Soul Food

If Only I May Touch His Clothes

Many of us know and can tell the stories written in the New Testament about Jesus healing the lame, restoring the eyesight to the blind, or healing the lepers.  But did you know the first recorded healing mentioned in the Word of God involved barren wombs?  Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have children, but God blessed them with Isaac even in their old age.  Isaac and his wife Rebekah struggled to have children until God blessed them with twins!  Jacob and Rachel were also barren, but God healed them and we can’t forget Hannah who after many long years of infertility, God healed her and blessed her with six children.

If you are like me, you sometimes read the miracles in the Bible and think of them as just history, but never interpret the message in relation to it happening to you.  Or you hear modern-day testimonies of healing like the ones shown in the above video and think of them as fairy tales…something not attainable for you.   But if you want healing in your body, then it’s important to believe that the miracles happening to others could also happen to you if you have a confident expectation (hope) and faith in God’s ability and willingness to heal you.  God has proven that He cares for barren women; He gives life when life is “impossible,” and He can heal any life that He has created.  He is your personal Doctor…free of charge.

But do you believe?

Let’s look at a woman in the Bible who had hope and faith Jesus would heal her despite never seeing a healing personally; but only learning of Jesus and the testimonies from others.  In Mark 5:25-34, there is a story of a woman who was plagued with an issue of blood for twelve years.  She was desperate and spent all of the money she had on Doctors to get well, yet she was no better but only grew worse.  She was hopeless.  But when she heard about Jesus and His ability and willingness to heal ALL who came to Him, she began to say, “If only I may touch His clothes, I will be healed.”  She went to Jesus and pressed through the crowd to touch Him.  She had her heart set on getting to Him, and nothing could stop her.  She was relentless.  When she got to Jesus, she touched Him, and immediately healing power flowed through her body.  She was healed.   Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him, turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My clothes?”  When the woman came and fell down before Him He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.  Go in peace, your suffering is over.”

This woman knew a lot about suffering.  She suffered from her sickness, suffered from the doctors and suffered from having one disappointment after another.  She not only lost all of her money on medical treatments, but she had possibly lost all of her relationships due to being a social outcast (she was considered unclean).  After twelve long and lonely years of hurting she must have lost all hope in ever seeing her situation changing.  Perhaps you are now where this woman was and feeling hopeless. But chin up; hope is not gone and Jesus’ healing power is available to you like it was to this woman.  Her hope was restored when she learned about Jesus–His compassion, kindness, and healing touch–and the testimonies of others.  She took the word she heard and visualized herself as healed.  She said, “If only I may touch his clothes, I will (not maybe) be healed.” She had a confident expectation and never doubted that the man she had only heard of could and would heal her.  She believed in her own healing before ever having proof of it.  Faith believes before it receives.

This story demonstrates how faith is the hand that reaches to God and releases His power over your situation.  Jesus told this woman, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”  If it wasn’t for this woman believing what she heard and reaching out her hand in faith to touch Jesus, she wouldn’t have been healed.  Do you need healing in your body today?  Maybe you need emotional or spiritual healing?  It’s important to know that receiving your healing from God is not about you begging Him or wondering if it’s available to you; it’s simply you believing, reaching out and grabbing a hold of what is already yours.  Reach out your hand today and see your healing through the eyes of faith.

You can reach out and lay hold of the healing power of God’s Word in the same way this woman reached out and laid hold of Jesus’ garment.  As you believe and hold tight in faith, healing will flow into you.  But, God’s Word is like taking medicine for a headache.  Advil will not do you any good if you just place it on top of your head and the same is true if you just know God’s Word but don’t believe it.

A lot of times people will believe God for their healing, but when they don’t “feel” any change they question God and let go of their faith.  Your healing may not come immediately like it did for the woman with the issue of blood.  God’s Word sometimes works in the same way doctors will prescribe refills in order to remove your sickness.  Keep believing, speaking and meditating on it until your healing is complete.  Never give up on your quest for healing.  The woman with the issue of blood must have wanted to accept her sickness as her lot in life, but when she heard of Jesus, she believed and wouldn’t give up until she touched Him and was healed. You must also believe through faith, be persistent, and never give up until you receive your healing.  It’s a promise from God for you to be healed so hold tight to this promise and never let go. 

“My child, pay attention to what I say.  Listen carefully to my words. Don’t lose sight of them.   Let them penetrate deep into your heart,for they bring life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body.”
Proverbs 4:20-22 (NIV)