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“Sometimes you compare your journey with those of your friends, family members, or even strangers who seem to be on easier paths.  But you cannot fully comprehend the problems they face.  Nor do you know what the future holds for them.  Remember My response to Simon Peter when he asked about My dealings with John:  “What is that to you?  You follow me!”

~Jesus Today by Sarah Young

Comparison truly is an ugly thing.  It replaces your happiness and joy with bitterness, jealously, envy, and hopelessness as we only begin to start seeing what other people have that we want.  We think they have it all together–perfect familyperfect financesperfect relationships–perfect health–perfect body–perfect home, but we truly don’t know the problems they face or the future that awaits them.

Years ago when I was a counselor for middle school students, I would often hear on a daily basis, But, what about me?” or “Why does she… or Why does he…”  It annoyed me because I would often think, “What does it matter to you?” and so my answer back was always, “You take care of you and let me worry about it.”  I can’t help but think how similar God’s response to us must be when we start comparing, complaining, and contrasting our lives with others.  I believe He is also saying,  “You take care of you by keeping your eyes on Me and let Me worry about what it is that you want and need.” 

44 thoughts on “Comparison”

  1. I have the problem of worrying about other peoples lives in a “I need to fix them” kind of way. Which leads to comparing, frustration, and judging. God always reminds me of the story of Peter asking Jesus about John. He reminds me he is the only one who can truly help and change people. Then I step back and give it to God. Nice Friday Favorite!

    1. I am the same way!! This struggle I have is actually why I had to step away from counseling. I felt like I wanted them to change more so than they wanted to change and it was so frustrating. I always came home stressed :/ Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope you have a great weekend! Do something fun and relaxing 🙂

    1. oh so glad you LOVED it girl! By the way, my vacuum/steam cleaner is still sitting in the kitchen. However, my husband has no unplugged it and sat it in the corner. I guess he too gave up 🙂 No worries, I will TRY to get it done before company comes over tomorrow 🙂 hehe! By the way, I added it at the end but guess who got a BLINKY face today? On October 10th….THIS GIRL!

  2. This devotional was perfect for me today! It’s a good reminder to worry about myself. When I’m jealous or compare myself to others it’s like telling God what He has provided for me isn’t good enough. And of course that’s just not true! As for your “excited smiley” on 10/10 that’s incredible! Not coincidence at all! I don’t believe God works that way! I will be praying extra hard for you!

    1. I just the devotional was so good not to share! I think we all battle with comparison on a daily basis but God doesn’t want us to. I always feel convicted when I do compare because it’s as if I’m indirectly telling God that what He has provided it isn’t good enough.

      Also, how amazing that it was on 10/10. I was kinda not expecting a blinky this month since I am on day 16 or something.

  3. My worst comparison is to previous things in my life that were seemingly good, or better than things are now, or could be. NOOKIE TIME! Yay for blinky smile faces!!!!

  4. So very true. Unfortunately, I find myself doing that a lot….and even worse…I’m comparing myself to the person I “thought” I would be by this time(married with 3 kids). So letting go and letting God do what he has planned for me…that’s what I need to do….AND congrats on the smiley! So excited that you are seeing those more and more…healing at it’s finest 🙂

    1. I too compare myself to either my past (before I was struggling to conceive) or like you said, who I thought I would be by now. I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for the congrats! It’s so nice to see that smile blink at me 🙂

    1. Right!? A friend also just messaged me after reading my post and started to wonder if fertilization/implantation wouldn’t happen on the 17th. How crazy would that be if that were to happen. Yikes! I get serious goosebumps thinking if that were to actually take place. I hope you have a great weekend! xo

      1. want to hear more goosebumps….a friend walked up to me on Wednesday night and said she just kept hearing the word “prepare.” Of course my mind went into overdrive and thought…”prepare for what?!” Then this morning I woke up to a message from someone I met through her reading my blog (so basically she only knows what I write on the screen) and she gave me a verse from 2 Kings that basically said to listen to the prophet and do even the simplest of things. So now my mind is really into overdrive. lol

      2. wow that’s crazy! I wonder what it could mean? I’m sure God will not leave you in the dark when the time comes though. Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  5. I love that you got another smiley face! Yay! I’m feeling so hopeful for you. I can’t help but be excited! I know He’s doing incredible things! 🙂 Hugs! PS- I love the devotional you posted today. I find that sometimes I’m trapped int the comparing world. It’s so easy to compare and that leads to so much hurt. I’m working on it though and this was a great reminder!

    1. Thank you so much! You are so right that comparison leads to so much hurt. It’s something that I am working on as well especially since everyone my age has moved on to other stages in life, etc. I truly need to be content in my own stage because God wants me to flourish where I am planted. I hope you have a great weekend and I really am enjoying all of your photos. xo

  6. I love the devotional thought you shared. I say that to my students a lot- worry about you, I’ll worry about them. How true it is that God tells us the same! And yay for a blinky face!!! Praying things work out this cycle for you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers! Prayers change things and I’m believing in a big change this month 🙂 hehehe

  7. So right about comparison. I think the only time it’s good is when it snaps us back into reality and makes us count our own blessings. I’ve definitely had a few of those moments this week when I remind myself that it can always be much worse! Congrats on the smiley! Love that little guy!

    1. Thank you so much or stopping by and commenting girlie! And thanks for the congrats! I too love that little smile he flashes 🙂 hehe! I just hope it’s the last time I have worry about seeing a blinky or a solid smile for another nine (plus) months 🙂 hehe

  8. I love your Friday Favorite. It’s such a good thing to remember. It alwasy seems like others have it easier, but we never know what they are going through. Yay for that smiley face! So happy and hopeful for you Elisha.

    P.s. Thank you for the Swedish Fish! I have been meaning to write you all week and thank you but have been so busy! I love swedish fish! And I passed my GD test so I am happily enjoying them 🙂

    1. I love sweedish fish too! I’m so glad you get to enjoy them and I totally understand about being busy 🙂 xo

  9. I don’t use OPK’s, but I assume blinkly blinks are the very best answer? If so, wahooooooooo!!! Come on implantation on Josiah day!!!!!!!!1

    1. blinky blinks are the step before the solid smile 🙂 The blinky blink gives you a fair warning to start “getting busy.” I think I explained it better in my post “My First Smile”

  10. I love every one of the blessings in this entry…from your devotional that is so timely to me to the news that you got a blinky face. I’m doing a happy dance that I imagine looks very similar to your pee pee dance. So excited! What an awesome God we serve. *Hugs*

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