2023 $10K Family Building GIFTaway


In September 2020, Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries gifted away $10K to one couple who had exhausted all of their financial resources to pursue medical treatment for fertility. With their age going up and their savings going down, they were without the means to make their dream happen. But because of this GIFTaway, they are now experiencing the joys of having a toddler running around and jumping off the couch.

The Morgan Family
Recipients of the 2020 $10K Family
Building GIFTaway

In October 2021, Waiting for Baby Ministries did it again, and the couple who went years without the ability to conceive, and the financial resources to seek help, received the money and is now experiencing the life of a baby crawling and cooing down the hallway.

The Thomas Family
Recipients of the 2021 $10K Family Building GIFTaway

In addition to gifting away $10K to one couple in the 2020 and 2021 GIFTaway, Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries also chose several other couples to receive lesser amounts.

In 2020, Melissa Cahall and her husband received a financial gift of $5,000 and has since welcomed their son into the world. Also in 2020, Cindy Gammel and her husband have also welcomed their son with the help of a $2,500 financial gift. Lastly, in 2021, Rachel Howell and her husband were able to pursue IVF with their $5,000 GIFTaway donation and have since welcomed their baby boy into their arms.

However, now it’s time for another couple (or couples) going through the pain of infertility to have the opportunity to grow their family by two feet.

The deadline to apply ends September 22nd at 11:59 pm CST. Recipient will be announced October 8th, 2023 in the Online Waiting for Baby Bird Support Group (not the Waiting for Baby Bird Facebook page). The time is still to be determined.

 To learn how you can be the next $10K Family Building GIFTaway recipient, see below.

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Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging women who are going through infertility and pregnancy loss. The $10K Family Building GIFTaway aims at helping couples fulfill the desires of their hearts through financially gifting them with a monetary donation to help ease the financial burdens associated with fertility treatments, testing, fertility enhancing surgery, holistic methods and/or adoption costs. For further questions, please email Elisha, founder, at waitingforbabybird@gmail.com.

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