The Journey

I Finally Made It

There I was in Wal-Mart dashing in between the aisles of shampoo and body wash, trying to avoid anyone I knew as I raced to "the aisle".  Once I arrived, I made one quick glance to the left and then to the right, ensuring that the coast was clear.  With no one in sight, I… Continue reading I Finally Made It

Tales of Fostering

The Goldilocks Conversation

Goldilocks:  "You bought me that?!" Me:  "Yep!  I sure did!" Goldilocks (head turned to the side and smiling big):  "AWE!  Me love you!" Me (smiling from ear to ear and melting like butta (butter):  "I love you too Goldilocks!" Each morning I help Goldilocks put on her pants and t-shirt and as she points to… Continue reading The Goldilocks Conversation

Soul Food

Dear God! Please Help Me!

Have you ever asked God for something but didn't believe or have hope He would make it happen? Maybe it was while sitting in the bathroom getting ready to take a pregnancy test or perhaps a more serious situation in which you were pleading desperate prayers for a loved one while in the waiting room… Continue reading Dear God! Please Help Me!

Waiting for Baby Bird

Will I Ever Get the Chance to Have Pregnancy Cravings?

Earlier this week I drove past a local Mexican restaurant and remembered two years ago when my cousin's wife was pregnant and she craved their food. My mind began to wander if I will also crave their yummy cheese dip, salty chips, and spicy salsa. I then began to drift into "la la land" and… Continue reading Will I Ever Get the Chance to Have Pregnancy Cravings?