New Here?

Yay! I am so glad you have found your way to this little ol’ space of mine. I don’t believe in coincidences but rather divine appointments; therefore I don’t think you stumbled upon my blog by accident, but rather for a reason.  What do you think?  No? Yes? Ehh…either way, I hope you take a peek around in order to get to know me and hopefully see that within every post, I am genuine, real and that there is no shortage of hope in the midst of less than perfect circumstances. So are you ready to do some peeking? If so, sit back and let me be your tour guide to the hope, inspiration, encouragement, laughter and most of all, love of God that I pray you will find here at “waiting for baby bird.”

A great place to start is by checking out my “About Me” section and the next best place to go for even more juicy details about my life is “Our Infertility Story.”  There you will learn about how I went down the path of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), then the bumpy road of an early miscarriage, before finally resting in the hope of healing and the promise of a child by God. It is quite an interesting read if I do say so myself.

After that, feel free to come back and be encouraged by the testimonies of others who have won the battle of infertility or find hope for your own seemingly hopeless situation by exploring my most popular posts, which I have conveniently provided for you here.  All you need to do is click on the pink link above each picture.

You Are Not Alone: Flying Together with Broken Wings

you are not alone 2An Open Letter to My Fertile Family

An open letter to my fertile familyTo the One Who Can’t Buy the Baby’s First Christmas Outfit

To the One Who Can't Buy the Baby's First Chirsmtas Outfit

My Daughter is Infertile: A Father’s Perspective

My Daughter is Infertile A Father's Perspective 5When Pregnancy Announcements Hurt: The Surprise Group Announcement

Portrait of a young woman sitting in outdoor restaurant with her friends

Infertility is More than Just the Inability to Conceive

Infertility is more than just the inability to conceive (bear)

To the Childless Woman at Walmart…

Walmart Sign

25 of the Worst Expressions to Say to Your Infertile Friend (and the responses I would like to give)

25 of the worst expressions with border

I Know You Hurt This Mother’s Day: A Message to the One Desiring to be called Mommy

I know you hurt this mother's day

To My Fellow Infertility Wives…

To My Fellow Infertility Wives

Four Days Late

Four Days Late 1

But if laughter is what you need in order to get through the pain and heartache of infertility, I urge you to flip through the pages of The Comic Section where you will most certainly slap your knee silly while laughing like a hyena.  Here are a few of my favorites…

There Must Be Something in the Water

There Must Be Something in the Water

The Eleven Commandments of Trying to Conceive

The Eleven Commandments

I Must Be Pregnant Because…

eating hamburger

My Breasts Will Have the Answer

big gorilla

The Pep Talk

say sir yes sir

You Might Be An Infertile If…

You Might Be an Infertile If

Or perhaps if you are interested in Goldilocks, our daughter whom we adopted on July 7th, 2017 after spending 1,273 days in foster care, feel free to read through the “Tales of  Fostering” by clicking on a few of her most popular posts. I promise your heart will melt and hopefully leave you feeling the love of your Heavenly Father though the eyes of a precious child.

Foster Parenting:  How It Changed My Struggle with Infertility

How It Changed My Struggle with Infertility 2

 So Do You Get to Keep Her?

collage of GoldiWhy I Pray Our Foster Daughter Returns Home

Why I Pray Our Foster Daughter Returns Home Square

It’s Gotcha Day! A Letter to My Foster Princess

It's Gotcha Day 2

The Night She Tore My Wall Down

On Bike two

No matter what you read today, I hope you not only leave feeling inspired and encouraged to keep persevering through life’s struggles, but also discover the faithfulness of God and how much He loves and chases after you.  He is the heartbeat behind everything I write.

Well, that concludes the tour and I hope you choose to stick around by subscribing via email, finding me on instagram @waitingforbabybird or liking this page on Facebook.  And why do I want ya to? Because that’s where you will always find my most recent posts, encouraging words, and amazing giveaways!

With Love

10 thoughts on “New Here?

  1. Thank you for sharing your life through your blog. I grew up in Southern Illinois (Shawneetown!), and I know that I did not find your blog by chance. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and struggling with fear and worry related to a complication that could endanger my pregnancy. Just an hour ago, I realized that I was spending all my time online researching my problem instead of seeking God’s healing. So, I began to search for some spiritual inspiration, and I found you! Thank you again for sharing. I am looking forward to reading everything!

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    • So glad to “meet” someone who lived close by 🙂 And girl you are so wise to realize what you are doin and make a change. I am so guilty of ruining to every other source rather than the source of God. I have also been found guilty of spending more time on google rather than my knees or His word. I will be praying for you and praying that you can receive the peace God has available already to you. Lots of hugs!! Xo


  2. Thank you for your witness. It is such a breath of fresh air to come across your blog. My husband and I just recently started blogging (about 9 months ago) to tell our story. All our children are with God through consecutive miscarriages. I know all too well the struggle of being so vulnerable in such a public and impersonal arena but I appreciate your honesty and friendly demeanor. Keep up the good work and continue to build God’s kingdom through your testimony. Praying for your family.


  3. Just wanted to share a snippet of my story: I have a congenital heart defect that makes me incapable of carrying my own child. I have finally come to grips with the fact that we will be adopting. So, I still have good and bad days. I still fight depression. I still am heartbroken. But, tonight God has revealed that a will be the mother to a baby boy! We will have a son!!!!

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  4. Im just starting my journey. Im researching and need a year to save up. Im 36 years old and single. First thing first is I have to lose weight and eventually see a doctor. I dont know when to go see one for a preconception visit if Im going to have to wait a year for savings. I wish I could make more blog friends on here, I need all the encouragement and wisdom from the other ladies. Thank you for your blog. Lacey

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  5. I actually stumbled upon your site at the precise moment of trying to figure out if whether or not it was time for me to give up hope on conceiving (seven year journey). God, through your blog and testimony, has given me hope back, although it’s hard still. Thank you so much! Romans 16:16, Acts 2:38

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    • Praise God that He spoke to you through this site!! I always tell myself that God wouldn’t give up on the dreams and desires He has planted in our hearts and so neither should we. Sometimes we have to go through a process before we recieve our miracles, but that process will be so worth it in the end. One scripture that I cling to when I am tempted to give up is Galatians 6:9 which says, “Do not grow weary in doing good for at the right time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up.” Hugs!


  6. Praise God for this group, I just wanted to share a bit about my story, when I was 26 my partner and I went to see the fertility doctor and we were told the only option was either sperm donor or adoption, and my heart just broke into a thousand pieces. My partner told me to go and find some one else, but I said I would never do that . I am a christian he wasn’t. I prayed for 3 years that God would work in him and he would accept god into his heart. I also read the book Gods plan for Pregnancy and I hold onto the scripture Exodus 23,25 , none will miscarry or be barren in jesus name . On the 18th of April 2016 Easter Friday My partner asked God to come into his life , one of the best days of my life, We got married this year in march and have continued to trust in God and believe his promises are true . I am 29 now and it never gets easy , every month hoping there will be two lines , and it seems I am surrounded by women who are pregnant or announcing there having a baby on face book, every month i cry on my husband and he tells me the same thing over and over be strong and have faith that God has a plan for us and tell the devil not today. Thank you for starting this blog I really needed this. God Bless all the women and men that are on this journey .


  7. I am new to the blogging world and came across your site. My husband and I are currently expecting but took quite some time to get pregnant and I wish I had seen some of your posts during that time. I find your story and the fact that you are staying faithful to God through it all so inspiring. How awesome to open your home as a foster mommy while you wait for the perfect timing of a little bird of your own. I pray your infertility days are coming to an end and you will soon have a little bundle of joy of your own. I look forward to following your journey.


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