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It’s Moving Day: Giving Infertility the Eviction Notice (part two)

To read {part one} of The Eviction Notice.

I imagined he was sitting across from me. I envisioned him laughing at my current cycle. He was rubbing his hands together as if scheming and plotting for it to go on longer. He didn’t look gross. He wasn’t wearing a red cape or holding a pitchfork. He looked normal, as to not be recognized.

But I recognized him.

And so with my anger and my authority through Jesus, I served him the eviction notice. The same one as the last cycle. I commanded him to leave and take everything with him that was causing infertility; the imbalanced hormones, late and anovulatory cycles, cysts…everything. It was all to go. I reminded him that Jesus bore my sickness on the cross; therefore, I was redeemed. Redeemed from ever having another miscarriage. Redeemed from barrenness. Saved from this disease, this pain, and these complications. And I reminded him of who I am.

I am a daughter of the King.

I was confident of my eviction notice, but ya know what? It didn’t work like it did last time. I didn’t see a change as quickly. But being the believer that I am in the power of persistence, I tried the next day again. But folks, nothing, nada, zilch happened. And so I tried it again the following day…and the day after that…and the after that. I served him his eviction notice for six days, and let’s be honest, I was losing steam. And I was losing my ability even to care because I was now on cycle day 38, and I was tired. I was so exhausted emotionally and spiritually that I almost waved the white flag by deciding my cycle could come on day 167,465 for all I cared. But, as I began to lower my head in defeat, I saw him again. I saw him laughing. I saw him rubbing his hands together as if thinking he had won. And he annoyed me in such a way that eviction notice number 7 was served with so much fire and anger and faith and hope…that today, what would have been calendar day 39, is now calendar day one. Thank You, Jesus!

You might be thinking the point of this story is never to give up. And it is. At least, sort of. But I think the ‘never give up’ message goes deeper. Because while I sit here typing this to you in the hope that it will encourage you to use your words of authority to speak to the mountains in your life, not about them, I am reminded of the time Jesus cursed a fig tree. You see, He and the disciples were walking along the road, and Jesus saw the tree. But when He reached for it and saw that there was no fruit, He cursed it. He used His authority and commanded it never to produce fruit again. Seems kind of harsh. But given the kind of power Jesus carried, one would expect the tree to start withering in that instant, am I right? After all, He is the Son of God who could raise the dead, heal the sick, and feed thousands with a Long John Silver Snack Pack. But ya know what, friends? It wasn’t until the next morning when the disciples passed by the same fig tree, that they noticed it had finally withered.

Did you catch that, sister-roo? It wasn’t until later…hours later…when others were able to see the effects of Jesus’ words. And guess what? It is sometimes the same with our own words when spoken in faith. It may take time for it to travel from the root…the life source…the part no one can see…to the leaves…the evidence…the symptoms…that everyone can see. And when this happens, when it looks and feels like nothing is happening on the surface, we must stand firm and not give up. We must do what Jesus tells his disciples when they point out to Him the withering tree, and that is this: We must believe in God. And we must do this even when we don’t see the results we were expecting immediately.

So friends, let me ask you, what are you facing in your life right now? What mountain do you need to have removed? Does it have a name? Does it go against God’s will for your life? Does it contradict His word? If so, exercise authority over it in Jesus’ name. Don’t submit to it or own it; instead, rebuke it. Because the Bible says that if you tell it to bow down, it must obey. If you tell it to be removed, it will be removed. If you tell it to die at the root, it will die at the root. If you resist it, then it must flee. But it’s “if you….” because God has given you His Word, and He has given you His authority (Luke 10:19). So speak. And don’t stop believing that what you have said in faith is indeed being killed at the root.


I have been given the authority to tread and trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm me. (Luke 10:19)

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17)

I have been delivered, healed, set free, and made whole. (Is. 53:5, Matt. 8:16-17)

Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourself in the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.’  (Mark 11:23)

Seeing in the distance a fig tree, He went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, He found nothing but leaves because it was not the season for figs. Then He said to the tree, ‘May no one ever eat fruit from you again.’ And the disciples heard him say it”…. In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. Peter remembered and said to Jesus, ‘Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!’ So Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Have faith in God.” (Mk 11:13-14; 20-22)

With Love

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12 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day: Giving Infertility the Eviction Notice (part two)”

  1. Sometimes I think it’s important to remember that just because God has the power to alleviate our suffering doesn’t mean he’s going to heal us in the way that we expect. Sometimes we pray for a physical healing that never comes, but he heals our souls instead. Food for thought there. <3

  2. Oh, my word, Elisha! Only God knows how much I needed to read this tonight! You just have no idea. I can’t thank you enough for sharing what God laid on your heart. Somehow I had missed reading the former eviction post, too, so I read them both, and I just praise God for the wonderful testimonies you shared here. God has been speaking to me along this same line, and this just really helped to confirm it all. Praying for you, sweet friend. 🙂

  3. Thank you for posting this. I really needed these words tonight. I love the idea of using imagery to serve the eviction notice. I’m going to remember this one!
    Thank you

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