Josiah Day, Waiting for Baby Bird

She Wants to Be a Big Sister–So She Prays

You would think after five years of nightly dinner time prayers and bedtime pleadings for a sibling that she would stop making her requests. I know there are days I can’t even mutter the words—at least not with the same fiery faith that her prayers contain. However, despite the years that have gone by with so much silence between her and the answer she longs for, her prayers haven’t gotten fewer…or even smaller. If anything, over time they have gotten bigger and bolder. Because now she is asking and believing God for not just one, but two.

And so, with her hands folded, eyes closed, each day she prays, “Poppa God, please let mommy have two babies in her belly—a boy and a girl. And let them come soon.”

This prayer comes without hesitation and without thinking about the odds or limitations, just with the mindset of the power of her Poppa God, and that He is able.

The thing is though, in this house we believe prayer is asking for rain, but faith is carrying around an umbrella. She has prayed; so today in honor of Josiah Day, I took her to pick out and buy an umbrella. Or two. One for the boy. One for the girl.

May they come. And come “soon.”

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