful testimony to God’s faithfulness! He takes the barren and breaths His resurrection life and not only blesses but then brings champions!!! I just know Josiah is going to be a champion for the Lord! SO STINKING exciting! Seriously, God’s faithfulness just blows me away!! Hope it’s a sweet day celebrating! Love the new onesie!

  4. Happy Josiah day:-) I hope your dream comes to pass very soon I enjoyed reading your blog God brought me here today of all days and I received my own little message from this so I wanted to say thanx for sharing isn’t it wonderful when God speaks to us:-)

  5. So, so beautiful and perfect. Barren women bear hero children. And I pray that your Josiah is like King Josiah in Scripture– a man who turned the hearts of the people back to their God.

    1. Thanks sugars! I want you to know that I often pray for you as well! God has BIG things in store for you and I just love watching them unfold. xo

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