Tales of Fostering

The Goldilocks Conversation

Goldilocks:  “You bought me that?!”

Me:  “Yep!  I sure did!”

Goldilocks (head turned to the side and smiling big):  “AWE!  Me love you!”

Me (smiling from ear to ear and melting like butta (butter):  “I love you too Goldilocks!”

Each morning I help Goldilocks put on her pants and t-shirt and as she points to her clothes she asks with such enthusiasm, “You bought me that?!”  We then move to the bathroom and as I grab the comb and mousse she asks again (still as excited), “You bought me that?!”  It doesn’t stop there.  She asks again when I hand her the Mickey Mouse plate for breakfast, the ‘water baby’ she just HAD to have in Target, the Tinkerbell toothbrush she is trying to master, and even the shampoo I use to wash her hair.  Nothing is off-limits and she will always ask this question to the same items time and time again, even if you have already answered it the day before (or even five minutes before).


I am going to shamefully admit that I would get annoyed with this question by 10am because she literally asks me “You bought me that?!” the second her eyes pop open; but I will also shamelessly admit that I love it when after I answer, she turns her head to the side and in her sweetest and most excited voice says, “AWE! Me love you!” 

Today after the 36th time of asking “the question”, I couldn’t help but realize that maybe she asks this question repeatedly because each time she see’s the “things” we have bought her, she is just as excited and just as eager all over again to tell me thank you by saying, “AWE! Me love you!” 

That’s when I started thinking about all of the “things” God has bought (or brought) me.  Through the death of His Son, He has bought me hope for heaven, hope for babies, peace in times of uncertainty, healing, grace, prosperity, forgiveness, love, and joy that outlasts happiness.

Through His Son Jesus, He also bought me an abundant life that has been filled with an amazing husband, terrific parents, and an extended list of amazingly, supportive friends and family.  Not to mention the roof over my head, the too much food I have in my fridge, the excessive amount of clothes and shoes in my closet, and the financial stability God has given us through my husband’s job.  But with all of these gifts, do I tell Him thank you by saying “AWE!  I love you!” each time I look at them? Do I just say it once and chalk it up as if sending a friend a thank you card, but not think twice about it afterwards?  Maybe I do say thank you “occasionally” but how much more would God love to hear me say the words with such enthusiasm, “You bought me that?!” and then tell Him, “AWE! Me love you!” 

God deserves more than just a “one time” thank you or even the occasional “thanks” for the gifts and blessings He has freely given us.  He deserves to hear our “AWE! Me love you!” each and every time we turn our closet light on to get dressed, look at our spouse from across the dining room table, open up our refrigerator to find food to eat, or the forgiveness we don’t deserve when we mess up.

I may not enjoy hearing Goldilocks ask me the question, “You bought me that?!” to every little thing, every single day, but I believe God does.  I also believe that just like I enjoy the sweet response she gives of “Awe ! Me love you!” God also eagerly waits and enjoys to hear us say it as well.

From now on, I am going to start having what I call, “The Goldilocks Conversation” with God.  Each day, I am going to randomly and repeatedly thank God for the things I have, whether big or small.  I am going to say, “Awe! Me love you!” when I drink my cup of coffee, spread butter on my toast, put gas in my car, dust around my home decor or even fold my laundry. I also think I owe Him an “Awe! Me love you!” each time I flush the toilet (no outdoor potty trips), take a warm shower, or eat a hot meal.  Everything I have, is not from my own efforts as much as I sometimes think they are, but they are gracious gifts from God.

The Goldilocks Conversation

You:“You bought me that?!”

God:“Yep!  I sure did!”

You: “AWE! Me love you!”

God: (smiling from ear to ear and melting like butta)  “AWE!  I love you too!”

Have a great day

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31 thoughts on “The Goldilocks Conversation”

  1. Awww I love this! Your post totally made me stop and think about all of the Goldilocks conversations I should be having with God, too! XO


      1. Ha tell me about it!!! We went to the mountains for night last night and I forgot to pack my razor!! Yikes! Such good reminders! lol


    1. I know. I am so guilty of chalking up my one time “thanks” and then taking everything for granted or forgetting that even my bar of soap is not a result of my pay check, but Him.


  2. I truly love all the “Goldilocks” lessons you learn, and in turn get to share with me! So elementary but such perfect examples of how I need to be thankful for all I do have (even if it’s a toothbrush to clean my teeth!) love you girl!


    1. So does that mean you thanked Jesus for your toothbrush tonight?! lol! I thanked him for my razor as I shaved my legs…my hubby should also thank him for my razor as well.


  3. OH, man! This Goldilocks story both warms and breaks my heart simultaneously. I was definitely taking most of my life for granted at her age, but that’s just what kids do when they feel safe and secure isn’t it? Must. Practice. Gratitude.


  4. You hit the nail on the head. Thanking God for all things big and small throughout the day, from just having clean drinking water, to waking up in a safe home with heat. So amazing what an attitude of gratitude can give. LOVE this reminder on how we should show our thanks to God more often than we do. So funny how children can give us reminders we need to hear most too. Too cute!


  5. What a lovely story! I smiled at the image of giving thanks while dusting, because it’s true. I can treat it as a chore, seeing only the dust, or I can treat it as a form of caretaking and focus on *everything* else — all the things in my home that remind me of special people and times I’m blessed to have.


    1. I was complaining about putting sheets on the bed yesterday but remembered my own post and started thanking God for the sheets, the ability to wash them in my home and not have to take them somewhere and the comfy bed to put them on. By the time I was done thanking Him, I was done with the chore and I wasn’t nearly as miserable putting them on. lol


  6. I LOVE how God is working through each child in your life and in turn you sharing it with us 🙂 This is such a wonderful reminder to be thankful for what we have as opposed to what we don’t.


  7. We could go throughout our entire day thanking him for all he has given us. I wonder how long it would take to literally thank him for everything-I don’t think we would stop, which we’d be thanking him for that. God, thank you for helping Elisha spread the word and keeping me closer to you! I can’t thank him for the reason we found each other (maybe one day I’ll get it) but I thank him for letting me find you Mrs. Elisha!


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