It’s Time for the Privates to Go Private {Launching a Closed Online Support Group}

Ask and ye shall receive!

Many of you who follow my “Waiting for Baby Bird” account on Facebook have messaged me asking if I would start a “closed” group since my current page is public and you don’t want your neighbors, sweet (yet semi-nosy) mother-in-law, co-worker, boss, or even best friend reading your comments or seeing the posts that you “like”; therefore guess what?!

Your wish is my command!

 “I really like your Facebook page but I am afraid to comment or “like” anything because then everyone I know will see it. My husband and I are not public yet with our infertility struggle.”

“Have you ever considered a “closed” Waiting for Baby Bird page? I am not comfortable commenting but I would love to interact more. I am just afraid my Mother-in-law might see it and well…ya know…”

“OMG! I just commented about my friend who is pregnant and while I am happy for her, I am sad for me. I didn’t know everyone on my friends list would be able to see it! Quick! How do I delete it?!”

“I wish you did LIVE encouragement videos! I don’t have a support group to attend and this would be great!”

I am so excited to be able to offer you this NEW resource that will be filled with loads of SUPPORT, encouragement + faith-based hope, and just those “me too” moments but on a more PRIVATE level. Therefore if you or someone you know is struggling to grow their family and are looking for an online faith-based support group, aside from my current page, then join me! But before you do, let me tell you a little more about what it is so that you know what to expect, is that okay?

First of all, my mission for the group is this: to provide each person who is waiting to expand their family’s with support through prayer, hope, encouragement, as well as empowerment and strength to not stop short of all that God has for them; because trust me, what the enemy can’t take away, he will try to make us giveaway. And how does he do this? He does it through making us believe the lie that our situations are impossible to change. Or that healing is not available for each of us. Or that our circumstance has been going on for far too long and therefore it’s hopeless. But friend, while his lies might be disguised as fact, we can rest knowing that God’s Truth changes those facts as it exposes the lie.

My prayer for every person who joins is that they would not be moved by what they see, moved by what they feel, but only moved by what they believe. And that is the Truth found in God’s love for each of us, our spouses, and our dreams.

In order to provide this type of support then you can expect the following from the group:

  • An opportunity to ask for prayer in our Sunday prayer request thread that will be posted by 7pm central time.


  • *LIVE* Bible study videos to help encourage you on your walk with the Lord as you wrestle with the “why’s”…”what if’s” and “how come’s”. Each bible study will occur *at least* once a month and will be led by one of our administrators Brittney Closner. Here is a tiny bit more about her…

HI everyone! I am Brittney and I have been married to my husband, Jason, for six years. We have been trying to grow our family for almost 5 of those years. We love to travel and spend time together outdoors, and living in the Pacific Northwest we truly experience beautiful country.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) one year after we decided it was time to have a baby. However four cycles with Metformin, two cycles with Clomid and both medications did such a hormonal shift that I had suicidal thoughts and my mental health took a nosedive. At that point, we decided to rest in the promises of God and be still until He tells us otherwise–and as of now, it is not to pursue any further medication, nor foster or adoption. We go where the Holy Spirit leads and remain in constant prayer, always listening and waiting for His guidance.

I have such a heart for the TTC (trying to conceive) community–to uplift and encourage those who have unwillingly begun walking this path, to remind them how much they are loved and cared for and seen. To remind us all that we are NOT forgotten. Our identities are held in who Jesus is, and not around the intricacies of our wombs–and to truly believe that and trust God’s goodness. His story is the one I will stand my whole journey on.

  • *LIVE*  encouragement videos that I hope and pray will leave you feeling refreshed as it fans the flame of your hope and stirs within your heart to not let go of the desires God has planted in the soft fertile soil of your heart.


  • *LIVE* prayer videos in which I will pray over the prayer requests each member watching submits.


  • Scriptures and affirmations in order to help you shift your perspective and renew your mind.


  • Date night ideas and Marriage tips to keep the spark alive, as well as, *LIVE* videos with my husband and myself in which we will be talking about preserving your marriage while facing infertility.


  • Twice a month one member will be featured as “Infertility Warrior of the Week” and have the opportunity to join me *LIVE* for an interview in order to tell their story, as well as receive prayer and a personal gift mailed to them.


  • Amazing GIVEAWAYS on the FIRST Friday of every month! Because who doesn’t like free stuff?

And so much more!

All of this sounds awesome, right? RIGHT! And we want to keep it awesome! This is why you won’t find the following…



And other negativity

After all, there are a million and one infertility Facebook groups in which a person can complain about so-so or rant about their co-worker, but this will not be the group for that. i want this group to look and feel different–to be set apart. Not to mention, negativity only breeds more negativity and I want to keep this little ol’ space of mine free of drama. I want it to stay classy and positive. Helpful and Fun. Encouraging and inspiring. But most of all filled with the love of Jesus!

With that being said, those within the group will not be able to write their own post. I know, Debbie Downer, uh? But this is the only way I can ensure the group is filled with hope + encouragement. Besides I am onto those sneaky posts where people will rant/complain in the disguise of asking for prayer…you know what I am talking about…

“I am asking for prayer today because my sister’s best friend who recently got pregnant and doesn’t want any kids was complaining on Facebook about her swollen ankles! I am so mad! I would die to have swollen ankles! Who does she think she is?! She never appreciates anything and all she ever does is complain about everything anyway. She doesn’t deserve a baby! So will you pray for me?”

To me, that’s not a prayer request. That’s a rant session. Don’t get me wrong, I believe it is IMPORTANT to share your feelings but like anything, I believe it has it’s time and place…like first your quiet time with the Lord. Because my motto is this: Run to The Book before you run to Facebook. Or how about: Run to the Throne before you go to your phone. From personal experience I have found that if I take my issues to Him first, and I pour out my heart there, I don’t need to go anywhere else afterwards. He is my comforter and the One who heals my hurts and breathes into my pain with Truth.

So how does all of this sound?

If it sounds like something your soul is craving and your dreams are needing, then join me!

I can’t wait to “see” you there!

 You can find the group here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Elisha Kearns, author of Waiting for Baby Bird and founder of the online group at or Brittney Closner, also an administrator of the group at

I would love to get connected with you on a more personal level, so if you liked this post, pass it on. Then click here to find Waiting for Baby Bird on Facebook, or come follow me on Instagram @waitingforbabybird. I can’t wait to “meet” you!

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    1. Hey, Erin! Head on over and request to be a member and then you will be in! I can’t wait to have you join with me!

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