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What the Blink?!

What the blink?! I am not sure what cycle day I am on but it has been approximately a little over a week since I put away my feminine products. This means I am possibly two weeks into this cycle and if my cycles were “normal” according to doctors, then ovulation would be right around the corner. However, I’ve never been “normal” and I’ve never been known to ovulate on any day earlier than possibly calendar day 24 or 25. But today, I got a blinking smile! It was completely unexpected and has left me in total shock.

flashy face

I rolled out of bed, rubbed the sleepy from my eyes, staggered to the bathroom, peed on the expensive ovulation prediction test stick, took a shower, got out of the shower and lo and behold I had a smiley face blinking at me! What the blink?! Do you know what this means?! This means that I might actually have a “normal” 28-30 day textbook cycle with ovulation around day 14 this month! Do you know what else this means?! This means God is doing a new thing and my body is supernaturally being healed. Do you know what else this means?! This means that hopefully I won’t be an enormous (not pregnant) fool much longer. Do you know what else this gorgeous smile means?! It means the time has come for the magical and romantic scheduled moment in which Daniel will hopefully pollinate my flower. Bow chicka wow wow!

Wondering what my face looked like when I saw the blinky smile? This was it.

big eyes

If you are new to reading my blog and can’t figure out why a “blinking” smiley face is such a big deal and warrant’s its own blog post, then please read “My First Smile” .

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125 thoughts on “What the Blink?!”

  1. Yay! Your body most definitely is being healed. That is amazing, but our God is very Awesome! 🙂 There is no limit to what He can do. He can do ANYTHING!

  2. Hi, I am fairly new to your blog. I hope you don’t take this in a negative way, I just wanted to share one of my stories. I too have had ovulation problems. I tried several ovulation kits. Gave up on those after never getting a confirmed O. My RE recommended I try again and buy the Clear Blue one like in your above photo. I eventually got a blinking smiley for the first time! I was soooo excited! It is an amazing thing to see. Well after letting my RE know, she wanted to confirm ovulation had occurred by testing my progesterone. I went and had it checked, and it was so low. It showed I had not ovulated at all. 🙁 I asked her how could it have said it was?! She said I got a false positive. The stick had frozen the next day on a solid smiley, so not sure if that had something to do with its defective reading?
    So I am hoping you don’t go through any of that false hope. You should be able call your OB/RE to have your progesterone checked to confirm. Best of luck to you!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! My hope isn’t in the test stick though because I know they can be faulty. But rather my hope is in God and I believe that my prayers are being heard and answered. Hopefully this I the cycle 🙂

  3. Yuppy!! that’s fantastic. I completely understand what a big deal this is. I have never seen a smile on a stick in my whole life. Such a good sign. Hope you two have some fun 😉

    1. Thank ya! Hopefully we time this right. I am trusting God to make his spermies stay alive for how ever long and do their job :).

  4. So Happy for you!!! Get blinky with it every other day… Go Go Go! I agree it will be in God’s time and he is preparing your body and maybe on cycle Day 28-30 it will BFP!!! Your body is healed, I speak it in the name of Jesus!

  5. That’s awesome!! I never got a “blinky face” when I used OPK’s, mine always went from “peak” to “low” without ever being “high”. I think this is a great sign!!! So happy you’re ovulating again, and on time!!! Have a fun weekend 😉

    1. Thanks sugars! I think this is a great sign that things are finally moving in the right direction 🙂 I hope you have a good weekend too!

    1. I am loving these smiley faces!! hehehe! If anything, at least it is making me have sex. After three years of constant trying I was finding myself only “doing the deed” twice a month. That kind of minimal activity wont get anyone prego! lol

  6. Go get it girl!!!!!!!! PCOS is so annoying. I used to get so excited when I would have a period and most women would hate it. I’m like NO, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, MY BODY IS WORKING!!! lol

    1. I know right?! I remember last year I was walking into my parents house and screamed…”I started my period today!” I was jumping up and down and my dad looked alllll confused because he knew we were trying to conceive. I had to explain to him that it came and it hadn’t been over 50 days since the last one! HUGE milestone back then.

  7. Yay, yay, yay for the blinky smile!!!! Your body is healing and you are on your way…your continued strength and optimism is always so inspiring!! Now get to that baby makin’!! xoxo

    1. Thanks sugars!! I wish you all could have seen my face when I looked down and saw a blinky smile. I seriously was not expecting anything for another week or so.

  8. Shut the front door!!! This is seriously incredible news!!!! It’s so these “little” things that are HUGE things and remind us His power and heart for us!!! Love this!

  9. Go get ’em Girl. Or better yet – go get HIM 🙂

    Praise Jesus – he’s doing great things!

  10. I remember the shock and elation when I would finally have a positive OPK! 7-8 years ago there were no blinky faces… just mine when I actually ovulated! Now, just remember to stand on your head for about three hours after all three times you have sex in the next 36 hours. 😉

  11. God is totally working to restore your body. I am not amazed because He has made His promise to you for Josiah and He is working on fulfiling that promise. I AM so grateful, though, for the work that He is doing in your body and in your life! The woman that called you a (not pregnant) fool will have to eat her words very soon!!! Now…take MLACS advice and shave those sexy legs and go get to it!! Hooray!!!

    1. Well actually this is my first. Last month it went straight to a smile. This month my prayers were a bit more specific. Lol!

  12. This TOTALLY confirms the word God gave me for you at church this last week. I sent you a note about it. 😉 Congrats, girlie! Your body is ready to go!

  13. HOLE – LEE – CRAP!!! Last month you said you should have been more specific! I guess god heard you and provided what you wanted. Now we just need to pray for the whole package.

  14. fantastic!!! Been praying for you lots, girl!!!! And will continue to do so!!!!! Yay for answered prayers!! Love ya! xoxo

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