Call Me CrAZy!!!

My Pastor was praying for my swollen lymph nodes that I have had for MONTHS on Sunday (5/12/2013) but while praying he stopped praying for my lymph nodes (almost in mid-sentence) and said that God was going to ask me to do some crazy things that would seem crazy to me but do them anyway…God is asking me to do it because I have the boldness (which I question…haha). This scared me and I was sort of afraid I would be asked to build an ark…

But yesterday while washing dishes, I remembered a story I heard of last summer (or early fall). The story was that a woman she knew was having health issues and she had been trying for a baby for several years with no luck. She had been seeing a fertility specialist and nothing was working. She told me that she had posted pictures of them painting the nursery and they already had toys, etc. in anticipation that they would have a child one day. I told this woman telling me this story that she was CRAZY! All I could think was “She will cry every time she walks by that room!” Not to mention everyone on Facebook is going to think she is crazy…she is not pregnant and here she is with a nursery prepared and toys purchased! The lady’s response was “she is exercising her faith.” I responded with, “She is crazy!”

After I remembered this story…God said…”She acted out her faith.” I once again said in my head…”She looked CRAZY!” He then whispered, “Don’t forget she is pregnant…” OUCH! I remembered that the Bible says, “without faith it is impossible to please God” and that “faith without action is dead.” It is time for me to get crazy. In many of the stories of healing in the Bible they all acted out their faith (i.e. Stretching out their hand, touching his cloak, standing up and walking, etc.). I now admire this woman for having the courage and boldness to exercise her faith so publicly.

I shared this story with the ladies last night when I was leading up to moving from hope to faith and that we must exercise our faith not just by speaking it out loud but also acting on it because this pleases God…when I mentioned getting a nursery ready or purchasing clothes that we see when out shopping, their eyes got huge and said, “I don’t have that faith yet” and “that is crazy!”. And to be honest, I was thinking the same thoughts they were. But I think I need to be bold and lead by example. Call me crazy from now on because that is what I feel like I am. LOL! Bring on the crib sheets, baby bibs, and cute boy clothes 🙂

WHATEVER it is you are hoping for, let that hope spring you into action! Speak thankfulness that you have already received what you are hoping for and act it out.

Hope says it WILL happen but faith says it HAS ALREADY happened…we walk by faith and not by sight.


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