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Which Lil Piggy Are You?

We have all heard the nursery rhyme about the three little pigs, right? If not, let me give you my version in a quick recap…the story goes a little something like this…

Mother pig decided her three little piggies were not so little anymore and kicked them out of her pigsty…uh…I mean, she sent them out to live on their own. However, despite being confident that they were ready to move out, she was very concerned about their well-being as she feared the ‘big bad wolf’ would make himself a pork sandwich; therefore, she instructed them to build a house to stay protected and away from the house special on the buffet.

Each little piggie, also worried about being slathered with BBQ sauce and wedged in between two sesame seed buns, listened to their mother’s warning and did as she instructed. The first Lil porker, being the impulsive buyer that he was, bought straw and scurried to put his house together. The second Lil porker, not wanting to have his house built last, panicked and rushed to build his out of sticks.

The third, much smarter Lil porker, took his time and worked hard to build his house out of sturdy bricks.

As the wolf was on the prowl for some yummy bacon, he approached the houses built with straw and sticks and would say, “Little pig, little pig, let me in.” Each pig, being confident in the construction of their home, would say, “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.” But as it turned out, because the first two houses were constructed quickly and out of cheap labor, he was able to ‘huff and puff and blow’ their houses down. But not the sturdy brick house. The wolf huffed and puffed, but it was unmovable; it was solid. The wolf could do nothing to shake its foundation.

I read this story and think about how the materials the first two pigs used did offer some protection, but it was temporary. It could not protect them once trouble came ‘huffing and puffin.’ The third pig, on the other hand, remained calm, took his time, and used the best materials available to build a strong foundation so that when trouble came as his Momma warned, it wouldn’t knock him over and cause him to be drenched in BBQ sauce and smashed in between two slices of bread.

This simple fairy tale is an excellent reminder that a solid and strong foundation of faith must be built so that when trouble comes when the enemy does start ‘huffing and puffin’ with his nasty breath of bad news, negative doctor reports, words, and advice from others that hurt, a pregnancy announcement that you wish you were making or doubting and discouraging thoughts, you will be protected. You won’t waiver in your faith but instead, laugh in the face of your troubles because you know that your solid foundation built upon God’s Word will keep you safe as you wait for Him to fill your life with abundant blessings.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the three piggies? Do you constantly feel defeated and always standing around looking at a pile of blown down straw and sticks after the enemy has huffed and puffed? Or are you more like the third Lil piggy with a solid foundation and confident that no matter what negative circumstances come your way, you know God will protect, and He will fulfill all of His promises to you?

If you feel like the first two pigs regularly, I encourage you to look around closely. Examine your life and see what materials you are using to protect yourself.

An enemy is waiting around at every corner, ready to huff and puff and blow you down. Make sure you are ready to withstand His nasty breath. It takes more time and energy to build a house with bricks, but it’s worth it.

Below are the materials needed to help keep the enemy from knocking you down, roasting you over the fire, and making a pork sandwich out of you…

Regular prayer time

Don’t just pray in emergencies or out of desperation. That kind of prayer life will get you a house made of straws and sticks.

Regular devotional time

Spending time with God shouldn’t be just when you “feel” like it. It should be consistent every day to build your relationship and increase your trust in Him and His promises.

Attend church regularly

Once again, only attending sporadically will get you that straw house of your dreams. There is nothing greater than worshiping with other believers and hearing messages that God will use to increase your hope and faith.

Study scripture related to your circumstance

If you study, meditate, memorize, and understand what God says about you and your situation, then you won’t believe him when the devil tries to tell you the opposite.


Just like building a brick house took more effort and time than the others, it was well worth it in the end. Be patient and don’t rush the plans or the process God is doing in your life.

Testimony from Morgan:

Gut check! I have always noticed when my prayer life and devotional time is lacking, I resemble more so the first two piggies. I got lazy in building the foundation. But then there are seasons (more often than not, thank you Lord) where I resemble the third piggie. Unshakeable, unstoppable, sturdy, ready, and laughing in the face of trouble. I’m ashamed to admit lately due to my own doings, I’m a lot like piggie number one, or piggie number 2. Nonetheless, I know I will keep fighting to be in His presence, and back to piggie number 3.

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29 thoughts on “Which Lil Piggy Are You?”

  1. I love this! I just found out my sister-in-law is pregnant with her 5th baby! Since I found out, I have just been feeling upset and bitter, but I love this reminder about having a solid foundation, and not letting things like this blow you away. Thank you!

    1. so glad this helped you! Don’t let the enemy’s nasty breath knock you over! God has you and knows exactly what He is doing! Trust in Him 🙂 xoxo

  2. Gut check! I have always noticed when my prayer life and devotional time is lacking I resemble moreso the first two piggies. I got lazy in building, and foundation. But then there are seasons (more often than not, thank you Lord) where I resemble the third piggie. Unshakeable, unstoppable, sturdy, ready, and laughing in the face of trouble. I am ashamed to admit lately due to my own doings, I am a lot like piggie number one, or piggie number 2… Nonetheless, I know I will keep fighting to be in His presence, and back to piggie number 3 🙂 LOVE YOU, great analogy and thank you for sharing. XOXO

    1. Girl I love everything you just wrote! Hmmm…maybe I will just have to squeeze this into the post 😉

  3. This has been a really rough week, TTC and otherwise, and it’s exactly what I needed. I found myself really questioning what God’s plan was and trying to to scramble to build my own ‘quick fix’ against the enemy’s attacks, I didn’t realize I was doing that until I read your post and thought about it. Definitely going to work on maintaining that sturdy foundation and trusting in God’s timing, love, and provision.

    1. I am so glad it helped you and came at the perfect time. I almost didn’t publish this today (thought about waiting) but heard really strong the words…”publish”. I’m so thankful I did.

      I am so sorry things have been rough, but take your time, study scripture, and just lean in and trust in God. He is PERFECT and His ways and timing is PERFECT. Who better to trust with our lives? xoxo

    1. I think we all go from one piggie to the next at times. I am just trying to maintain most of the time in the house of piggie number 3. It’s much easier, but does take more work.

  4. A friend once told me to immediately start thanking God for those lives and pregnancies even though it pained me. Even if I didn’t feel thankful, saying it somehow always turns my heart around. It’s a daily prayer that God will take my bitterness and turn it into something beautiful…and He is constantly doing that for me. A thankful heart is one that changes from bitter to beautiful.

  5. Elisha, this post is FILLED with wisdom. Thanks for being bold enough to share it.

    @missaudreyblog, I love your last thought, “A thankful heart is one that changes from bitter to beautiful.” So true…

  6. Great analogy/ advice for helping build a strong foundation:-) Sometimes I am “blown away” or knocked down by certain news, but it’s always helps that I can rebuild again by turning to God in times of trouble:-) Love you!

  7. You always seem to provide the exact insight and perspective I need to hear. Girl I don’t know where I would be without you. Xoxo.

  8. Elisha, this is crazy! These are just the things I’ve been thinking about lately. I love this analogy, though. So creative and insightful. I’m really glad I’m getting to know you through this space.

  9. I knew where this post was headed as soon as I started reading it and instantly felt convicted I have been the first 2 more often than not lately and not even realized it. I have felt like I was walking in faith but find myself in the mullygrubs (sp lol) when I start to think why can’t it be my turn now?
    Thank you for reminding me that I am nothing without a strong foundation! So glad you “Published”, it was just what I needed to read this morning!

    1. mullygrubs! I have never heard of that word and it has now become one of my favorites!! hehe!! I’m also convicted with this post…it was another one of those posts probably more for me than anyone else! If you ever need a devotional or anything, give me a holla! I have several on hand just for the occasion 🙂 xoxo

  10. Great reminders! I have never heard of that book by Joyce, but LOVE her stuff! Thanks for sharing! I think it’s so easy to forget how important attending church are, having regular quiet time etc until we get back in the groove and think WOW how do you have a relationship with Jesus without those things xoxoxo A great reminder for all of us xoxo

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