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Will I Ever Get the Chance to Have Pregnancy Cravings?

Earlier this week I drove past a local Mexican restaurant and remembered two years ago when my cousin’s wife was pregnant and she craved their food. My mind began to wander if I will also crave their yummy cheese dip, salty chips, and spicy salsa. I then began to drift into “la la land” and daydream about other cravings I might have while pregnant. Will I want to dip asparagus in my ice cream or chug a can of tomato juice like my mom? Maybe I will want to swirl pickles in my sugary cereal or spread ketchup on my toast? Will I beg my husband to get me cheeseburgers at 3am or chase down a rabbit to eat their carrot? As I began to daydream about how wonderful it will feel to finally be pregnant and join in on the “What did you crave while pregnant?” conversations, another thought nightmare weaseled its way into my daydream…“What if I never get to experience these cravings because I will never be pregnant?”

Before I even had a chance to entertain this thought nightmare, the words, “That’s not possible!” flew out of my mouth.

Wait?! What?! Where does this hope and confidence come from? Why didn’t I entertain this thought with the normal logical reasoning of why I might not ever be pregnant? Why didn’t I think back to all of my past experiences of failed pregnancy tests, fertility treatments, anovulatory cycles, doctors diagnosis and statistics?

It’s because my hope and confidence are not based upon the previous failed pregnancy tests and fertility treatments, my anovulatory cycles, or the doctor’s diagnosis or statistics. Nor does my hope rest in the vitamins I take, the diet I am on (err…sorta on…maybe until breakfast at least), or my signs of ovulation (or lack thereof). My hope and confidence are only secure in God and who He is–nothing else.

God is not weak and powerless to change my situation (or your situation). He is the One who parted the Red Sea, the One who calmed the hungry lions in Daniel’s Den, the God who fed the 5,000, healed the lepers, and gave sight to the blind man. He is also the one who settles the barren woman as a happy mother of children (Psalm 113:9). And He hasn’t changed (Hebrews 13:8).  He doesn’t show favoritism (Romans 2:11). Nor does He lie or change His mind (Numbers 23:19). Therefore those pregnancy cravings I hope to have one day because there is a little one growing and developing inside of me is possible. For nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).

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  1. you are so right!! every now and then I do waiver and my spirits are down, then I think that God did not put us on this earth to struggle. we are his children and he wants us to be prosperous, happy, and loving. he made us to procreate in his likeness. then I know that my time will too come. thank you for your inspiring words. xo

    1. yes amen girl! You are so right! Jesus didn’t die on that cross so that we, as His daughters, could walk around defeated. He already paid the price and won the battle! Praise the Lord!

  2. This post is jam-packed with good stuff!! Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom you’ve shared! I always say that even though I’m not pregnant, I get cravings like a pregnant woman where I’ve just gotta have whatever it is that pops into my mind:-) I’m excited to hear all about your stories of crazy things you crave when you’re pregnant!:-)

  3. Always the voice of encouragement and faith! Thanks for shouting these truths to us! They are sinking in!! xo

    1. So glad! I totally shocked myself when those words flew out of my mouth 🙂 It’s more than possible! 🙂

  4. So I already do things like dip dill pickles in sweet food (chocolate mostly) and vegetable/tomato juice is a favorite… lol. So maybe my cravings will be for normal food… like hey I want chicken.

  5. Great post! Looking back on my infertility I often wonder where in the world my hope and strength (to keep fighting) came from. There’s really only one answer :). XOXO

  6. Your faith in inspiring. I needed to read this as I’ve been struggling in the faith department. Thanks for sharing.

    1. xoxxo!! So I didn’t see you comment on the fact that I might want salty chips and cheesy dip…not healthy? lol!

  7. Well we could not be more on the same page this week if we tried!! I needed the encouragement more than you know! btw pickles and wingstop ranch are uh-mazing! lol just in case you need any new snack ideas! I cant wait to see what we crave!

    1. right now, i honesty hate pickles! I think my hubby will laugh his head off if I start craving pickles! lol!!

  8. When I feel down, I go ahead and thank God for what he’s going to do and the blessings that are to come. I claim my blessings now and I tell God that I can’t wait to meet the brother or sister that he has in store for my son. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do! Thank you for the wonderful reminders of God’s love, mercy, peace, and promises!!

    1. yes I do the same thing!! Thanksgiving always opens the door for His blessings! I can’t wait for your announcement! What a happy day that will be fo’sho!

  9. Your positivity is truly inspiring!!! I believe that God can do anything and I also believe that a positive attitude can work wonders (mind over matter). May God bless you in your baby journey!

    1. Thank you!! Yes positive minds do get us a lot further than a negative mindset. I often think of Phil 4:8 which says that we are to only think about whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
      It wouldn’t be in the Bible if it wouldn’t benefit us in some way 🙂

  10. Another wonderful, awe-inspiring post – as usual! Thank you for the hope you always impart! God is so great, and I know your blessing is coming! Cravings – yikes – We should be careful what we wish for! lol 🙂

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