Waiting for Baby Bird

When the Road to Motherhood Doesn’t Look Like You Imagined

A few years ago, Mikayla was only five years old when we had to travel out of town to see my cousin’s play. She was very excited and since we had visited this city multiple times before, she knew the way. However, since we were leaving from church and taking an alternate route, she became confused. After driving for about three miles, she asked in a worried tone, “Where are we going now?” Although I had already informed her of our destination, the different scenery and path we were taking made her assume we were heading the wrong way or even to a different place.

And you know? I got to thinking about that.

How often do we feel God has told us where He wants to take us in life, but the scenery and the path to getting there looks nothing like what we expected? Those dreams He has planted within our hearts are not coming to fruition in the same manner that they did for our friends. Or the road we thought we would take to get there isn’t the same one we are able to take again. And so, the questions, the confusion, the panic, the worry, and the fears overwhelm us to the point that we begin to doubt the One leading the way.

Sweet friend, if you feel confused because the journey is nothing like you thought it would be, have hope. Trust that God knows the best way to reach your heart’s desire. He knows the right path to making your dreams come true. It might not look anything like you would have expected, but in the end, believe you will still reach your destination. When you do, it will be everything you hoped for, if not more.

With all my love,

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