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Pets Aren’t Kids?!

  "I love Annie Mae so much I feel like I gave birth to her!"  Yes, yes...those words actually came out of my mouth one day when talking to my husband about my oldest cat, who is ten years old. I might have also followed that statement with something along the lines of me being… Continue reading Pets Aren’t Kids?!

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The (REVISED) Fertility Diet

You researched it, asked your doctor about it, and read books on it..."What should I eat to boost my fertility?" And what did you learn? Well, the trusted sources of WebMD, Dr. Google, your OB/GYN, and the authors of the well-known book, "The Fertility Diet," suggest you do the following... Curb or eliminate caffeine. Eat… Continue reading The (REVISED) Fertility Diet

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You Might Be an Infertile If…

After months of trying to conceive without success, you might begin to wonder, "Am I infertile?" And the best way to answer this question is not by taking the quizzes online or checking off 8 out of the 10 symptoms listed on WebMD. It is also not through the results of your most recent blood… Continue reading You Might Be an Infertile If…

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Did the Pregnancy Test Just Tell Me No?

Bananas, milk, bread, chicken nuggets (don't judge), and a box of First Response Early Responder Pregnancy Tests filled my Wal-Mart shopping buggy one afternoon. I decided on the box with just two for $8.98. I wasn't "feeling" pregnant, therefore splurging on the box with three for $12.98 seemed like a waste of four dollars. Heck,… Continue reading Did the Pregnancy Test Just Tell Me No?

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The Crazy Things an Infertile Will Do

In the world of infertility, you will try just about anything, including silly rituals and believing in crazy superstitions, all in the belief they might increase your odds. You have tried drinking a special tea, eating a certain food (yams, berries, oysters, pineapples, or watermelon seeds, to name a few), and drinking nasty fertility smoothies… Continue reading The Crazy Things an Infertile Will Do