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12 Fun Ways to Wow Your Husband

Confession time. Ladies, after almost ten years of marriage, I have hit a slump. I no longer remember the "little" anniversary' know...the day we first rekindled our old love affair from the 6th grade, or the night of our first date, or even the moment he proposed.  I have even stopped buying Valentine's Day cards. … Continue reading 12 Fun Ways to Wow Your Husband

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An Open Letter to My Fellow Infertility Wives

Do you ever wonder if your husband cares about your infertility struggle? Do you think his lack of tears and optimistic attitude shows that he doesn't realize how serious it is? Have you gotten so intertwined with filling your desire to grow your family that you have forgotten the two of you are already a family? If so, this powerful article, "An Open Letter to My Fellow Fertility Wives," might be exactly what your heart needs.