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Christmas with the Stars

Lights! Camera! Action!

How do you take your mind off the fact another year has gone by and there isn’t a baby bird on the front of your Christmas card or snuggling up in your arms while looking at the glow of Christmas lights?  You throw a Kearns’ Whobalation of course!

I love Christmas.  I love entertaining.  I love seeing people have fun and smile.  Put them all together and you will find me hosting Christmas for my Daddyo’s side of the family.   This is my second year of hosting and I always like to have a theme.  Why?  Themed parties are great because it spices things up a bit and nothing screams Christmas like being competitive with your family members right?  Not to mention the fact I know it annoys my Mommers because she hates themed parties and being pressured to come up with something to wear. (hehe!  Just kidding Mommy!)

There are always prizes and our pride at stake for the “best dressed”.  Last year, the theme was WaCkY tAcKy and my Uncle David without a doubt took home the prize!  This picture really doesn’t do his tights, speedo, cowboy boots, mask, table cloth cape, and lighted sweater justice!

Uncle David Wacky Tacky

This year, the theme was “Christmas with the Stars”.  Everyone was instructed to come dressed up as a Christmas movie character.  I wasn’t sure how many would participate, but as it turned out, all but two people joined in on the fun!  My family is amazing and such good sports!  Not to mention the fact we are all competitive.

 Let’s roll out the red carpet…

Opening Night

My cousin Aaron (The Elf), his lovely wife Tabitha and their beautiful children Hank and Eliza

Tabitha and Aaron

My cousin Caleb (Clark from Christmas Vacation), his wonderful wife Annie (Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation) and their children Zeke (Ralphie Parker from A Christmas Story) and Ramsey (Snowman)

Caleb and Annie 2013

 Caleb even pinned a squirrel to his back like in the movie! How clever!
Squirral on Back Collage

Annie even wrapped up her cat! NO JOKE!

Annie with Cat

My beautiful mom, Sheila (Rudolph) and my amazing Daddyo (Yukon Cornelieus).

Yukon Collage

My brother Zack (Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation). (His beautiful wife had to work)

Clark Griswold Collage

My Uncle Jeff (as nothing..errr…party pooper), my fun-loving Aunt Rachel (Betty Lou Who from The Grinch) and their two kiddos, Ben and Anna (both from The Grinch)

Jeff and Rachel 2013

My Uncle David (Ralphie Parker) and my amazing Aunt Marcia (Ralphie Parker’s mom)

marcia and david 2013

My sweet Cousin Laura (Martha May Wovier from The Grinch), her son Axel (Max from The Grinch), Jonathan, her boyfriend (the Grinch), his beautiful girls (Cindy Lou Who), and his son (little Grinch)

Jonathan and Laura 2013

My beautiful Aunt Paula dressed up as an Elf (Uncle Frank was a Scrooge and didn’t dress up)

Aunt Paula 2013

Me (an Elf from Christmas Story) and my sexy ol man Daniel (Uncle Lewis from Christmas Vacation)

{I was supposed to be Aunt Bethany but I couldn’t find anything and time was running out, so I grabbed the cheapest costume I could find at the nearest party store.   EEK!  Don’t judge, I had a party to plan.}

Daniel and Elisha 2013

And the winner goes to…

 Aaron (the Elf) for the Cousin Eddy Award because he looked “Reeeeeeal Nice!”

Jonathan (Grinch) for the Fragile Award because he had the “tackiest” costume. (If you could only see his short Santa coat and green fish net tights…yikes!)

Aunt Rachel (Betty Lou Who) for the Aunt Bethany award because we were all confused and kept having to ask which movie character she was showcasing.  Prize:  Jello Mold (may or may not have had cat food inside)

My brother, Zack won the Grinch Award because even though he did dress up, he didn’t put much time, effort, or thought into his costume.

My two Uncle’s won the Scrooge Award because they didn’t dress up as anything.  BOOO!

My Daddyo (Yukon Cornlius) won the People’s Choice Award. We all thought he was creative and put a lot of time, effort, and thought into his character.

We decided that this was a “before” and “after” of a “non sexy” Elf and a “sexy” Elf.  I also joked around that it was “before” kids and “after” kids, but then we had to laugh because she is the one with two kids…soooo…I am now motivated to eat less and work out more ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tabitha and Elisha

And now for the blooper pictures…

Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (8) (3 of 4)Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (6) (2 of 4) Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (9) (6 of 7)Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (9) (5 of 7)Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (5 of 5) Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (1 of 5)Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (9) (7 of 7) Kearns Christmas Party 2013 (6) (1 of 4)martha and the grinch aaron and tabithaaaron the elf

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32 thoughts on “Christmas with the Stars”

  1. What a great idea!! I love that everyone gets really into it too, what a fun family!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope next year you have a sweet baby or pregnant belly to help you enjoy the holidays even more!!

    1. I decided that the Elf costume I purchased could be used next year if I am pregnant…it was like a giant, colorful trash bag! Not. cute. at. all.

      1. I did see the one my cousin Tabitha was wearing at the party store but KNEW I wouldn’t look like the girl on the front. haha!!

    1. I know I couldn’t believe it! Last year everyone dressed wacky and tacky but there wasn’t as much thought…i figured this year required thought so I doubted many people would participate. But much to my surprise, they all did!

    1. Thanks! It was fun! It helped take my mind off everything because of all the planning. I love hosting stuff like this because I am so busy taking care of everyone else that I forget I don’t have a baby to chase around. ๐Ÿ™‚ I help people have a good time and I don’t fret about what I don’t have. win, win! LOL!

    1. Thanks! We like to mix it up a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚ Next year I am thinking “Hillbilly Christmas”…we already have those clothes in our closet probably. hehe

  2. Oh my gosh!!! This is so stinkin awesome!! I can’t believe how festive everyone got– the costumes are amazing!! What a great theme!! Especially because they’re not characters you ‘normally’ get to dress up as (like for Halloween or something)!!! I am just so amazed that you pulled it all off…invite me next year!!!

    1. you are totally invited!!! I’m thinking next year is a “Hillbilly Christmas” so start digging in your closet now ๐Ÿ˜‰ hahaha!

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