My Journey

1 thought on “My Journey”

  1. Hello Elisha.

    My name is Vera. I am so thankful to have found your blog. I live in Illinois for over 20 years. I got married on October 12, 2013 (for the first time at 45) and moved to my husband’s home town in Ohio. I worked in foster care for 18 years. Just before falling in
    love, getting married and moving to Ohio I worked at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. I love my work in quality assurance. But I digress.

    I have always wanted a family and though I got married later in life I just believed God for His very best. Wayne is a wonderful husband. He loves the Lord and encourages me in our journey to having a child together. He was previously married and has four children (Garrett 21, Isaac 20, Maddie 18, and Lindsay 16). He said he has always wanted five children. So we’re trying. We have been trying for 18 months. Here is where I connect with you…. We are completely relying on God for our pregnancy. I have no desire to seek medical intervention. Some may say that foolish. But, Abba Father is the only Giver of life. His promises concerning fruitfulness are without repentance. I will trust in Him for this miracle until I stand before Him in glory. My husband said to me a couple of days ago that my faith has increased his faith.

    Elisha, I am adding you to my prayer list because I am believe God for Josiah. He is coming and I look forward to being a virtua aunt. Thank you so much for the encouragement through your blogs. I’m looking forward to reading everything. Oh, by the way… Poop fascinates me too!



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