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Last week, while I was thinking about Josiah, I began to daydream about what he would one day look or act like and how he would change the world around him. Would he have my blue eyes and my husband’s dark black hair? Would he love math and go to school to be an engineer like his father or cry at the mere thought of solving a word problem like myself?

photo(23)As I started to slip off into “la-la land” and think about his future life, I began to doodle his name inside my journal. With each new font and color that I used, I thought long and hard about his name.  For years, I always had my heart set on the name Elijah Scott for a boy and Tenlee Leona for a girl; but if you have read “Our Story,” then you are aware that in May 2012, after many failed fertility treatments (due to PCOS and poor egg quality), I heard God speak to my heart the promise of a son. Within that promise, I even heard Him give me a name. His name wouldn’t be Elijah or any other “second” place names I had on reserve, but instead, he would be called Josiah.

Josiah was never on my list of names to give my future children, but after researching the meaning and learning it meant “Jehovah healed,” I knew immediately it was significant for my faith in believing I can and will be healed to conceive and have God’s promise of a son fulfilled. Sometimes, when I think back to that afternoon in May, I am in awe at how God chose my future son’s name with such purpose and significance. Right now, the name Josiah keeps me going when I want to quit and when all hope seems lost. But I know that in the future when he is no longer tucked away in my heart but also my arms, his name will also be powerful as he will be proof that God fulfills His promises and heals our bodies and wombs.

In honor of Josiah Day, I am privileged to have Evangeline Colbert, author of, “A Seed of Hope,” guest post for me on the significance and power of names.

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A good name is more desirable than great riches…” (Proverbs 22:1)

Have you started thinking about possible names for your child? If you haven’t, start doing so. Do it as an act of faith, believing you will have a child. I encourage you to recognize that a name is more than just a label or moniker. A name has meaning and power to influence. A name is actually an influence on the kind of person we become. Hidden in it are the character, authority, and reputation of a person.

In biblical times, children were sometimes named according to what their parents were experiencing at the time of the child’s birth. For example, we’re told in 1 Chronicles 4:9 that Jabez, which means “sorrow” in Hebrew, received his name because his mother gave birth to him with great sorrow and pain. It must have been difficult for Jabez to grow up hearing everyone call out to him, “Hey, Sorrow!” Fortunately, instead of continuing to live a life of sorrow as an adult, he became a man who trusted God, and he asked God to bless him greatly.

When a child hears their name repeatedly through the years, the child begins to show the characteristics that the name implies, good or bad. For instance, the name “Moses” means “drawing out.” As an adult, Moses was God’s instrument for drawing out the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt (Ex. 2:10). The name “Joshua” means, “God is salvation.” Joshua would later become the captain of the Hebrew army. He sought God’s battle plan and then, through obedience, allowed God’s hand to move in the salvation of the Hebrews as they fought and overtook Jericho and other lands (Joshua 1-6).

Another example of the influence of one’s name is when God renamed Abram after making a covenant with him that promised a multitude of descendants. Abram went from having a name, which meant “the exalted father,” to being called Abraham, which meant “the father of a multitude.” He became the patriarch of many nations through his covenant son Isaac, his grandson Jacob, and great-grandson Judah, an ancestor of Jesus.

When the angel told Mary that God had chosen her to give birth to the Messiah, that child’s name was not left to chance. God’s plan was specific. The angel told Mary to name the baby “Jesus” (Matthew 1:21). His name has the same meaning as Joshua’s—“God is salvation.” Jesus always sought to know the Father’s plan, and as a result, He became the way to abundant life and eternal salvation for every human being. Philippians 2:10 tells us that “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.” There is power and authority in His name!

Jesus also recognized the importance and influence of a name. When He began His ministry, he renamed certain followers to reflect better who they would become by being a believer in Him and a disciple of the His gospel of grace. The name would reflect who they were in God’s eyes, not as they saw themselves. He told Simon Barjona that he would now be called “Peter,” one who is solid and unyielding, as a rock (Matthew 16:17-18). Of course, Peter became one of the anointed leaders among the disciples after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Do you see how important and influential a name can be? My husband and I kept that in mind as we asked God for direction and read various books of baby names and their meanings. We didn’t want to choose a “family name” or whatever name was popular at the time. We wanted to bless our baby with a name that had a positive meaning, one that would set the stage for what was ahead in his or her life. So which names did we choose for each of our children?

Nathan = Gift of God

Andre = Strong in God

Simone = One Who Hears God

Not surprisingly, their personalities and lives reflect these meanings!

Even though you may not currently be pregnant, searching for names now will be an act of faith, demonstrating that you believe that Jesus took upon Himself the infirmity of infertility for you (Matthew 8:17). It can also be a fun bonding experience with your husband as you discover the meaning of family members’ and friends’ names and see how much their personality fits their name.

Have fun with the search, and choose your baby’s name wisely!

Evangeline Colbert is an author, speaker, and hope coach. She shares her story of victory over infertility at her blog,, where she helps others experience hope.


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63 thoughts on “My Name Is…”

      1. my number one was actually Maeve but hubs’ is Maisy so as a compromised we may go with his number one and then i’ll get my middle name haha. it’s a little out there but i just adore it. i also love Blythe, Janey, Poppy, Allegra… how do you really just pick one combo!?! hahaha

  1. I really liked this post. I find names so interesting, and I love finding out about the meanings of them. I already have my heart set on 2 boys names and a girls name, and am just praying for the day I get to use them. I think Josiah is a gorgeous name! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad we share an area of interest! Learning the underlying meanings of words can bring new power and clarity. But I digress… 🙂 Thanks for letting us know that you’re already acting on your faith by choosing names for the babies!

    1. So glad you liked this post! I can’t wait to hear of the name you picked out for the little bean growing inside of you 😉

  2. The one I have been waiting to use is Elliana “the Lord has responded”.

    1. Amie, I love the meaning of the name Elliana! So appropriate as you wait with faith and patience.

  3. Elisha, thanks so much for the privilege of guest posting here. Praying that your readers will each have the joy of giving their child a special, honorable name.
    I love your doodles of Josiah’s name! 🙂

  4. During our second loss we were given the name Jonathan for a son that we will have. At the time I was angry because I was experiencing my miscarriage. But I will never forget that name, and we have it written down as a promise! Also, during my third pregnancy, the Lord spoke to my husband and told him that we would have a girl and her name would be Victory. Neither names are ones that I would choose and we honestly have told anyone about the names we have picked out. However, after losing our third (our sweet boy Colton James) I have come to realize how important it is to be listening to the Lord for names for our Children. I love that we have 2 names given to us, and I know that the Lord will give us two children, preferably biological, however I will take whatever He so gives! Still waiting… Love you Elisha, and I love A Seed of Hope!

    1. Morgan, I’m so glad you shared from your heart. Waiting can be difficult but choose to wait with EXPECTATION of a great harvest. Praying that you’ll receive every good gift and perfect gift that the Father has prepared for you.

      Good to hear that you’re using my book, A Seed of Hope. Thanks!


    2. I am standing on God’s Word that you ARE healed by HIS stripes and if you want bio children, then He will fulfill your hearts desire. Love you girlie! xoxo

  5. I have known for a while now that we will have a girl, then a boy. Our daughter will be named Autumn (and hopefully conceived around the same time *fingers-crossed). I truly believe in the power of dreaming/imagining what your child will be like. It’s such a special moment 🙂

    1. I agree!! I am hoping and believing that you will have your desires fulfilled of her being conceived in “Autumn” xo

  6. Love this! Love Evangeline!!! I have had a list of names since I was about 20, but have two specific for our girl and boy written down 🙂 Love learning the meaning of the names! So thankful that Jesus already knows the date all of our babies will be born and the names they will have! PS You would love The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria 🙂

  7. Yes! Names are so important! We’re naming our little man Caleb because of the characteristics of Caleb in scripture. Reading through the Bible I see so consistently how names matter! If they matter to God they should matter to us!

    1. Susannah, thanks for sharing your baby’s chosen name. It’s an inspiration to others to do the same and add a bit more oomph to their faith. 🙂

  8. Hi Elisha, hello Evangeline,
    I really like your blog post. Well, I always love reading your blogs = )
    Strangley enough my choice in boys names has change completely. Not sure when and why but the more I read Gods word and the longer I patiently wait for our miracle babies, I am drawn to the names Isaiah (God is salvation) and Elijah. Not names I would have even thought about. But when I think of my kids I call them with those names in my dreams. Girls will be Summer and Stella. The cutest part is that we like Isaiah Louis (Louis for my dad) in combo with my last name his initials spell ILY = )
    Hugs Jessica

    1. oh i love your choices for names! Stella has always been a cute name to me and one of my best friends in high school was named Summer. She was such a joy and ray of sunshine to everyone around.

    2. Jessica, it’s interesting that you’re thinking of different names now. Funny how God will bring new things to our minds & spirits as we increasingly tap into His goodness. Blessings to all 4 of the kiddos-to-be. 🙂

  9. Happy Josiah Day Elisha <3 Beautiful post. I agree, we should all pick names with intent and meaning. The name that I'm leaning towards is Asher, meaning blessed and happy. I'm in love with it. My hubby is still on the fence so we'll see, but I'm really going to push for it. To me, this little guy is already Asher 🙂

    1. I remember my husband and I had a difference of opinion on a few names. It became a game to see which of us win out on the final choice. I did, for our 1st child and he did for our 2nd. We were in total agreement for the 3rd. 🙂

  10. When I chose Katie’s name, I chose to use a family name, Kathleen. It is my mom’s name, my 1st middle name, and it means “Purity” or “Pure”; Alexis ” Defender of the People”, and Rose “of the Rose Blossom”. For me Rose=Beauty. Katie’s name is “Pure Beauty”. And I do believe it reflects her very well, even at 6 years old. She is such a beautiful young lady inside and out. She truly care about the people who love her and whom she loves.

    I love you always, Elisha!

    1. Awe thanks for sharing that with me. I am always interested in why people were named or who they were names after. Your mom was a very special lady! Xo

  11. I love this post! I am very passionate about names and the meaning of names and am so excited for the day I get to pick a name for our own bub!

  12. I enjoyed this post! My husband and I also believe God has given us the promise of children. Even have a name for one. Evan James. My husband’s name is James and he and I both have grandfathers named James. Evan is the name of my maternal grandfather. It’s not a name I would have normally chosen, but I believe the Lord brought it to my mind. When I looked up the meaning, I loved it and felt it was very fitting. One of the meanings of Evan is “God is gracious.” I very much look forward to the day God allows us to use that name.

    1. I love the names you have chosen and the testimony of how you came to these names! I can’t wait to hear of an announcement one day 🙂

  13. Good stuff! We have had our names picked out for a while and they have very important meanings. One day I fully intend to tell each child the story of “them”, how multitudes of people prayed they would exist and how their name is reflection of our gratitude to God. I want them to take the power in their names and use it to be warriors for God.

  14. I loved this post! My husband and I were just talking about baby names(for our hopefully-soon-to-be future child) the other night. Names are so important and I am so glad my parents gave me a unique and special name, I want to be able to pass that on to my future children.

  15. I have names for my boys, David-a man after God’s heart, it means a kingdom minded man of God, fulfilling His mandate on earth, 2. Tino- the promised hope; hope deferred makes d heart sick but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. My girl’s name is Gabriela, named after her dad Gabriel- messenger of God, it will be one pregnancy with them, TRIPLETS. after a long wait.,, agree with me.

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