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What the Blink?!

What the blink?! I am not sure what cycle day I am on but it has been approximately a little over a week since I put away my feminine products. This means I am possibly two weeks into this cycle and if my cycles were “normal” according to doctors, then ovulation would be right around the corner. However, I’ve never been “normal” and I’ve never been known to ovulate on any day earlier than possibly calendar day 24 or 25. But today, I got a blinking smile! It was completely unexpected and has left me in total shock.

flashy face

I rolled out of bed, rubbed the sleepy from my eyes, staggered to the bathroom, peed on the expensive ovulation prediction test stick, took a shower, got out of the shower and lo and behold I had a smiley face blinking at me! What the blink?! Do you know what this means?! This means that I might actually have a “normal” 28-30 day textbook cycle with ovulation around day 14 this month! Do you know what else this means?! This means God is doing a new thing and my body is supernaturally being healed. Do you know what else this means?! This means that hopefully I won’t be an enormous (not pregnant) fool much longer. Do you know what else this gorgeous smile means?! It means the time has come for the magical and romantic scheduled moment in which Daniel will hopefully pollinate my flower. Bow chicka wow wow!

Wondering what my face looked like when I saw the blinky smile? This was it.

big eyes

If you are new to reading my blog and can’t figure out why a “blinking” smiley face is such a big deal and warrant’s its own blog post, then please read “My First Smile” .

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125 thoughts on “What the Blink?!”

  1. Holy BLINKY!!! 🙂 I’ve been following your blog for just over two months and seriously, so excited to read your blog!! Good things are happening for you. Wahoo!!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! I give all the glory to God. I have always been taught that when God moves, He moves suddenly. I am definitely starting to believe it 😉

  2. That is great! I too ovulate later in my cycle and started doing acupuncture a few months ago and the last couple months have been ovulating around day 14-15. Not sure if it’s the acupuncture or what but I will take it! It just feels great to know your body is doing what it’s supposed to right?! Good luck!

    1. Me too girl! I have thought about you several times today. I hope you are having a good (as good as you can) day. Did you receive my package?

  3. I am praying that this is your month!
    I am new to your blog but have really appreciated your candid sharing of your situation and your uplifting thoughts of hope. Thank you for doing this!

  4. Awesome! God is indeed at work! Thanks so much for the card u sent with an encouraging message. I was really touched! I love reading your posts!

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