Soul Food

Check Yes or No

My Beautiful Daughter,

Can I sit down with you and ask a question?  Yes?  Good. 

Will you let me fight for you?

I know how weary and worn out you are in your struggles.  I catch every tear that falls.  I feel your heartache.  I know the longing you have to be out of this valley and on the mountain top.  I have watched as you have struggled for so long, relying on your own ability.  I see your strength, hope and endurance wearing thin and I long for you to put your hands up in the air, signaling for me to hold you, like a small child asks to held by their daddy.

I have also noticed that in your striving, you have relied too heavily on your own thinking.  You have tried quieting your mind of all of your plans, fears, worries, and doubts, but too often you have failed and have deemed it impossible to let go.  But be careful.  This maintaining control and thinking your way out of your problems has elevated yourself and mind to a position of autonomy, therefore leaving very little room for Me.

Now is the time to stop striving.  Let Me fight for you.  I know this is not easy for you to do.  I know giving up control feels risky and even dangerous, as if doing so means letting go of your dreams; but I’m calling you to rest, so that I may fight.  I will protect your dreams.

I never intended for you to struggle or strive to get past your problems.  My only intentions since the beginning of time was for you to come to Me with your problems and let Me work on your behalf while you rest in the shadow of My wings.  I am your Father…your heavenly Daddy.  It’s not only my job, but also my desire and pleasure to take care of you; therefore, there is no need for you to keep struggling. Please take time to rest and let Me fight for you.  I am loving and have given you a free will; therefore, I will never force My will upon you.  So I ask…  

Check Yes or No

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”  ~Exodus 14:14

39 thoughts on “Check Yes or No”

    1. He really does have our best interests in mind and wants to take care of us more than we realize, but I know I tend to lose sight of that sometimes :/

  1. I love how the Lord speaks through you!! You are so anointed, my friend! YES YES! I’m so glad he will fight for us, because this fight I can not do on my own! wahoo, Thank you Jesus!

    1. I can’t do it either! It’s too exhausting and it doesn’t get me anymore anyway. So much easier to rest in what He has already provided.

  2. This was for ME, I have NO doubt. I said these exact words to a friend the other day, when they tried to tell me the reason I have not been healed and don’t have our baby, was that I had too little faith and did not “believe enough”…I said..” I feel right now, God is asking me to REST in HIM, and stop fighting and flailing around and trying to fight on my own.. ONLY the LORD will be the one to fight this fight for me, I have done all I can!” I said it with such passion it almost rang in my own ears for hours…Then I check my e mail today and see this…::tears::: ( good ones)

    1. Oh thank ya Jesus I posted it. I will be honest, I knew I should post it, but thought only three people would read it and it wouldn’t get much ” traffic”. ( all selfish) That’s when the Holy Spirit really spoke to me and said ” those are three I need to read it.” I believe God was just wanting you to have confirmation to what He already told you. It’s evident He is longing to get you your miracle! Won’t be long 🙂

  3. As one who has been there, in the brief perusal of your blog you cover the whole gamut of emotions, doubts, hopes that are experienced while waiting. It can be a time of great loneliness, but as you can see from the comments you’re not alone. How nice it would have been to have this encouragement 20 years ago. You are blessed and blessing others. Thanks for liking my post A Prayer for Children. It is a pleasure to read your story. Here’s a promise I held onto during my time of waiting – Psalm 113:9. Bless you!

  4. Such a beautiful letter. I hate my planning tendency as I so often try to think/plan my way out of things. Rest, I need it much! Yes please!!!

  5. Love this, Elisha. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is the heart of our infertility struggles…resting in Him and letting Him fight. We think it’s our battle to fight. It’s not. His. .Thanks for the reminder, friend!

  6. This is really great, Elisha. You are such a doll to put this out, because you are absolutely right, so many of us need this more often than not. I heart you, lady!

    1. There are do many days I have to go back and read my own posts( today I had to read ” why she got a baby?”… I have a feeling this one will also come in handy one day again. Xoxo

  7. I needed this today, thank you for sharing such truth. It’s so difficult to just surrender to God, especially in the times where we feel forgotten by Him – but he loves us more than we could ever imagine and really truly only wants the best for us…even if that means taking us through the valley. I will be bookmarking this one!

  8. Yes, yes, and yes! If there is one thing God’s been working on teaching me over the past couple years, it is this.

  9. Yes I am totally surrendering this fight to the LORD. I’ve been reminding myself that his power works best in our weakness. Thanks for this awesome reminder to let him fight for us. He’s working and fighting for us each day.

  10. I check YES! I’m so tired and weak…Mommy needs to rest. God, please help me to give it all to you! To help me get on that mountain top and find peace in your words!

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