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Will the Prophesied Josiah Have a Twin?

Sometimes I write to encourage, other times I write to record. And this one? Well, it’s simply to record; because I don’t know about you, but as the years go by, I often forget the details held within a story. This is why I wrote about my friend’s sweet dream and the time a man chased me down in Walmart. I knew their exact words and phrases, as well as my emotions would one day be lost on me. Much like the ones held within this story that I am about to share. However, I can’t help but think that while this is being written to simply record, one day, if all is true, it might also be used to encourage. Only time will tell. But first, allow me to tell you the story…

You see, every Thursday night my friends and I gather around a piano after stuffing our faces full of pizza, tacos, or fried chicken, and we sing. We lift our hands in worship, share scripture the Lord places on our hearts, or simply close our eyes and sit in silence. Once it becomes late, we then gather together in a tighter circle and pray for one another. It’s a sweet time in which I have witnessed anxieties lifted, bodies restored, and relationships redeemed. True miracles.

In fact, my own body was healed after I courageously spoke up with a need of my own. I say courageously because it took courage. I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in five months and to talk about that….and then have people pray for that…well, like I said, it took courage. But it was with their authority spoken and their hands placed on my womb I was healed.

There wasn’t a Thursday night in which I didn’t go home and my cup wasn’t overflowing. There is just something about being surrounded by a faith-filled community that sparks hope, which then ignites a flame of faith that burns within. However, on one particular Thursday night, I didn’t go home with just a heart full of hope. I went home with questions.

Occasionally, while standing in our tight circle encompassing each other with words of prayer, we would also share words of encouragement or visions and prophesies. And on this particular night, my good friend who is always spot on with everyone else, looked at me; and with hands shaking and a voice trembling, he said “twins…I see twins.” I’m not exactly sure what he shared afterwards because my heart skipped and the processing receptors in my brain stopped.

Because twins?

How could this body, which is barren, produce twins?

I went home and did what I typically do with visions and prophesy’s that are spoken over me…I hold them loosely within my heart. Because humans are just that…humans. And we sometimes get mixed signals from God; we don’t always hear or see correctly. Perhaps you have been someone who has thought God spoke to you one thing, yet something different took place. Or someone once prophesied over you and it turned out to be false. It happens. This is why I don’t keep a tight grip on them. However, while lying in bed a few short nights later, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I kept replaying that moment, and how after years of struggling publicly with infertility I have received lots of encouraging words; however, none included the vision of twins. Wondering how this could come to pass, I realized that my husband and I have never pinned down a middle name for the one little guy whom we hope will one day exist. He is the one I believe God spoke to my heart seven years ago. The one whom He promised and even told me to name Josiah, which I learned meant Jehovah healed. But in the seven years since holding this vision…this prophesy…this promise secure…we haven’t picked a middle name. Don’t get me wrong, over the course of time we have discussed them, but never settling on one.

Daniel (my husband’s name) and Thomas (his grandpa’s name) have been in the top two.

To be honest, I have never been fond of using the name Daniel. I like it, but for some reason, Thomas has always been the one etched into my heart. Therefore, as I lay awake, thinking of the name Thomas, I began to wonder the meaning behind it. I knew the meaning of Daniel: God is my judge; but what about this other name that I couldn’t’ seem to let go of? The one I kept going back to. What does it mean? Not knowing, I did what anyone would do. I Googled it.

The meaning of the name Thomas means “twin.” It’s crazy for me to think that after all of these years of discussing the name Thomas I never looked up the meaning. Or maybe I did, but at the time it meant nothing. Needless to say, today, it means something; and I am holding this vision and prophesy a little tighter in my heart. And hopefully our little Josiah Thomas will have a twin. Perhaps a twin sister. Or twin brother. Or no twin at all. Again, we are human and the wires of communication between us and heaven can get crossed. But something tells me there was a clear signal that night while standing together in our inner circle. And as I mentioned before, it is here in the the wait that only time will be able to tell.

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. Zech. 9:12

You can learn more about our infertility journey, as well as the story behind our promise of a son (Josiah) here.

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6 thoughts on “Will the Prophesied Josiah Have a Twin?”

  1. Rejoicing with you and praying that clarity, hope and joy would well up and overflow! I have been so blessed by your rawness, openness, and ability to maintain hope through it all. Someday, maybe, I’ll share my story with you and we can celebrate God’s grace and faithfulness together <3

  2. This post gave me chills! As you said, only God knows. But one thing I want to speak to—when you said “how could this barren body produce twins”?.. I instantly thought of Rebekah. She was barren and God put twins in her womb, Jacob and Esau. Nothing is too hard for the Lord!

  3. Thank you for your honesty on your journey and your encouragement in Christ, I am new to this blog after finding out I miscarried our last baby through IVF, at approximately 6 weeks on May 15th, 2019. I am so thankful for what I’ve read of your blogs, so many times I’ve said as I read, ‘I’ve I felt like that too, or I feel like that too’. Thank you for your prayers over the many women who travel this road and I appreciate so much having you as companions, though I wish it wasn’t a road any of us had to travel. I am praying for your beautiful Josiah, to be in your arms soon, and maybe a twin too. God’s beautiful miracle to you. Your precious son/s and maybe a daughter. Thank you again so much. Your story encourages me to keep hoping, I don’t have a name from God or a prophecy from others given to me, I only believe I heard a single word from God ‘December’ but your story encourages me to keep wondering and hoping that I may have my December baby. Thank you again so much.

  4. DearDear Elisha, i cant thank you enough for the 100 times that you words sunk deep into my soul, and turned my heart back to our heavenly father.
    I am a german girl aproching 30 and praying and trying to conceive for over 5 years.
    God has told us years ago to not do any more treatments in our infertility clinic and i was struggeling with the thought that he did not give me a promise about a baby in our future.
    Soon after i was reading as much as i could about christian woman dealing with infertility, listening to sermon after sermon, reading the verses on the topic again and again.
    I heard a sermon that puzzled me so i listened to it twice on one day. He was talking about women not giving up hope and that being the reson for god giving kids. I could not accept that, sarah seemed to doubt more than she hoped when she laughed at gods words…
    I was crying my eyes out. I had not much hope… My church has no teaching about prophesy, dreams and very little about healing.
    So i asked god to talk to me so that i would know what to do with my self…
    That night i had a dream, taking care with my husband of a small blond boy, and i saw the number 30. I woke up crying in the middle of the night feeling that that was no ordinary dream.
    I was crying so hard because i was shure if it meant anything at all, than it meant i would have a child 2030. That was 2015. Months later i talked to godly friend about that dream and she looked at me very confused: “why do you think of 2030? Why should God not meen when you are 30?”
    My heard is racing when i think of turning 30 in august and i am scared to hope and sound crazy. But i admire your courage to share about josiah… And you are right. If God promised, and he brings it to pass than i want him to get the glory… Thats why i wanted to share that with you.
    Your sister in germany, praying for you and josiah thomas, for your womb to be filled sooner than later.
    I will be eternaly grateful for all you taught me

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