Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

And the Color Is Orange

On this day for the past seven years, my Dad has had a beautiful rose delivered to my doorstep. It's simply the sweetest gesture because it's his birthday, yet he thinks of me because it's Josiah Day, a different type of day I tend to celebrate. But while this selfless act is the sweetest, I believe the most thoughtful and encouraging aspect of this tradition is this: the flower is always a different color he strategically chooses.

Waiting for Baby Bird

Infertility and the Holidays: The Birth of Hope

Most days I think I'm doing okay with this whole infertility thing. I have my grief under control, my bitterness in check, my doubts erased, and my plans surrendered on the when and the how. But then there are days when it hits me like a freight train and all it takes is walking past the display of “Baby’s First Christmas” outfits to make me crumble. Or seeing photos on Facebook of my best friend's three kids sitting on Santa’s lap to make me ugly cry for hours…may be off and on for days. The Christmas season can be hard. And if I am not careful, if I dwell too long on my shattered plans and unanswered prayers, I will sink below the weight of them. So, what do I do when my soul feels crushed and my heart is heavy? I remember Hope. But not the the feeling of hope. Or the wishful thinking kind. Continuing reading to find out how to have hope for the holidays during infertility and loss.

Soul Food, Waiting for Baby Bird

Prepare to Take off Those Rags

Fill in the blank: Loss and infertility does not lead to... Kelly, an infertility warrior who has experienced years of heartache and loss, has written a beautiful article on Lazarus's story and how she is declaring even now when all hope is lost that this season of loss and infertility does not lead to and why she is preparing to take off those rags. She is preparing in her heart and mind for the day Jesus calls her forth into a new season of LIFE.