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Foster Parenting: How It Changed My Struggle with Infertility

How It Changed My Struggle with Infertility 2

It’s quiet. I don’t hear the sounds of a Disney movie playing in the background, toy horses galloping down the hallway, or the theme song from Frozen being sung over and over. And it is because I just tucked our four-year-old foster princess and her four (or was it five?) Minnie Mouse dolls and Mermaid toy into bed for the night.

It’s odd, really. Not the quietness, but the fact that I am tucking a foster child into bed. I never thought I would be a foster parent. But then again, I never thought I would struggle with infertility nor have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) listed on my medical file. And even more than that? I never thought I would need In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or that my first treatment cycle would end not only in a celebratory positive pregnancy test but also a devastating miscarriage. And it’s sometimes hard to comprehend. There are days I go to bed feeling like I have been through the spin cycle of a washing machine as my emotions are all tangled, my thoughts are mixed, and my body feels beaten and worn down.

It’s crazy, really…how differently my life looks now than from the one I had planned when I was 10, 15, and even 25 years old. Many of the things I always thought would never happen to me have. And many more that I always thought I would never do I am. But it has been in these “I thought I would never…” and “I can’t believe I am…” experiences that I have learned more about myself, my marriage, my shortcomings, and ultimately my lack of faith and the need to be in control.

For the first three years after my infertility diagnosis, I did everything I could to create a life inside of me. I charted, timed, and peed on every expensive ovulation prediction stick I could get my hands on. I took massive amounts of vitamins and injected myself with hormones. I drank glasses upon glasses of okra water (don’t ask) and suffered through a low carb diet. And how could I forget all of the late nights I stayed awake researching articles on how to “cure” PCOS. Or the many afternoons I spent reading every.single.review on the best type of supplement guaranteed to regulate my cycle, make me ovulate, and give me my miracle baby. It was exhausting. But the very thought of not doing these things and not having full control? It would cause a sudden drop in the pit of my stomach as if the infertility roller coaster ride just went into a free fall. Because if I didn’t do something…if I didn’t work tirelessly to find a solution…then who would?

Would even God? Could I give Him control and trust that He would handle my hopes and dreams with the same extra care I was giving them? Could I let go of my agenda, forget about my time frame, and trust Him in the midst of my uncertainty? Could I? The answer was no. Because if I were honest, trusting anyone other than myself felt too risky. Even trusting the One who created the universe, knows the stars by name, and can count the very hairs on my head.

But that all changed 19 months ago when our first foster princess stepped her tiny size 7 foot into our front door and nestled her way into our hearts. I remember her smile and thinking about all of the hopes, dreams, and plans I had for her life. And not just for the time she was to live with me, but also when she returned home to her mother. But as I quickly learned, and as many foster parents will tell you, you have no control over their hopes or dreams. And you most certainly do not have control over the plans that are made. And it’s painful because it’s a forced surrender.

But it has been in this unwelcome, forced surrender that I have also had no other choice but to trust God in the midst of the uncertainty. I have had to surrender to Him the hopes I have for her, the dreams I want to become a reality in her life, and the plans I think will get her there. And it’s been hard. But as each passing day, month, and court date goes by, I am seeing Him prove Himself time and time again. Because there hasn’t been one single time in which He hasn’t shown His power in my powerless situation. There hasn’t been one single time in which I was worried and fearful, and He didn’t come in and give me peace. There hasn’t been one single time in which I haven’t asked Him to protect her, and He hasn’t answered my request. And there hasn’t been one single time throughout this entire foster parenting journey that He hasn’t proven that He is working, He is weaving, and He is making a beautiful story out of what I see as an ugly mess.


And friend? This has changed everything about my struggle with infertility. Absolutely everything. Because He has been able to take this “I thought I would never…” and “I can’t believe I am…” experience of foster parenting to show me that it’s okay to unclench my fists. It’s okay to let go. And it’s not too risky to release to Him my hopes, my dreams, and my plans. Because sometimes the only way He can put His hands on my problems and do something supernatural with them is when I take my hands off…which, although hard (really hard), it’s something I am learning to do.

But don’t get me wrong because despite “letting go,” I still long for a baby that has my blue eyes and my husband’s pudgy nose. I still pray every day for my womb to be filled and to hear the precious sounds of a baby cry in my home, but it’s different than before. My actions are no longer based on fear or consumed with stress and worry. My back doesn’t always feel pressed up against the wall with the sense of urgency to find a solution and to find it quick. And the hopelessness and sense of defeat I felt after each negative pregnancy test doesn’t plague me like it once did before because God has proven to me that when we allow Him to work and when we allow Him to weave, He will always be careful; and He will always be faithful to make a beautiful story out of even the ugliest of messes.

With Love

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22 thoughts on “Foster Parenting: How It Changed My Struggle with Infertility”

    1. Thanks girl! This was a hard post to write for some reason…it was hard putting into words how much foster parenting has changed me…

  1. Thanks for sharing how this experience has changed you and helped you surrender. I know this is a complicated question, but I am wondering how you went about becoming a foster parent? It is something we are wanting to look into but have no idea where to start.

      1. Thanks girl! Safe Families isn’t big everywhere. It originally started in Chicago and has trickled it’s way down to Southern Illinois and a few other states. I prefered it over Foster Care because the host family worked with the parents and there were no case workers, court dates, etc. and reunification was the goal since there was NO abuse/neglect. But like you read in the post, things got turned upside down :/

    1. Hey girl! I am not sure how I missed this comment. I don’t really have any tips other than to engage with your readers. Always return comments…be real (don’t try to be someone else)…and ask God for continual guidance. I always pray over my blog and the page…asking God to draw those who need strength, hope, and His love. I ask that He use my words to fly into the hearts of the hurting and to minister to them in ways that I can’t. Other than that, I don’t have any other tips :/

      1. Thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate that.
        I try remind myself why I’m writing; for my eventual baby. I try engage with others and support their blogs and agree with your golden rule to always respond.
        I do also converse with the universe!
        Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Ahh thank you so much for allowing me to share my experience with your readers. And thank you so much for your sweet words…I needed them tonight 😉 xo

  2. Oh my goodness, how familiar this story sounds: charting, timing, vitamins, diets, researching late into the night… why do we torture ourselves?!
    I suffered a miscarriage last summer, was diagnosed with PCOS last month, and am looking at an uncertain future with the possibility of not being able to have babies. A friend recommended your blog to me and I’m so glad she did! Thank you for sharing your journey and encouragement. This isn’t an easy path to walk.

    1. Hey there, Katie! Fostering parenting isn’t easy, is it? So many emotions. So many ups and downs. So many unknowns. I want to thank you for what you are doing. I am sure you don’t get much praise for the sacrifices you are making or much acknowledgment for the heartache you often times feel. So let me be that person to whisper into your ear today that you are doing great! Love ya! xo

  3. I just found your blog today, but I’m sitting here amazed how someone I have never met could understand exactly how I feel. So many details from so many of your posts mirror my own life. An hour ago, I was becoming overwhelmed with that creeping depression that is usually tucked away and not given much of a second thought. After four years of infertility, my husband and I have opened our hearts to adopting through foster care, but now we are in a new struggle, a new waiting game. A new season in which we are having to completely put our trust in God. And sometimes, it’s hard. This morning was one of those days. But I’m thankful I found your blog because today, it has helped renew my hope and trust. Why doubt the very God who created the universe in the first place? … thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Hey there, Amelia! I am so thankful that I was able to put a voice to some of your thoughts and feelings! I am praying for you tonight. xo

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