Here is what others have said…

Elisha will have you laughing until you cry and touch your heart until you cry. ~Dani Peterman

“She speaks to your heart through raw and real emotions.” ~Tiffany

Elisha is relatable and will you keep you nodding because she gets the heartache, disappointment, and anxiety of infertility. Every time I hear her speak or read her posts, I am encouraged to press on. ~Jenn Rachal

Elisha is one of us. She is allowing us to follow her journey while pouring words of encouragement into our hearts. Completely real and raw emotions flow from her when she speaks. I always feel like I have a little more “fight” in me after hearing her speak. ~Katie 

She is funny and she keeps it real. You can tell her genuine heart is bursting to encourage women in their infertility journey, but she does it with humor and ease. When she is done everyone will want to be friends with her! ~Ashton Bordelon

“Elisha’s words are always so on point to what I need to hear.”

“I love her sense of humor!”

“I really loved Elisha! Her session was a great reminder to always speak positive words.”

“It’s amazing how one minute she makes you scary because you are laughing so hard and the next minute you are crying because of something touching she said.”

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