Tales of Fostering

Daddy Dan This and Daddy Dan That

Yesterday while sitting with Goldilocks, our foster princess, a friend of mine who was visiting, began having a conversation with her…

“Goldilocks, what makes you happy?” 

While smiling from ear to ear, I shifted in my seat, eagerly awaiting to hear her response. I must admit I was confident she would point to me and go on and on how it makes her happy when we play baby dolls or take her on early morning wagon rides. I thought she might even mention how it makes her happy when I give her candy or whip up the most chocolatey chocolate milk she has ever tasted each morning. But nope. She said without hesitation, “When Daddy Dan pushes me on the swing! Me go high!” She then proceeded to giggle as if reminiscing, and I thought, eh, she is right. When Dan pushes her on the swing, it does make her happy. And not just a little bit happy, but the kind of happy that makes her squeal so loud she almost pees her pants with excitement whenever he even mentions going outside. Playing baby dolls, going on wagon rides, and drinking chocolate milk does not hold a candle to the joys he brings her on that swing.


“Goldilocks, what is your favorite thing to do?” 

While glancing over at Goldilocks, I began thinking of her possible answers. Would she mention playing in the pool with me or visiting my Grandma for lunch? Maybe she would talk about how she loves to visit my parents and play in their paddle boat. But, as my mind began to think of all her “favorite things to do,” she blurted out, “when me go with Daddy Dan on the bike.” Uh?! Is Dan steak and the rest of us bologna? My thoughts at this point were to move on to the next question, please.

“Goldilocks, who loves you?” 

Finally! I know I have to be included somewhere in this answer, right? So with confidence, I sat straight up in my chair only to slump further down as I heard, “Daddy Dan and Jesus!” Uh? That’s it? What about me? The one who snuggles with you on the couch. The one who makes your favorite homemade waffles with sausage links or attends all of your baby doll’s birthday parties. Doesn’t she know I love her too? And to the moon and back?

photo 2(6)

“Goldilocks, what makes you sad?” 

Oh great! I just knew this is where my name would probably come into play as she tells the nice friend of mine about the time I put her in time out for not picking up her toys or told her no to the Twinkie because she didn’t finish her meal. But nope! Instead, she says, “When Daddy Dan goes to work.”

Throughout the entire question and answer session, it was always “Daddy Dan this and Daddy Dan that.” And I hate to admit it, but in the beginning, I was jealous. Like, really jealous. But the more this precious three-year-old who smiled from ear to ear told stories of the two of them playing together and talked about her love for him, the more I found myself smiling…and sitting up straighter…and giggling right along with her. Sure it would have been nice to be included in her top favorite things or hear my name listed after Jesus, but it’s obvious she adores her “Daddy Dan,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This Father’s Day, I not only celebrate my own Daddy but also “Daddy Dan.” He loves her as a father should, and even though she is only with us temporarily, I believe she will forever remember the love he has given her and the giggles he has brought to her life.


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50 thoughts on “Daddy Dan This and Daddy Dan That”

  1. A good daddy even if temporary is so important. When we look for a husband we learn from what our Daddy’s have thought us. Shes seeing a Daddy treats momma and me good and she will look for the same in a husband.

    1. A good daddy even if temporary is so important. When we look for a husband we learn from what our Daddy’s have thought us. Shes seeing a Daddy treats momma and her good and she will look for the same in a husband.

  2. That is beyond the sweetest! What special people you two are to be able to foster. As a labor and delivery nurse we have to send brand new babies with foster parents too often. Those babies are lucky to have people like you in their lives, if even for a short period of time.

  3. So sweet!!!! Love to hear/see how much they love each other!!! He is going to be an amazing daddy to y’alls kiddos too!

  4. I love this!! I’m smiling so big right now, what a great post. I know you guys are awesome ‘parents’ now and whenever you are blessed with your own … well, that’s going to seriously be one lucky baby! 🙂

  5. This is so precious. What a lucky little lady to have you guys in her life. I know God is going to bless you with your own biological kids someday soon, but I wonder if there’s any chance at all that maybe you could adopt Goldilocks someday? I work in an office that finalizes adoption so I see foster children get adopted by foster families all of the time. She is sure a lucky girl to have you in her life, either way. XO

    1. Nah I don’t think there is a chance for adoption. We are really working towards reunification with her Mommy if at all possible.

  6. Have you two thought about trying to adopt her if that is possible. She probally would love to be there with you and Daddy Dan.I know of lot of people who adopt and then become pregnant. Praying for you. Aunt Nancy.

    1. Adoption is not an option. If she can be with her mommy than that is best and we are all about reunification and helping her mommy. Unfortunately adoption doesn’t equal pregnancy 🙂

  7. This is too cute! I’m sure you make her just as happy and are just as amazing as your husband! Likes attract likes 🙂

  8. How sweet. I hope the three of you had a wonderful Father’s day together yesterday. She will absolutely always remember the love you have BOTH shown her, even if your hubby is the one she talks about, she absolutely knows your love too. It’s just one more reason why I know God has amazing plans for you two. I just know it.

    1. Awe thanks girl. My grandma had a heart attack over the weekend and she isn’t doing good so my day yesterday was sucky. Dan stayed home and played with her all day tho

      1. Oh Elisha, I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m saying a prayer right now that your Grandma pulls through and has a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you hon.

  9. I love it! I had seen another post about Goldilocks but couldn’t figure out who she is. It was so interesting to me because we have similar struggles with infertility and my husband and I are foster parents as well. (We sent home a baby a couple of weeks ago and are waiting on our next placement.) Are you all foster family or foster-adopt family?
    BTW- Your husband seems like a gem. How beautiful is it that God gives us amazing partners to go through this infertility/fostering journey with. It takes a special man to love a baby from another family like their own.

  10. My heart melted reading this post. You are blessed with an amazing hubby..just by the pics I could see the love in his eyes for Goldilocks. What a post! Next time warn us so I can have tissues handy lol

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